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  1. Poor guys probably had a wall behind them! Entire squad = dead.
  2. Make this the second map loading music please!
  3. That PT-boat/command center makes me think of a very fun coop map.... Defending a sliding platform as it travels over the water? Could it work?
  4. Charlie squad, medic. This event looks fucking sweet, i hope it plays out nicely.
  5. fak
  6. Trees are all you will see before your precious vehicles fall under our guns! The Beast won't stand a chance.
  7. Armor squad is sst. Carkidd Jersans SerEvergreen Spartanish We will operate the Warriors on map1, the t-72s on map2 and the VAB APC on map3 Vab APCs on map2 will be open to inf squads to use
  8. Dammit. We could just delay it by a day, the update isn't too large....
  9. Great. As if it wasn't useless enough, the engineer repair kit cannot repair helicopters anymore. And the LAV-25 cannon is still shit And the Chinese tank .50 cal still only has one box of ammo still crashes
  10. Question: Will the Russians be fielding PT-76 tanks on the first map? It is what they would realistically field in an amphibious assault like this, and the tanks are already in the game. EDIT: Nevermind, they are all retired by now. Amphibious tanks would still be cool to fight. They do have the ability to land tanks via LCAC, though...
  11. Armor squad will definitly be running the Warriors on map1. Map2 APCs will be run by infantry, as we will be operating the tanks. Map3 VAB's, as there are two of them, will be run by armor squad.
  12. Tank squad is set, then. Razor 1: Commander: Carkidd Gunner: Jersans Razor 2: Crewman 1 : SerEvergreen Crewman 2 : Spartanish
  13. Awsome jersans, were gonna give that beast the what's-for!
  14. Ooh, i like INF having extra epis. These kit experiments are really cool, keep them up#
  15. If ypu want some good music for a dramatic video, here is an awesome song: