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  1. project reality

    Nah don't be silly why would you think they might actually communicate on deployment other then for their own interest.
  2. project reality

    Tadsea is an easy map actually. I think I posted the solution for this map multiple times. But in short again drive logi out main build fob near farm wait with going into cap for like 4 min (so all the bots in us main) then all rush in bridge area with 1 squad been in town. As soon you get in the cap zone of bridge all the bots will turn back to bridge where they are greated with MG fire. As soon bridge is capped and town neutral sease fire and push to temple 2 people should be sufficient to cap it and then easy walk to main. The issue with this is the coordination of the first flag. Everybody has to go in cap the same time and not like always in a train form. Even if they cap the bridge the issue is the constant spawning of bots in the town. I think me and ted did the map within 20 min just because the mighty logitruck makes the map to easy. This tactic is the most easiest and work on every map. If 20 people can't cap the flag get out of cap for like 2 min (bots stop defending walk away) and you can cap.
  3. The Commanding will only be needed when nobody goes commanding then at least someone should take the lead. I was not planning on this but to make sure we have at least someone I shall do so. It is not in violation of the rules as I will just be another SL on the chat that has the battleplans
  4. I will join Bluefor for a change. I shall also command other squads if there is no appointed commander on the day itself. I shall update my first post with all the squad creations and selections. My squad already ready
  5. More paint I will update the list below. Note that the Positions within squads is determined by the SL. COMMANDER: INF Squad 1: ""NO"" SL Double_13 Medic: =VG= Martin Medic: =VG= Rotblut LAT: Vodka Skitalez MG: I3RY4N Breacher: JCLA Rifleman: Spartanish Grenadier: =VG= STARK INF Squad 2: Oscar Mike SL: HaterOneActual Medic: Medic: LAT: MG: Denis34312 Breacher: knifer Rifleman: finsam94 Grenadier: INF Squad 3: Crumpets SL: Sausage Medic: Midgee Medic: LAT: =VG= Blazer MG: deathdealer Breacher: Rifleman: Grenadier: INF Squad 4: Alpha Group SL: =VG= Kavlenko Medic: BrokenArrow Medic: LAT: Jersans MG: Breacher: InchpincherToo Rifleman: Grenadier: INF Squad 5: A SL: INF Squad 6: A SL: Total Signed up: X
  6. prbf2 coop insurgency gamemode

    Looks great. For now i think its great to add that the bluefor bots dont shoot the civi's. However i hope that we can get rid of that soon and make the game just like our coop server humans vs ai
  7. I hope everybody had a great time I know there wasn't much action but not every war is fought with guns blazing. From what I saw and heared from the team movements where that stealth wasn't taken very seriously as the pictures of ted will show. You had the advantage of knowing that their where only 3 enemy's on patrol shouting in local but rather then observing them you tried to pick the fight. Sure, but it also meant you lost the position of the units and they could be anywhere as they respawn. I think that if this type of event would happen next time the bluefor should take more care the way they move. But overall it wasn't that bad. GG blazer sitting all in the guard tower. To bad you didn't find dimitrys radio (was hard one to spot). Anyway we hope you had a good time and see ya next event
  8. The opfor film crew will provide stealthy pictures soon
  9. With the assumption that honeybadger is always down first, this as he is our early warning system for enemy's. They assumed it was honey laying on the ground once again
  10. The poll should stay up as not everybody who plays on the server checks it on a 3 day base.
  11. If you manually count the votes names and the number listed behind the options you notice that on every post where kavlenko voted it seems it doesnt include his double vote. I think this might be an visual error and not done on purpose.
  12. Wonder how many people will missclick a yes for a no.
  13. Well I wish you the best of luck Take care of yourself, nobody will blain you if you have to take a timeout every now and then.
  14. You clearly never played arma where one can carry 7 rockets in a backpack. so a uav trailer should not be an issue Maybe add some floats under the trailer and drag it with the boat