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  1. nuts?

    Your title made me warm for a nice brotherly conversation about almonds and Brazil nuts, asshole DISAPPOINTED
  2. Spartanish congrats!

    Volod the Impaler is on his way to skewer that record indeed!
  3. Intro

    TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM! WHERE.HAVE.YOU.BEEN. Dude you disappeared from PR for so long without warning. You do this again and we are done. Great to have you back man :). Don't leave so suddenly again! Always a charm to have you as our squad medic. That's an impressive resume, I had no idea. It's awesome to see another serious player who cares for his team and knows the community. See you in-game soon, and take care!
  4. About the BRDM vehicle rules..

    If they dont ask around in the beginning we should teach them from the start. In deployment, trans squads who show up uninvited are considered horrible and get yelled at by all squads. Ditto for COOP, in many cases a squad moves on foot or by land vehicle for a specific reason, and a Huey showing up is both a nuisance and liability. But okay, this is going off-topic
  5. About the BRDM vehicle rules..

    The rule surrounding this is very clear: APC squads ALWAYS have the final call over what happens to their asset. when there are too many APCs for 1 squad, a second one can be made. At this point, almost 99% of all leaders will gladly lend you an APC. To use an APC as Mech Inf, you MUST refer to being mech inf in your squad name. no reference, no right to borrow a vehicle. The final say in 'gray zones' is up to the admins. If there is an APC surplus, they can decide to let a Mech Inf squad use an asset if they believe it will benefit the team. Finally: APCs are indeed SUPPORT vehicles. If an APC steamrolls towards a flag and gets killed by close-range RPG-fire swiftly, this can be considered asset waste and is punishable. Any armored asset has an enormous effective range and should be used as such. Unfortunately this usually means they will roll off to rack up kills, but in a way they are also limiting the net amount of enemies the infantry encounters at cap points, which is of course a good thing.
  6. New Official COOP Map Pack for PR

    Having to manually install maps is a bigger turnoff than we oftenly think. to us and the experiencee regulars, it is indeed just unzipping some files. To others it means extra effort and might simply cause them to go play on another server where they can just play without downloads and effort.
  7. Questions about building a PC

    @=VG= BrakeGamer It helps that I postponed buying my rig for like 2 years so the money could slowly add up ;). Thanks for the PSU tip!
  8. Questions about building a PC

    Thanks for your replies peeps!@=VG= BrakeGamer I just discovered that my design and CAD suites don't work well with AMD so I will buy the 1070. Thanks for your tips on cooling and PSU. Would 850W suffice? Also I'm thinking of the Coolermaster 690 CM III case. Is that one good? @=VG= m823us I'd love to see those specs!
  9. Questions about building a PC

    Hey all I'm currently looking into having my own PC custom built. The list of options is endless. I'm looking to build a beast that will survive for the next couple of years at least, so I'm including some top-level hardware. I'm not savvy enough to know everything about this so I'd like to ask these questions. NVIDIA GTX 1080 vs AMD equivalent? Everyone is praising the 1080 for it's glorious performance, while others claim there's AMD cards that match the performance at half the price. What would you recommend? Is there an amazing GPU combo I should consider? CPU: Intel vs AMD I'm looking at the latest Intel i7 6700K 4x4.00Ghz CPU, and again some tell me an AMD processor is just as fast, for less money. Thoughts? Air vs Liquid cooling Liquid is obviously more expensive, but is it worth it? What's the difference between 1150,1151 and 2011-3 Mobo sockets? Is one preferable over another? RAM-wise, is 4x8GB better than 2x16GB? Also is any RAM as good as the other or are there better performing brands? Thanks a lot for your help!
  10. Just a friendly player..

    Hey Inch! Nice to finally see you on our forums. Always a pleasure to have you around. See you in game!
  11. incorrect behavior of admin?

    Hello TheLastBlood I understand your frustration. The head admins and Bejaki will resolve the issue with you soon. You make a good point about the necessity of a spotter. Do note however, that the rules do not state a specific course of action for admins. No rule states that a player must be warned, kicked and banned in a certain order. Our server is also not meant for training. We ARE competitive, as one team against the enemy. =VG= is not a practice Co-op server. Communication is of the utmost importance. Mortars are a support asset, and firing missions MUST be communicated to other squad leaders. Using the mortars as an attack asset without asking other squads is an offence. When you create a Mortar squad again, please make sure you can ALWAYS communicate with the other squads and request targets from them. You are a good player, with whom I've played several nice maps. I believe you deserve an unban. If you are able to return to our server, please remember to stay in contact with your team all the time. See you in-game somewhere!
  12. PR COOP Rules Discussion

    There's a paid add-on for our forum platform already : https://invisionpower.com/files/file/7606-forms/ Many other free and open-source forum platforms have plugins or mods that can achieve exactly this. I don't have the time to look into them atm but I assume those code snippets can be extracted and used on this site, depending on how they were written. Below are some open-source code pages. They are plug-ins for other platforms, but the code could be an inspiration. A plugin for SimpleMachines: http://custom.simplemachines.org/mods/index.php?mod=1279 One for MyBB: http://mybbhacks.zingaburga.com/showthread.php?tid=288 Another one for MyBB with a code snippet https://community.mybb.com/thread-124121.html Same discussion here, for PHPBB: https://www.phpbb.com/community/viewtopic.php?f=71&t=2145735 Perhaps there's a possibility that this code could hooks into ours? The code blocks look similar in many cases.
  13. PR COOP Rules Discussion

    I've also thought about the idea of a ticket system, but the good thing about the forum is it's public character that allow admins and banning admin to respond quickly and openly. For good functioning, we would need a page with ticket titles, and comments section underneath each ticket on its own page. Unless you want to hook the form results into a script that generates a forum post? I could have missed that.
  14. PR COOP Rules Discussion

    @=VG= SemlerPDX does the ban appeal sticky section need to be included here? Seeming as it's already in the Ban Appeal sticky. @=VG= Melon Muncher i could just turn off editing so it's a read-only file ;).
  15. PR COOP Rules Discussion

    Wow, this actually looks just as good as in the original. I thought the website formatting would mess it up. Good upload! @=VG= SemlerPDX: Just put them on 2 lines. If you still think they interfere, put them at the bottom. That's what I did with the original files. Unban Requests should provide the information as detailed by BLuDKLoT: Appeals Format All Unban Requests should be posted in this forum: Unban Requests - Project Reality @=VG= m823us @=VG= Melon Muncher : Didn't you want to post the shorter version here and link the larger file as a readable shared doc?