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  1. Playing PR xD
  2. I heared someone is setting up a charity to get you the moneys for a mic.
  3. New world map? And the question if we could do the event earlier like 19:00 Europe time.
  4. Just saying not many people have been informed about the battle so it might be good people poke around on the live servers and get more people involved I shall show up and I’ll notify the Russians
  5. Well yes. Some combinations of maps/mainly factions are problematic. When you run silent eagle (ger/ru) and the next round is route e (NL/ru) the dutch forces will get the wrong kits. The same when you run route e (nld/ru) and ulanovsk (ger/ru) the germans will have the wrong kit I have yet to find why this happens but it also happens on deployment time to time. It seems the combination NLD/GER and RU-Militia/Vietnam are causing these kit issues. Other unofficial issues are running US-army and USMC after each other (it tends to crash when loading the map) Faction swaps (RU/IDF) next round (US/RU) Because russia swaped from bluefor to opfor (or backwards) it tends to cause problems (Ru can be replaced with any other faction) And the last one are all the insurgent factions (hamas/taliban/insurgents) and mec swapping around. When testing certain modifications i found out that the language gets loaded before the rest of the map initialisation. Because PR has a central located factions/kits/language setup loaded from the init.con file it could happen that it mixes team1 for team2 and assigns the wrong weapons as the script they use does not verify the changes backwards. This (wrong factions) error then reaches the validating and the server crashes, or in the lashkar image gives you the wrong kits and you die. Just runnext should fix it.
  6. What map did you play before it? If you played NLD it does this. same as you cannot play militia and Vietnam in a row. It will cause map problems!!!!!
  7. There can be no new Russian anthem. There is only one anthem and it is the USSR one. Putin might have polished the anthem a bit but nothing can reach the might of the true USSR anthem (maybe the German one could, depends)
  8. I like to be driver. I can drive around whilst playing other games on my phone or spam ted with 9gag posts. Ofcourse one could chat but it depends who’s on the gun.
  9. Would sellout in seria/Gaza in seconds.
  10. Well hope that keed bought enough RPG rockets and tow missiles
  11. Then i suggest you join the Dutch team, The russians are helpless without the skillfull leadership of their glorious leader. I could poke around on PRT and ask if we can use one of their servers if we really want to try to organise something like this. But as you mentioned jersans the teams should be kinda balanced (or else you wouldnt want to join the russians) If we would put. Keed,ted,martin,fastjack,binkel,sydney,stark,Double in one team it will become a bit unbalanced. I can understand some countries could go together( or else Sydney will be playing on his own xD) but even than, the idea is to have fun battles and not to get dominated by one OP team. Poke around first to see how many people are actually interested in it and maybe let them make teams.
  12. Would jersans be Dutch or chez cur your a Dutch person living abroad. XD
  13. Your overconfident Jonathan and I smell some jealousy. xD
  14. Well aslong the bot mortars are outside the playable area but within range it makes no use to even use the assets/tows/HMG/aa as we saw in the last battle. Kinda ... but sure.
  15. Well true but even in PVP people require to cooperate with each other. I think it would be great to have people fighting each other on the battlefield it might give people new ideas. I think it would be best that people try to play deployment together. Deployment itself is not hard when you a known player. But when you’re not known you get booted out the squads quite fast (to make space for others). So if people join the server together they can enjoy the same squad and don’t get kicked out all the time.
  16. Sydney on his own in this fight. !k Sydney solo cas I guess I gonna migrate to Russia for this event. Or maybe Lithuania and get volod as machinegunner and skirmisher as medic. But if you want to organise a PVP event the problem is that certain groups are to powerful. You might say split them up but certain people only want to play when they play together. So it becomes a hard task. However if you make your squad I could arrange my squad and have a battle (inf maps)
  17. WHERE THE FUKE IS OUR HOLLIDAY RESORT TED. They did nothing wrong! Luxemburg now researching national focus: Why we fight.
  18. Just love the North Korean hind that just flew in the trees. spartanish managed to infiltrate the enemy airport and obtained classified information about new halal vodka. It seems he found this more important then the blueprints for the potato bomber.
  19. So where’s the download
  20. suka i send you the password when i know it
  21. Muttrah city std mec main bots spawn on the commander tent and die
  22. Well I would suggest you just create the number of squads you wish along with the slots Squad A SL: keed grunt 1: grunt 2: grunt 3: grunt 4: and let people pick based on that. (The same as the arma squad selection) it would help in making the squads more balanced rather then having 2 8 man squads and some leftovers
  23. spartanish noted to me he is able to gun for me so could we be added to the roster
  24. Good question would be what is the max amount of people we can have on the human side. Based on that number we can adding the squad population number. And potential signups for INF squads can be arranged. With the amount of squads known we can draw a basic deployment plan who goes where. To avoid the confusion of last time. question for ted can the vehicle decay be disabled on the event. So that we can hop out our sparking APC without it getting blown up by a 300m RPG. And do we get repair/rearm depo?
  25. I have contacted my potential gunner spartanish if he is possible then I/we will sign up for apc. I’ll be driver and spartanish gunner.