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  1. Introduction

    Yeah back when they only had infantry I'd bought it for 26 euros. Spent 20 to 30 hours on it, came back to P.R. immediately. I was so hyped hearing that the development team was partly from P.R. and ofcourse the bluedrake42 dude making videos on it makes people hyped up aswell. The 30 hours that I played was in a squad that knew each other so the gameplay was more fun, but after all it was way to stale. How far is it currently tho, what have they released that they had claimed to release?
  2. Introduction

    I implied you were American, but you're actually Dutch! As for University (WO) I haven't got a clue yet. Might as well be College (HBO). Are you already studying tho? It's actually surprising that the people from 2 years ago are still playing Project Reality frequently to this day. I really thought the release of Squad would soak up a large amount of the Project Reality playerbase.
  3. Introduction

    Anton, or better known as Doren in-game. Dutch. 19 years old. Hopefully attending university next year. Not much else to say really. And hi fellow Project Reality: BF2 players!
  4. Hmmvee.jpg

    Hmmmmvee :thonking:
  5. Operation "Red Tide" Part II

    Would like to join too!