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  1. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    @WarGhostThat happens more often. One simple sollution would be a more widespread use of Discord since it has desktop and mobile notifications. If admins keep it running on their PC and phone, one could signal =VG= members, server admins or community admins when needed. Even if no help can be given at that moment, we could still receive an ETA or advice on the situation. I've messed around with the idea of a Discord server where whole admin groups can be signalled with 1 command by using the Mee6 bot, and it works pretty well. This could also speed up unban requests if a head admin has some spare time and wants to contact a banning admin, not having to wait for them to check the forums.
  2. Blender 2.8 has landed!!

    I know,and its A-FUCKING-MAZING! I've been using Blender for almost 10 years, and this release is the single most anticipated one in history. An amazing real-time render engine, hundreds of toolls for modelling, animating etc. This software can produce industry-quality results (used in Jurassic World and others) and is completely open source. Epic Games granted them 1.2 million dollars a few weeks back and UbiSoft Animation is working on adopting Blender as their main DCC software. I've used it for hobby projects, blueprints, school assignments, you name it. If you want the best free 2D/3D-creation package, give Blender a try. I also hear that downloading 2.8 from Steam is a breeze since they have way more bandwith.
  3. See you later!

    Major' go suck a fat one Hey boys I'm trying to accomplish some long-standing goals and live life like I'm used to, so I'll be on another sudden leave But this time I wanted to say bye before abruptly leaving. I'll be around for a couple days but then I'll be travelling the world and don't know when I come back. Might be weeks, could be years. I wanna leave a big fat THANK YOU for all the good times, laughs, fun stories and amazing teamwork experiences I've had with you guys over the past years, months and days. I've never been bored while playing in a team with any of you during the great PR hours. Teamwork and camaraderie is in my blood and all you peeps have given both to me every time I joined the server or TS. I'll never forget these good times! The =VG= community is really one to love for many reasons, and should remain even long after PR might die (if that ever happens, lol ) Thanks for the great times, good squad leads, moments of pure JDAM satisfaction, funny rants by our celebrity Volod, joy at killing AI maniacs and good talks we all had. Enjoy your lives to the fullest, you all deserve it Acro out. Peace boys.
  4. Editing

    What's up asshole Hello Major. Thank you for writing. It's like you describe: Steep to learn but ok to retain afterwards. Mapping (or any kind of development) will bite you in the ass on multiple occasions though, especially with a rusty beauty like PR. I suggest you head to the PR forums, since that will help you much faster. This thread covers all mapping basics: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20862 and this page contains all threads regarding mapping, including guidelines, pitfalls etc... https://www.realitymod.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=2291ff2843521eeb4b733edc367560be&f=354 Good luck mapping, dick
  5. Following squad leader orders

    As per the rules, you don't "need" a reason at all to remove someone from the squad. We trust the good sense of our community in this. When someone complains about being kicked, the squad leader can be asked for a reason since we do not encourage unfair treatment of honest, good-hearted players. Kicking all Arabs or someone with an ugly voice is heavily frowned upon. The very basic question every squad leader should ask is 'is this person causing a nuisance or problem within the squad?'. For reference, these are some commonly occuring reasons for removing a player from the squad: The player is... ...breaking any server rule. ...not following orders. This includes taking the wrong kit, hogging vehicle seats and not following any given order to the letter. Your squad, your rules. ...constantly lagging behind the squad. ...very bad at the game, possibly due to being new. ...unable to communicate due to language barrier ...constantly talking loudly or too much, or always second-guessing your orders. ...giving orders him/herself despite not being squad leader. ...dying or wasting vehicles due to very high ping. These are just examples that occur. Never be afraid to remove an unwanted player from your squad. Worst case, he reports you and the friendly neighbourhood admins will take over from that point on ;).
  6. Marvel Or DC

    One has Hulk, Spider-Man, Iron man , Black Widow, Vision , a freaking Heli Carrier, amazing stories, tragic deaths, and lifelong friendshipsthat show subtly. The other has... (Any slight bias towards Marvel is based on complete awesomeness and not pure chance) That said, DC has made some cool movies too ^^
  7. Hey,mate

