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  1. Cheekibreeki airlines. i wanna be pilot do barrel roll with A380 and land on the taxiway xD.
  2. Bump
  3. Sydney is our tournament photoshop b***h you could ask him.
  4. Here is the reshade I use. I use it on my laptop to boos performance so not using any shaders of reshade. (settings Medium all with shadows low I use it on my main gaming rig to make it more fancier Reshade main core http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-bf2-general-discussion/118973-pr-graphic-enhancement-mod.html Additional shaders https://github.com/crosire/reshade-shaders Its highly suggested you delete the shaders you do not use as it reduces the loading time. My laptop uses no shaders so i removed all 165 shaders. My main computer uses 15 shaders so the other 150 i removed so they dont get loaded every time i open the game. what shaders you pick is up to you. Note: Senshi noted on the PR tournament that reshade is not a cheat tool aslong you use the shaders provided. And its allowed to use in tournament battles.
  5. The game runs smoother on medium settings then on low. also adding reshade might speed up the game (do not use shaders just having the program installed)
  6. Just file an application to ted then. Ofcourse it can happen you can’t make it for a specific battle but you could assign someone yourself to take over your task.
  7. XD

    You can say all you want but the russians build very sturdy helicopters
  8. I wonder who. xD
  9. Well people sign up for it. Don’t be scared ted doesn’t bite. I would love to do it, but I rather have someone else give it a shot. It is not hard and doesn’t take much time.
  10. Welcome to PR home of crashing. Yea the game crashes a lot for no reason. i noticed that if you close stuff like chrome it takes longer before it crashes. Might have something to do with ram but never really bothered about it.
  11. Its more important to get the cabledrum rendering from 30 meter then to accept new ideas. (Dedicated cabledrum patch for muttrah) Its also more important to fix the flipping of the assets by unskillfull driving then creating new assets. (next update) I wonder how long its going to take before the Flaredrop is made easier as people cant figure it out themselfs to drop only 1 flare per lock. It would be smart to provide people as rabbit a place to test their work without having to please the devs PVP demand. Using one of our test servers to run his maps and potential future maps on would be good to get people to use the content he and others worked so hard on to create. and he gains much faster information from a much larger group. Seeing the installation of custom maps and it actually been a simple drag and drop process should be easy enough to get 80% of the willing people to acomplish it. The main issue i see now is that their is no place where all the files can be downloaded at one instance, this as they are scattered over the PR forums in different topics and the change you miss one or obtain an outdated one is quite high. Combining these map-packs and potential or own mappacks into one pack would make it much easyer for people to obtain the content they need in order to join the custom server. It would also ease the updating of these maps as no longer one needs to wait for the developers to throw out the patch.
  12. Well on one hand I understand the waste of space but on the other hand we live in 2018 and a freeking harddrive of 2tb only costs like 40 Euro. The launcher should be modified so you can chose to download additional mappacks. But yea ain’t gonna happen. You could ask yourself why falklands/tadsea or basically every other map then mutt/Saar/khami/kashan/fallujah/sbene and beirut are in the game as this is like 99.99% of all the deployment rounds
  13. Sure no problem.
  14. On my laptop yes i do use rather low settings not the lowest as it cant go higher. But on my main computer i just put everything max as the videocard can easly crush a game like PR. the most laggy thing is when you have chrome open and you play more then 3 hours NOM NOM NOM RAM
  15. I think you mistaken. Running also http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f10-pr-bf2-general-discussion/118973-pr-graphic-enhancement-mod.html To add even better quality