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  1. I think my normal squad is like SL, 2xmedic hat or lat and breacher. Any squad bigger than this is unless you have good people not able to function properly. Ammo you can get from shouting at trans or just use the bot rifle man kits/at kits. But yea people's opinions night be different.
  2. Well squad formations is something that might work on deployment but not on coop. Why? The coop setting is done in straight lines so one doesn't need to cover the flanks nor the back as the bots do not attack from the sides. This add to the fast pace coop have compared to deployment. If one would setup cover and such it would decrease speed within the squad and will also cause a lot of confusion within the squad as the people are not trained soldiers. This adding that covering fire/suppressive fire has 0 effect on bots and the AR/machine gunner can therefor only be utilised 20%. This as the rest needs to cover him as he moves up. However on flag cap/defensive settings formations will become usefull rather than having 8 people shoot1 bot north it should be 2 people shoot the bot and the rest provides 360 cover. The AR and machine gunner can be used to cover the active spawn direction the bots come from. I would be more interessted in team deployment in where the commander tells tanks/apc/inf to setup rather then do their own play. This would often mean that tanks push in behind the inf and take out the main wave of bots before setting up for long range defence. While doing this cas try's to protect the tanks and shoot down the inf near the tank. But this means that they have to take the risk of getting shot at close range and that's not going to happen as that's how the mentality of it works.
  3. Yesterday devastating news hit the world and shocked many of us. While there is nothing we can do about this it might be for the best. He has suffered long enough from torture and the oppression caused by higher ups and it is time to let him go. I know that many of you are like me and tedf devastated with this news http://www.bbc.com/news/technology-40705466 yes paint is getting removed. No longer one will be able to draw amazing high quality battleplans with a few clicks.
  4. Like I said I have only contacted them, I havent gotten a reply yet. As much as I would like to help you I do not unban people who I didnt ban myself
  5. i contacted the admin who banned you.
  6. No drama goodby teejay it was fun niet teveel drinken he
  7. MasterRace Windows 7 posed 0 issues for me.
  8. Well they can join and premake a squad if they wish. However the pre making of squads is not mandatory and the people who make the squads can decide to swap people. Bla bla bla you not allowed to kick people from ur squad for no valid reason so create locked squad and invite the people you wish xD (flaw is that you can't invite 7 people but only 5) so yes they can join and yes they can create a squad
  9. Giant fidget spinner
  10. Please inform people on the server that are not regular to the website so we can get more people to join the event
  11. Age of empire II
  12. project reality

    Nah don't be silly why would you think they might actually communicate on deployment other then for their own interest.
  13. project reality

    Tadsea is an easy map actually. I think I posted the solution for this map multiple times. But in short again drive logi out main build fob near farm wait with going into cap for like 4 min (so all the bots in us main) then all rush in bridge area with 1 squad been in town. As soon you get in the cap zone of bridge all the bots will turn back to bridge where they are greated with MG fire. As soon bridge is capped and town neutral sease fire and push to temple 2 people should be sufficient to cap it and then easy walk to main. The issue with this is the coordination of the first flag. Everybody has to go in cap the same time and not like always in a train form. Even if they cap the bridge the issue is the constant spawning of bots in the town. I think me and ted did the map within 20 min just because the mighty logitruck makes the map to easy. This tactic is the most easiest and work on every map. If 20 people can't cap the flag get out of cap for like 2 min (bots stop defending walk away) and you can cap.
  14. The Commanding will only be needed when nobody goes commanding then at least someone should take the lead. I was not planning on this but to make sure we have at least someone I shall do so. It is not in violation of the rules as I will just be another SL on the chat that has the battleplans
  15. I will join Bluefor for a change. I shall also command other squads if there is no appointed commander on the day itself. I shall update my first post with all the squad creations and selections. My squad already ready