    RedMaaaaannn!! About time you introduced keep doing that good work bro, you're a breeze to play with!
  8. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    Infantry squad leads have always had the right to tell their members what kits to take, and the right to kick them out if they dont comply. You are free to choose who is in your infantry squad, though random discrimination isnt appreciated and if racism is suspected, actions can be taken. When you request any kit, it gets drawn from a 'pool' of kits. When you die, the kit lays in the field until it despawns (takes a few mins). When it despawns, the kit gets added to the pool again to be requested from crates. When a noob has eg the HAT kit, and we REALLY need someone else to have it (or we lose the battle), an admin can !kill the person as this action is necessary to ensure playability, a fundamental administrator responsibility. In reality this will happen VERY RARELY, as this is the very last resort when all other options are not available (CAS, TOW, other sq,...) Best would he to draw the line at the case mentioned above. If someone takes your medic, AR, marksman, ... kit, ask them to give it back and report to your squad leader and admins if they dont reply. Usually these same players will always perform little acts of egoism (kit stealing, single-person humvee,...) and will eventually get corrected as necessary. If a HAT kit is essential to surviving the battle scenario, then it is an ASSET, and admins can take appropriate action to make that asset usable for our team.
  9. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    Stealing kits isn't defined specifically under any rule but can be filed as general misbehaviour, similar to randomly punching someone or blocking the base entrance with a truck. Its horrible teamplay and can be corrected accordingly. A player whose kit was stolen will always ask the other player to give it back. If they dont, its stolen. Any admin can reverse this theft by !killing the thief and warning them not to ever do that again. Just like other small misbehaviours, repetition can lead to a kick and an eventual ban. Small misdemeanors like this always get PLENTY of warning, so they cant complain about lack of information. Finding someone's name can indeed be tricky, but looking at a person or the map is the only way of identification that we can allow. A quick pop shot with the 9mm would work if all players were reputable, skilled players with matching EQ scores. In reality, the popshot would quickly become a TK, a reverse TK, false reports etc... We must never stop enforcing the idea that shooting ANY friendly soldier is BAD, NO exceptions. @=VG= SemlerPDXSemlerPDX we can define kit theft as a paragraph under asset theft. You still have access to the rules document, right?
  10. H8CrazyVet67

    Man, this guy was a total bro! He was always so chill, laughing at the goofiest of jokes and a pleasure to have in any squad. Like a paramount soldier he would take whatever kit needed, drive whatever vehicle needed and throw himself at the enemy to save the guy next to him. He'd never scream at people for doing something wrong and is one of the most respectful people I've ever seen. We will miss a great teamplayer and a warm, cozy, welcoming man. I love to think of him as VG's very own Bob Ross. He was honest, kind, friendly, respectful.... You could be having a bad day and say something dumb, Vince would probably think it was funny and his laugh would make you forget whatever bad thing was on your mind. Let's keep on spreading that same joy to all those we love and care about. Crack a cold one and recline by a beautiful sunny lake up there brother, for you darn well deserve it. Condolences to his family, to Hater, to all those who loved him, and to all of VG.
  11. Veterans gaming server not showing up

    Hey Pira! When the map is changing, the server wont show up in the lisy. Sometimes it might be frozen, in which case you wont be able to join thriugh IP either. If you join our TeamSpeak you'll usually get a faster reply or an admin who can reboot :). If the server is down for longer periods, it will always be announced visibly on this website Thanks for asking, and II hope this helps!
  12. I am Back!

    Welcome back Muni! Go mess em up
  13. nuts?

    Your title made me warm for a nice brotherly conversation about almonds and Brazil nuts, asshole DISAPPOINTED
  14. Spartanish congrats!

    Volod the Impaler is on his way to skewer that record indeed!
  15. Intro

    TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMM! WHERE.HAVE.YOU.BEEN. Dude you disappeared from PR for so long without warning. You do this again and we are done. Great to have you back man :). Don't leave so suddenly again! Always a charm to have you as our squad medic. That's an impressive resume, I had no idea. It's awesome to see another serious player who cares for his team and knows the community. See you in-game soon, and take care!