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  1. While the title says "saying hi again" I can not find "hi" anywhere in the post. xD anyway nice to see you back and hope to see you on the PR/TS server soon.
  2. How do I know this weather graph isn't from a week ago? There is no watermark time stamp
  3. I mark the cap and SL pos. martin marks medics and rest of the squad
  4. In the folder High quality graphics
  5. Bump btw where's the amazing event factory chimney logo? I need it for the announcement
  6. So tomorrow (Sunday) another test run or not? Many people are interessted to play
  7. I had to leave early cus was tiered and shit didn't want to get salty and piss people off. Bamyan comments Bradley's to op in every way. If you would like to keep them then add only 1 of them and replace the others with crows or something. Or add something that can kill them such as tows. Or enemy vehicles. However the campzones on the hills will make it unlikely this will happen. trans has free airspace. Yes ted and me used the Blackhawk as cas and it should proof it is kinda op on such a map. It could be fixed by using an other chopper or adding some anti air to the bot team. Also spawnpoints on the flags are ruining the challenge as people can just spawn near the flag. Yes they are rallypoints and can be overran but still. Fallujah same as bamyan should be no spawnpoints on the flags as it makes it highly likely people give up and just respawn 50m back. Do do as you please with the comments the maps are fun but the fact the 2 maps went pretty easy on the first run with 8 people on the ground shows they might be bit easy hand for future server runs. Anyway great work
  8. What I understand from inf only is that we only have inf. adding an logi would be alright ish but adding anything more would in my eyes be to much. Even adding the transport humvee would be bit much as it would only give 1 squad often the fastest loading person the ability to use it. However I do not mind that bots have heavy assets as this would promote teamwork on bluefor.
  9. How about bringing back the other layer for Karbala (tank layer) i also noticed that bijar has 2 more layers but they not in the list for loadable maps maybe you could get them working or pump out an inf layer for that?
  10. I think the removing of ammobags might be bit to much but it will be interesting to see. you mentioned something about adding different guns on different fire modes for close medium and long range. Is this also going to be implemented?
  11. Just give him a cookie
  12. Well Hello, for what I find PR doesn't have that many keybindings maybe 5 keys more for mumble orso but like fastjack said, don't play arma if you don't like the keysbindings. Anyway I hope to see ya on the field.
  13. Well although it sounds stupid there is more communication without mumble and using TS than there is with mumble. Every time mumble doesn't work I notice people take the time and communicate with others more than shouting on mumble "moving to outskirts" followed by no reply. But yea mumble needs to be fixed. I think the human player limit should. Be lowered to 30 people max. The fewer people you have the more teamwork you have to do to succeed. If more people are running around it will be highly likely that cashes will be found before having the intell. This also gives the chance for more enemy bots to patrol the streets. The assets will become an issue in the long haul, Now the map is new and people get shot by the tow launchers but after a while people will know where they are and the assets will become mass murder machines (the guy in my APC already had 40 ish kills on the gun) I think that putting in more trans humvees and delayed APC/logi will help. The logi should be on quite high respawn as it is quite valuable to build a fob and a delay at the start would make it more likely to be used by a person waiting for it. As example on khami inf squads always take the logi at the start to build an fob near chem but if it would be delayed they might start pushing to flags rather than camping on the hills for half the round. On the test we only build 2 fobs and I honestly think the limit should be set to that. More fobs would make more spawnpoints and closer spawnpoints resulting people to give up faster and respawn there, rather then waiting 20 sec to be revived. Also it would become in my eyes to OP in rushing objectives as once a cash is known all can spawn on a fob near it.
  14. I like that fastjack already points out the where to shoot, in the first 20 sec xD. i think grozny would be a great map for INS.
  15. With the first round of INS done it looks very promising for the future. Despite few issues such as the server crash (still coop so yee) it was a great test. I hope fastjack got a lot of new information for further developing the game mode. Things to point out as bugs. Mumble Bot spawning on static assets Deployment setting (dig fobs/kits) other er less problematic bugs. UAV should be disabled as ted pointed out bots kept focusing on it all the time and it might be bit to OP for bluefor. I would like to thank fastjack and other involved with making this possible and I would like to thank the people who joined on such a short notice.