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  1. Yup TEDF yesterday i joined in the served and played some matches, but today i have same problem, i cant enter. So today my "hash" come back again to the banlist. How it is possible? Can you fix the problem?
  2. i tried again today but same result .. i can enter all servers except your. (even game restart) . Cleaned server history, and favourites . Check again the ban list , Because basically it is as if I were banned again. name [ITA] The LastBlooD
  3. same error.. i hope tomorrow wil work..
  4. yes i tried restart the game but it gave me same error.. i can join others servers except yours... gonna try again later mho
  5. I can't enter today in the server due this reason: I don't know if is temporaly or not, but is better report the problem here. Seems that i received ban again and i don't know the reason because i've played VG in these past 2 days and i did not have any problems. Can you check ? thank you.
  6. Sorry I open a new post because I was writing reply, but the previous topic was closed. Thanks for the un-ban. Reply to second post of previous topic (while i dont know the unban situation): Exactly. This means that you can even do it without spotter but communicating with the Squad Learders. i lack of good comunication, but only because i'm not very good speaking in english, but i can almost understand what is being referred to me. (p.s in this match i had a mic but yes i don't use it good for my lack, but i can improve it) That said, in the game no one of squad leaders, told me cease fire on the objective, and so the support fire it has been found useful. I'm not complaining about the fact is traning or not traning server. (But keep in mind that is one of few coop active server, so many newplayers will join in that and learn right here, even if it is not a training server. But this is another discourse) I'm complaing about the fact i've been banned for 2 teamkills (or almost i saw only 2 teamkill on my screen) with mortars in 20 minutes of game, despite i had one spotter on my squad (and he told me the direction of the enemies, if you can check the chat of previous match) and despite no-one of other squadlears told me to stop fire. So there are not spam or refusal to cease fire. There nothing wrong on it. Fun fact is that squad 4 required an attack area on the objective charlie , so even the mortar attack was reasonable.. ------------------------------------------------------- Or put a the rule that says explicitly that the mortars can not be created, but only by forced request of any squadlearder or commander and so mortars can fire only by SL orders.. * My personal though is that play as mortars doesnt required - request for mortar support. If a commander or squadleader "marks" the enemy infantry on the map, this can automatically become a target for mortars (Always taking into consideration the proximity of Allied soldiers) Obviously when I get a request for mortars fire, then that becomes my first target. ----------------------------------------------------- I do not want to play without spotter. But if no one enters in my squad i try to play anyway and i aim where is possible that are enemies. Always being careful not teamkill or a cease-fire when I have to. But not for this I have to spend the whole match stopped to do anything because i need a spotter. For example, it's like playing with sniper. I can create the recon squad and take sniper kit in some ways, and go around for the map and killing enemies , but hoping someone anyway, sooner or later, will come on the team. Ye acro. Coo-op does not required so much fire attack by mortars. And infact no one play with mortars except in rare cases, if there are these limitation about it.. But for now I find that it is interesting and fun thing. ( trying to be precise and do not any teamkills, but sometimes will happen, for exp i saw cas multikill 5 our soldiers, and many situation you surely you have seen ) Having said that you can make the rules as you wish, but not warning, kick or ban only because an admin decided so .. ------------------------------------------------------------ The important thing is to have clear rules and well written. Take this my reply as a starting point for improving and simplifying the written rules about mortars. I understand your reason, but you have to consider what I have said.
  7. I quote here the facts: Map Ramiel coop. When i joined, I have created the "mortars" team and start firing on targets, being careful not to hit our infantry. IT should not necessarily find a spotter to play, I do not doubt his utility, but none came in my team, so I decided to shoot the same. Immediately = VG = bejaki starts to break on the need to find a spotter or I can not shoot and he would kick me. My fault if i my squad none enter? After 30 seconds one player join my squad and finally i can use them with no impediment. Now I have read the rules of the coop servers and says only "Mortars Mortars must be used appropriately. Barraging positions occupied by friendly forces, spamming or refusal to cease fire will result in a kick. Communicate with ground forces When using this asset. ". I'm 100% ok with that. But I cant find the rules when you need to find a spotter to do so. In any case after 10 minutes of good fire, I accidentally killed two of ours and despite my "apologies", because it can happen, I have been banned from the server. I do not know how long the ban will last but it certainly is an excessive extent measure , by the rules you must use the warning, then kick and then finally the ban if you are repeat the fact.. My only mistakes i that i'm not good comunicator, but i'll tried. Especially if you think that is a Coop server where players learn to play and it's not something competitive. Then i report the incorrect behavior of = VG = bejaki who took the matter in a "very personal" ignoring the rules and common sense. Thank for attention