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  1. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Yep it wont work. you could change the parameters but that would be way way to much work. Loading the game into your RAM (ramdrive) will speed it up quite fast) also forcing PR to run on any other core then 0 could speed it up (affinity)
  2. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    The loading times are not dependent on your connection speed but on your harddrive speed. To explain this. on the same network (ping of 14ms to VG server) my old computer (1th gen SSD) loading time 2 min my old game pc (until Friday (ramdrive PR)) loading time 55 sec my MacBook 40 seconds my new computer (2 Samsung 970 pro in raid 0) loading time 20 seconds. (note that I do expect you have a reasonable CPU that can handle the game) my network didn’t change but my loading times did. So your argument that loading depends on the server is totally invalid. The only increase portforwarding and fixing your internal IP (NOT PUBlC) is that programs as mumble could be a micro second faster as they do not pass thought your firewall. (As mumble is loaded all the time this does not affect your loading speed) The game is packed into zip files (9gb core) and when loading the map (1gb) it needs to unpack the map and load the content. The faster your drive can do this, the faster you load and can connect to the server and receive additional data as player info (this is done in the spawn menu) a way to reduce lag is remove the main menu movie (cus it is loaded even when you play) and in some some situations installing Reshade could boost it (mixed results some systems go faster other go slower)
  3. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Yea outpost is broken because a other dev changed some spawners and stuff. i can’t fix it at the moment due to PReditor not working on windows 10. I have to install a virtual machine to get it working
  4. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    We could try.
  5. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    It is not an issue it is a feature
  6. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Keep them coming and I’ll took at them i wonder if the SPG now actually works
  7. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    @Xenalite the INF maps you unblocked are not that easy to play with 10 people and the problem is that on some the main can be capped making humans unable to spawn at all. (for example mapList.append albasrah_2 gpm_coop 16) The ticket bleed is slow meaning that in that time the humans cannot spawn at all and the people simply will leave because they cant even play. I don't mind those maps been in it as it is fun to play those maps but I added most of them with the idee that a bunch of randoms should be able to play it without getting wrecked. The list i made was just a general idea list and some maps can be removed. I am just providing feedback on your ideas why I blocked them if you think they should be in its worth a shot
  8. Now I am officially a bot.

    But the real question is; can it run minecraft?
  9. Future of VG Coop events

    its not about donations or server its about the config in the game itself. If you wish to contribute then contribute to the community. another good way to contribute without paying is work out ideas/maps that I could make. The ideas do not need o be limited to only events but can also be about remaking the current maps. on falklands deployment has air warfare. Because of the bots do not care about the navmesh in air vehicles I should be able to copy the entire map and make it run bots on the other side. However in practice this is not working yet. Falklands is an exception because the entire map is not playable with inf due to the terrain details been set to ULTRA LOW due to its size. This allows me to make the ONLY official vehicle warfare map on coop
  10. Future of VG Coop events

    As me (Double_13) and melon are the last remaining PR editors within VG. I guess I shall now have to host the VG events. I would like to see if it would be possible to host an event every 2 weeks. While this is mainly my challenge, I would like to know what you guys want to see. For start I am not going to touch any NON-PR map as it will cause to many problems getting them running stable. The options are Vehicle warfare PvP:Same assets for everybody PvP: Mixed assets on both sides (both sides have same assets but the selection is now APC/TANK/CAS) Multiteam: Each squad is a team on itself you will be able to see all the enemys on the map and you and your squad have to survive/capture an asset and bring it back but so do others have all of the above but with extra bots for more chaos. Opfor Events I am not able to port all the maps to OPFOR on a short notice but I could do some special opfor maps that can be reused. the more often we do the bigger the pick is on the next opfor event. Extraction You have to recover a person/asset and bring him back while having to fight off bot hordes. Testing new maps/layers This should speak for itself. Basically testing the new maps for official PR. If you guys have any more suggestions please share them. Please also inform me what you would like to see so I can start producing them. the poll will be reset after each event without the last ran event.
  11. Future of VG Coop events

    I am actually working on a official vehicle warfare on falklands but due to crashes I abandoned it for now. I shall see if I can pick it up again
  12. Now I am officially a bot.

    T-Con Trololol con?
  13. New PC

    So I ordered all the parts for my new computer. As my current computer passed the age of 6. Here are the new specs Intel® Core i7-8086K, 4.0 GHz (5,0 GHz Turbo Boost) socket 1151ASUS ROG MAXIMUS X HERO, socket 1151Thermaltake View 31 TG RGBThermaltake Toughpower iRGB Plus Platinum 1050W Thermaltake Floe Riing RGB 360 PremiumG.Skill 16 GB DDR4-3200 KitGIGABYTE AORUS GeForce GTX 1080 Ti Xtreme Edition 11G 2x M.2 Samsung 512 GB, 970 PRO SSD Raid0 I specifically picked this CPU because the high clock frequency per core that I need for various tasks and old game. While I know Nvidea is going to poop out a new GPU series I simply cant be asked to wait another half year before the 2nd gen comes out (1th gen always has flaws)
  14. New PC

    Probably dualboot but it depends. I probably install windows 10 or windows server 2016. At work i was kinda forced to use windows 10 and with enough poking in regedit its not that bad. but this would be much better
  15. Now I am officially a bot.

