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  1. Might be a suggestion but should there not be a commander signup as well. I think it is a good idea that the commander has some sort of battle plan/idea beforehand.
  2. Tank shaq tank tampa
  3. As for feedback. Op Phoenix Even thought we didn't came far I had a lot of fun running a squad. I think that not having any assets on this map was a main bottleneck in terms of transportation from base to city. The removal of the scopes was what made it more challenging. In the fields you got wrecked by the long range bots sniping but on short range it proved quite useful One of the downsides is the RP Despawning even if there is no enemy nearby. This is sadly not something ted could fix. Op black hawk down It is that ted and myself tested the maps and knew what's coming. I found that the deployment of other squads could have been faster as it was meant that the first flags should be rushed. The rest of the map was entertaining as people got overwhelmed by the enemy assets that rolled out. Sadly I missed MR Gary showing up to the battlefield. For suggestions. Swap 2 humvees for delayed troop humvees so they can do taxi service Streets 2 I had loads of fun on this map and I think the coordination in the beginning was good. However as the coordination got less so did the map progression. Later on people just started running of the map for fun or sat at main. I think we could have easily finished the map if squads kept coordinating. Jalalalabad Well the map was meant that people rush out the main and take the fight to them. However it seemed difficult for other squads to deploy and move out fast enough. This resulted in the main been baseraped by bots. I think that the bot assets should have been delayed a bit longer so the people who are not that fast have a fair chance of moving out. Overall it was fun as hell (mighty MP7) and I hope the next group of events will be even better. If any of you have suggestions and or comments about this event please tell Ted so he doesn't make the next event even more salty.
  5. Bump to top and a backup download link if the first one would fail like last time https://www.dropbox.com/s/9tfafvw48afoghe/Red_Tide_I.zip?dl=0
  6. its more at 1:15 but sure. I remember the round and it was fun as hell. Great vid
  7. They Yeeee squad is getting shape SL: =VG= Double_13 =VG= Tedf =VG= PBAsydney =VG= jaki =VG= Keed (if hes not to busy working) Feel free to announce your own squad, or to join ours. However I will have to see if we have sufficient people in other squads.
  8. Payed it in full dont thank me. I just contribute to something I use 17 hours per day
  9. NO
  10. To answer the questions people have been asking me be about this event Q: Can we premake our squads like we did in melooons event? A: Yes you can, this is suggested as it gets more people to show up. So SL's please start recruiting people (especially randoms) in joining this event Q:Are there any assets we can sign up for? A: No this group of maps are INF based with addition of a few humvees. Q: Why cant we play it on singleplayer? A: NO SPOILERS Q: Is this event prepared before hand unlike the last one? A: The last one was prepared but the recent update changed the settings causing the event settings to no longer work. Ted and Double have preran the event settings on the server since the last update, and TED did the necessary modifications to make sure the event can start at the designated time. Q: What is difference of this event VS the last few events? A: The last few events where made by Melooon and where on the current PR maps. This event will include: the default PR maps, The official PR mappack maps, The original BF2 maps. A: The event also contains a story line that progresses thought the campaign Q: Can we play OPFOR? A: We will play various Factions and this might include OPFOR.
  11. might be there, might be not. depends on traffic on my way back home from austria
  12. That's exactly the issue so on those maps we will have to make mech 1/2/3 squad and only then they can use the assets. What I would like to see that inf are allowed to use those assets without having to be a mech squad. As now the issue is that if the squad moves up in a troop truck then, gets killed, and respawns at main, they are technically not allowed to use the 5 VAB-VTT/FUCHS assets without first renaming the squad to mech inf. And yes we can go to the way as well you can ask the APC squad and use it based on that use it, but last time I did that a other admin kicked the person I allowed to use that asset as he thought it was stealing. I am not suggesting we need rules for this and that. But I would more bring it to the admins attention that more then often the guidlines are just mere guidlines and can't always be enforced the way they are written. Note te that I specifically use the word guidlines and not rules as I still follow the old rule set in where it stated that the rules are mere guidlines and up for admins judgement to enforce them as they are. However over the past year that section has been removed for no apparent reason and I would like to see it back. It also grants the admin the option to ignore certain areas within the guidlines for special cases as brought up before. logi/tow/assets
  13. I personally make a 2 man tow squad and so do many other admins on muttrah. And I think all follow the simple unwritten rule of "if you are helpful to the team without causing problems it is fine" similar discussion we can have about FOB squad,logi squad, AA squad. As far I know the guidelines , they are not claimable and still people make them. Also no admin acts on this when the squads mentioned above are under 4 people. But it now we at this discussion I want to ask a other similar issue. VAB-VTT and FUCHS (the advanced shitboxes with wheels) are both assets a crewman is need to drive the asset. And as the guidelines say all squads that need a crewman kit need a squad. But on nujema/marlin/silent eagle, and a few others they also have a larger APC brother. I find it that these assets do not fall exclusively under APC and can also be used by INF squads if there are larger APC parts on the map
  14. Well As for the Tow Humvee. I sort of agree that the Tow Humvee is considered as an asset that can have its own squad on muttrah. I do it myself many times as I find it more affective to be alone rather then been in a infantry squad depending on the SL for giving you intel thats shared over SL chat about potential armour. Further having to stay in a larger squad makes the humvee less mobile and an easy pray for the seeking bot rockets and morters as you often have to stand still to be near the INF squad. Seen that muttrah is a relatively small map I personally find that the inf can easily walk or take trans to the next flag. Further more i seen many squads just using tow as a transport asset and abandoning it as they take trans out or been blow up by morter shells aimed at the INF. So far I have not seen any complains about the dedicated 2 man tow squad I run most of the times as they see we do our job properly without wasting the asset . I do this because it gives me the ability to coordinate better with my gunner/driver and creating 2 free spaces in probably the only functioning INF squad . This brings up the main issue. Often the tow is manned by 2 random people and a gunner that most of the time doesn't know how to use it. This makes the job of the driver and or SL harder as they either have to explain the gunner how to operate the tow, or ask him to leave the gunning position so someone capable can do it. BUT as we all know people in coop listen so well that half of the time its like talking to a wall. I do not think that any dedicated rule should be made for this situation as its a specific map issue. And that its up for the admin online to allow or not allow the dedicated tow squad. Because already someone could still create a unlocked tow squad and keep kicking people out the squad as there are no defined requirements/rules for kicking people out of non asset squads. One of the base rules I always look at when people running a -4 man squad is if they are contributing to the progress and if no other squad is available for unassigned people to join. A 3 man squad can be more effective then a 8 man squad, as the number of people doesn't say anything about the ability and effectiveness of the squad. (random people that do not listen spawn on you shoot 2 rounds triggering all the bots to shoot you and your squad)
  15. You have to buy the Chatbox DLC