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  1. Hey, I guess this is a post focused towards the administrators. On what grounds can Squad Leaders kick players from their squad? I have recently run into scenarios where I have been unable to decide whether or not I "could" kick someone from my squad. For instance, a common theme that I have encountered (coming from an asset squad leader perspective) is that lower-skilled players will join the asset squad before higher-skilled players. As a squad leader, I prefer to play with higher-skilled players, but can I kick the lower-skilled players just on that preference, despite the fact that they joined earlier? Furthermore, I would rather play with higher-skilled players that I know than higher-skilled players that I don't know. Would a squad leader have the right to kick players based on whether or not the squad leader likes them? I have seen admins kick players and "reserve" spots for their friends, but I do not know if this privilege extends to normal squad leaders. Regards - bravozulu9
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    Hello, bravozulu9 here. I mostly play PR on the coop server. I have a prefer vehicles over infantry roles, mainly helicopters and MBTs. I hope to have much fun playing with VG.