    No. This occurs when gametracker is checking and you happen to be loading (a map) at the same map. Because your ping is 0 at loading it marks you as a bot
  16. Future of VG Coop events

    Well I kinda agree with you, the extraction missions are more a test on how to make it and does it work. I have huge doubts about it due to the bots and the fact others (non regulars) can/should join). I know ted made one but i never had the chance to play it and No clue how to set it up yet The vehicle warfare are quite easy to make (30 min) orso. The main advantage of this is that i can generate 10 of them in 2/3 days and then we have sufficient for a saltysunday. The main advantage is that i can recycle them and on sundays you can just pick one of X number of them because they dont need an admin to explain the rules and so. Specialised events are less likely going to happen due to the time i have to spend on them. The only special events that might happen are playing non official PR maps. However currently i am busy enough with all the fixes i have to make for PR. (redo all the coop maps/ remake all the assets to bot compatible not even to mention WW2)
  17. New PC

    Cus its not really needed according to what i searched up. I no longer need to ramdrive my games as the m.2 is fast enough (yes people i still use ramdrive) If any I can always shove more ram in it. I am thinking of buying an PCI express m.2 drive and add a Samsung evo 960 2TB in it for more storage. (the 2 slots on the board already taken) But i rather wait for the prices to drop a bit.
  18. Future of VG Coop events

    Don’t worry I do vehicle warfare after it
  19. Future of VG Coop events

    Meh extraction it will be for the first one. I have to see how the f I can set this up but sure. I guess the classical crashed helicopter pilot evacuation is in need. Thinking of using Outpost and ramiel for it. More details follow suggestions are welcome
  20. VG Elite server

    to allow more bots (above 48) \mods\pr\ai\aidefault.ai aiSettings.setMaxNBots 48 to like 60 (do this on both lines) Only then the serversettings.con could go above 48 sv.coopBotCount 60 Modifications of these files are allowed as they are mentioned in it themselfs But what if you are following someone? xD
  21. VG Elite server

    Semler is correct in the way we shouldn’t split the server. BUT GRNANDGLD is also correct that the maps are quite boring. The best rounds I played where the rounds just after an update came out and the server was unjoinable for people who just updated. While I can make every map as hard as Shahadah or even worse outpost, I won’t because not everybody wants 5 tow rockets spinning at them. With the new events coming up and with me going to create/patch more maps I might be able to create your elite server on 1 day a week. I was already thinking of Salty Sunday where we test new maps and play with extreme unbalance (70 bots 20 humans) on the INS test server (my VG testing server). I do not think this will fracture the coop. If the elite server is only ran on 1/2 days a week it forces the people to play the other 5/6 days on the regular VG server. Other People will talk about it and might be interessted in joining the next Saltysunday. This makes the new people becoming more active within the community (because they might need to download maps and obtain the password) this will motivate them to talk more with the regulars and so they themself can become regular. PR is currently just like COD. People join, they they pew pew pew and they leave. But if we motivate them in joining these special events they will be more active And become better players. i highly want to request that either the player slots on the VG server are reduced to 30 or the bot numbers cranked up to 60. to explain the reason why. When you kill a bot it takes around 2 min for it to respawn while a human can do it in like 1 min. Another problem is that bots stack up in assets quite fast. A BMP3 carries 8 bots meaning if you kill 2 of them you have killed almost half of the bot team. As for stability it should not cause any problem. Danesh server used to run 70 bots and with 20 people it rarely crashed. I think it is worth a test.
  22. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    @=VG= SemlerPDXAll the maps that I listed should NOT be a possible starting map. (Blacklist) Edit: read above, wrong word! -sem The reasons why these maps should not be potential start map. All INF layer requires 10 + people to play. As no OP assets are present the main could be overran quite fast making it impossible to spawn all vietnam maps removed for obvious reasons. All maps where Bluefor main is capable (could block spawning entirely if it would be taken) And some maps are to hard and could last few hours. Don’t get me wrong I would personally love to see all these maps in the startup because they are hard but I am sure other people do not like these maps to last few hours.
  23. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    They in general not playable with low population. You can ofcourse remove some maps I just did it quickly based on what I think would be best. maps without ticket bleed have not been accounted for. That would require information about each map where if they bleed. If this information is present then I could just fix it with an official update. Maps with 2 or more final flags cannot have ticket bleed. As I cannot set the flag ticket value to bleed.
  24. VG PR Maplist Randomizer is now LIVE!

    Sorry I didn’t check the post again. all the maps mentioned are for the randomiser start blacklist.