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  1. Discord Nitro - new platform

    Seems a bit much for me and these games are not really that good. Rollercoaster tycoon 2 was best but to pay 9.99 Euro for it per month
  2. Map Testing

    Back Again First off these are still maps that are work in progress. https://www.dropbox.com/s/hpejfcialb5t1zi/Mappack 2.zip?dl=0 to install simply drag the files in your level folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Project Reality\Project Reality BF2\mods\pr\levels it should display D13_xxx For those who joined previous tests you might have to overwrite the previous version The server password is salt The event starts at 17:00 PRT (Note All posts below will be removed if new test pops up)
  3. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    Well then it is surly an mouse input issue. Do you eject your tablet safely or just pull it out as 99% of the world does. Maybe check device manager and check if an additional input device is still present
  4. Weird Mouse stutter issue?

    Could be the combination of and your mouse and your touchpad. Can you disable the touchpad and unplug other input devices such as joysticks. You might want to look over you controls and verify if an other controller is also not trying to send data.
  5. Jabal 128 layer

    The bridge has a special feature for those trying to cross xD.
  6. New Khami

    I haven’t added the assets yet
  7. stuff

  8. Patches for my R12

    Aaaaaa the Alice backpack from arma ? xD
  9. Smoke for bots

    I could see about giving medics a shovel it is not a bad idea.
  10. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    Well GG with the kits. managed to pull 3 hat kits out a crate within 5 min while 2 hats where in the field
  11. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    We cannot have dynamic config without having to reboot the server. The only way to load this config is a forced reboot (reboot at fixed time as it is not possible to detect round ending) Just as you say it yourself only this one thing. And then someone else has another thing and that’s how we came to this point. We should not drift too far away from deployment config as we are doing now
  12. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    While I understand that on low pop an ar would be ideal with 3 people I highly suggest we do not. In general we keep saying that .... we can’t do this in low pop and we can’t do that but if we nerf the game even more what would the challenge be??? We could state that the fobs should not require crates as it would not have sufficient people to supply crates. we could remove every squad limit so we can have enough hat kits to take on armour. While yes I can understand the frustration on low pop everything we do to aid them is to make the game even easier on med/high pop. We cannot make everybody happy but the fact we adjusting to the 20 ish players on low pop rather then the 80+ Regular people playing on medium/full pop is getting a bit out of hand. I know people won’t be happy when I say this but people can also join the servers located in their timezone. Why would Australians join an empty VG server early in the Europe morning that has a ping of 200+ while GDO is located in Australia. Europe servers don’t have much pop as most people work or go to school so joining before 12:00 GMT is kinda ... Do not get me wrong I do enjoy having Australians on the server especially when melon is drunk, but we have to focus on what better for the majority and not the 20 ish players that come in at low times. (I am taking GDO as example as I know they provide good service any other server provider can be picked. ) The best solution would be to simply cooperate with a other server such as GDO and coordinate the players to them at our low pop times. This would for example mean VG is simply offline between 4 and 12 am GMT to force people to join the largest server. Once we get up and running people can then flock into our server and we should have much lesser lowpop time. (As people then might finished their jobs and such) people will simply join VG due to better ping and been better known. A other way We can also rig our own server to force stop at 4 am load the low pop settings and do another forced reboot at 12 to switch back to the high pop settings. While this can be annoying it would be our best option. However you will still have other issues in where both GDO and VG has 5 people while 1 server of 10 would simply be more enjoyable. I think the 2 options above will be much better then simply changing the settings to easyier this at it keeps both parties happy. Also i think a collaboration between the 2 communities can also benefit coop in general with the ability to organised some player competition events.
  13. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    You need more then 20 people for the second hat kit if I am not mistaken. It could ofcourse be adjusted.
  14. Hello

    Hello and nice to see you on our website. Feel free to join our TS for even more fun.
  15. Smoke for bots

    The ai targeting values are kinda ... at the moment and this causes the bots to only be effective on high difficulty. For example if the difficulty on the server is set to 90 and you drive your Humvee at full speed approx 1/12 rockets might hit you. Even if you stand still it is 1/4. By cranking up the bot difficulty the accuracy gets improved significantly to 1/4 and 1/1 on stationary. Well this poses the problem we have. While some guns where tweaked correctly others are not such as the scorpion used by taliban is a 90% headshot gun while the g3 of the mec is 50% (not real numbers but example) With all pleasure you can go into modding all these settings but you quickly find out it is a metric ton of work that requires testing on a live server as bots fighting each other is not a really efficient way of testing. To the shovel. It has sadly been removed already but I am trying to find the damage value to make it so you can shovel it with one person. I am already finding the codes letting you leave sparking assets but further testing is required. For smoke now it is a huge huge huge cheat for humans. I mentioned only that the enemy vehicle smoke might not be anti bot so if they deploy the smoke they can fight back. The thermals is to block the human campers and that’s it?