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  1. I was on when the fob was under attack this morning. The fob was lost and not destroyed by friendly fire due to 10 enemy vehicles attacking the fob with no defensive walls around it.
  2. Server updated and back online Locked
  3. Logs note the following [2016-12-07 01:14] !BAN performed by '=VG= Double_13' on ' Magyarharcos': attempt tk [01:14:30 TEAMKILL] Magyarharcos [c4_smallexplosives] domtr82 I am not sure but your story doesn't add up. Recalling was that you tked a chopper but i am not sure However since its your first violation I suggest you get an unban.
  4. using Rcon commands to spawn me 5 logi's East of the bridge (so i dont have to rearm) it took me around 15 min to setup 1 bridge. So with rearming it should be able to do this in 30 min. I managed to build the second bridge for 80% because for some odd reason its able to build both sides at the same time for the price of one bride if the logi is near the center.
  5. I couldn't find you defined or signing up for a squad, so I just put you under the leftovers. This so we know who signed up, and who already has a squad. If you wish to join a squad feel free to post it, and I'll update the post.
  6. What we could do for fun is get a randomiser and let it generate the squads for each round. This way the squads are mixed and probably more fun for the randoms
  7. The fact that 5+ people over teamspeak complained about your behaviour showed that you where making more trouble then good. As I kicked you before (I think kicked 2 times and timebanned you for (60 min) ) it should have made it clear, that you that your behaviour is not accepted on our server. Thus bringing me to your quote of me. This was provided after the time ban I gave you as it showed to me you kept on with the negative comments. It might be that I had it wrongly interpatated it ,but with the recent history before I don't think it was out of proportion. This is been said the rounds after it you showed more gameplay behaviour and to me and other no longer saw signs of disruptive behaviour. I have no negative attitude about you nor was my previous comment meant to be negative in any way. I only reply and informed why I did my actions. Anyway I find it good that you sought out for clarity on our forum and I hope that our future encounter can be a better one than last time. Feel free to hop on our teamspeak for help or just a chat. See ya on the field
  8. I am the admin who kicked you. Following the comments given to me by Sl and TS you are a disruptive player that seeks to bring up negative attitude from people and you where spamming squads using commander position. As playing right now you are still bringing up very negative attitude and I expect you to be banned for it anytime soon. Therefor I would like to warn you again to stop you negative and disruptive behaviour before you will be banned.
  9. Driver Tank 2 Beirut
  10. We select our server admins based on recommendations made by other server admins. These recommendations often involve Good Behaviour on our server Active on teamspeak Assisting other players with issues/exploring the game If you are aiming to become a server admin on our server then try to fulfill these things above and get noticed in a positive way. #updated Main post as well
  11. While judging by the name I don't recall seeing you on our PR server, however I am looking forward on seeing you on our servers. Feel free to have a chat with us on TS while trying to ignore the shouting kids in PR. As keed said, see ya in the field!
  12. Yeeeeeeeee jalallalalalabad I am finally back
  13. INF Squads INF Squad 1: Schnitzel SL: =VG= Double_13 =VG= keed =VG= Tedf =VG= PBAsydney =VG= Melooooon INF Squad 2: CheekiBreeki SL: VODKA Dragovich VODKA Skitalez VODKA Jersans VODKA Un4given 22..12 INF Squad 3: Kiwi SL: Kavelenko Daniel_75 JohnnyTightLips =VG= Stark58 deathdealer203 =VG= Eclipse002 Vamsley ArchTop INF Squad 4: Alcohol SL: Teejay001 =MF=Luke Blazer Sledgehammer WCCBadploy Knifes Lo-nolan INF Squad 5: Rec SQ SL: [MG:S] SpL1ff3r [MG:S] Brutulux [MG:S] xXJohnRyXx Onkolus INF Squad 6: Hater INF SL: HaterOneActual [EJE#ES]_Martin Midgee SoggySpartan I3RY4N Ranger-12Spartanish Total: 37
  14. Well I hope melon or ted is able to Swing back up the other BF2 server and make it our event server so we could replay the events melon has made so far in weekends orso. This will also give us the opportunity to play the PR mappacks that need additional downloading. It would be a shame of these maps will never be played again. I an looking forward to the next events.
  15. it took 5 min to get the russians to get organised but we got it From the CheekiBreeki Squad we like to thank Melooooon for the event and see you on the next one
  16. Just for the record according to Melon UNBANNED
  17. Cheeki breeki battleplan for khamI Because PAINT is da best Cheekibreeki lands on LZ and caps the 3 bunker near its position The other 2 squads land on 2 and 3 and push in Once cheekibreeki is done we shall take trans and go to LZ 4 where we expect lots of resistance We shall try to distract the bots so squad 2 and 3 can move in I know Blazer is working on his battle plan but this is what i drew up due to keeds absence BAR Cheeki breeki also working on barracuda battle plan Cheekibreeki squad lands on 1 and secures the north Flag Squad 2 will do the same and secure west flag Once done Cheeki breeki will get combat MG and will stand by on marker Squads 3/4 can support on first push but need to be ready for next push Squad 3/4 need be landed as close to the endscreen bunker as possible the choppers will most likey take heavy damage and can therefor go to the designated area for emergency repairs Since Cheeki breeki is lazy and stuff we only make our area for the battleplan Cheekibreeki will just push to the bunker complex and cap Squad 3 or 4 is suggested to take trans to the other side and attack the flag from that side to prevent getting mowed down and the rest improvise
  18. Hello 22..12 from my point of view ur free to join see ya on the field
  19. Can you define east and west europe?
  20. Could the banning admin comment. or could the banning admin be informed.
  21. They invented something called heli pads.
  22. Nah i updated the list and now YOU SHALL HAVE YOUR M.A.S.H Squad
  23. Please fill in the appeal template so we have sufficient information 1. Banned Username 2. What Server(s)?* 3. When did this happen? 4. Reason you were banned 5. Describe the events leading up to your ban ( how did this occur and why? ) 6. Personal Statement ( Why should we unban you? )
  24. Well tedf noted it already. however we can just swap it around on certain maps I think that moving around the Cheeki Breeki squad wont happen since the vodka guys noted they want to play together( shout random russian crap at people prob spam CheekiBreeki in squad chat and be drunk.) Last time skitales was wasted he drove me to some interesting places on kozelsk that where quite useful if it comes to watching threes. However I am sure that if need we can swap squads around. However i hope people are capable enough to make fair squads.
  25. I want the previous 1.3.9 back. There the bots actually gave some resistance rather then the 1.4 bots that keep spawning at the main. Inch we already balancing the maps a bit with assets. on certain layers of khami and kashan the bluefor team has less assets (mainly 1 man assets) to make it more challenging, However we can not change to much without having the clients to update. Hopefully the future coop updates will provide more inf maps for us to play.