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  1. Hi everyone

    Hello, hope you enjoying your time on our server
  2. A bit late

    Just wondering how did he get past the age verification when making his account on the forum :rolf
  3. A bit late

    I think you mean you can't stop talking. (enable push to talk please) Its always fun having you on and I hope you enjoy your time with us. I guess i have to make my introduction as i never made one. xD
  4. For Double_13 :D

    Source: https://www.worldatlas.com/webimage/countrys/africa/algeria/dzland.htm As the largest country in Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean Basin, Algeria's landscape consists mostly of high plateaus and the Sahara Desert; in fact, over 90% of the country is covered by the Sahara. Over 90%. That desert enough for me.
  5. Just a wedding :)

    Can someone please put the Pr music van music under it xD
  6. PR Editing

    So far binkle has it up and running and is creating the first map layer but who else is interessted. I will most likely create a PM with the people interessted. This as else it would spam the forum with information others might not need. So lemme know if your interessted and I’ll get you setup as much I can
  7. Heyy all

    He does need to learn how to spawn on the SL but for the rest a kewl guy xD. however I did miss the rainbow trail behind him as he walked over the battlefield but I guess this is due to climate change.
  8. Heyy all

    Yaay unicorns I always wanted to have one. Welcome, hope to see you on.
  9. PR Editing

    Virtual box is what I use. Like semler said you only need some harddrive space (and a Windows 7 key) and you are good to go
  10. Hey Double

    Its maybe weird but i wanna start a topic about SIMI maybe we can have him back. want ur opinion ;) 

    1. =VG= Double_13

      =VG= Double_13

      I would say yes but keed has to decide about it. 

  11. Always loading a new map

    Test server was maybe switching maps? Non of the maprelated files where modified only ai files and python files
  12. PR Editing

    You running latest windows 10 ?Mectus reported that the editor broke after the creators update. Other devs also seem to run in virtual box.
  13. PR Editing

    I also use virtual box, have had 0 issues so far
  14. PR Editing

    Some quick links Simple manual (step 4 is not required) http://members.iinet.net.au/~kyron/index.htm Editor https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=14468 More manuals but most 99% are not used for PR map editing (I suggest you don't follow them as they are unless you going into hardcore editing) https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20862 Note that some small modifications need to be made in the editor settings to be coop compatible. (Devs don't take coop into account in the installation wiki)
  15. PR Editing

    So I guess i just toss a coin and see who is interested in learning some basic PR modding. As you all know I now do official modding for PR, meaning that whatever I make and upload it will be in an official PR update. However my time is limited due to uni and other things so i would like to see who else is interested in editing. This so that we could build a simple modding team and thus make more maps for future coop and make it better. I know you all thinking that is way to hard or that you need a really powerful computer to do this well no. The only main requirement is that you have 30 GB ish free space and windows 7 (windows 10 you will need a virtual machine to run it). I am skipping the how to install the editor and how to unpack the map so you can edit sections as they are a one time explain thing. Without having to read pages of documentation, PR editing is nothing more then flying around on the map and rightlick to create a flag, spawnpoint, Asset spawner. further you have to fill in a tiny tables (seen below) of who owns the flag,assset,spawn what does it spawn and how long for a respawn and you nearly done. The nearly done points towards finalizing some ai areas you need to define. However going until this point is for me far enough as I could do the rest. I could ofcourse learn you how to do this as its nothing more then right clicking but if people go until this extend on contributing i am perfectly fine with it. Well I know you all posting about Navmeshes and other stuff so i guess i go over them quickly Navmesh. The navmesh is a green mesh that can be shown in the editor. It defines where bots CAN and CANNOT go. As the mesh size is limited not every section of the map is covered by it so the bots cannot go to it. For editing the ONLY requirement you have is that you need to put all the bot spawnpoints and assets on the green surface, this so that they can use it. You dont need to edit the navmesh as doing that does involve a good computer additional programs and even more free time. Faction limit. When you want to edit any map you have to take into account that the language spoke ingame (by the factions) CANNOT CHANGE. This means that when the original map (deployment) plays USA vs MEC the languages are locked at English vs Arabic. This means that we cannot play Germany Vs Poland as the languages would be incorrect. However we can play Canada vs FSA as canada uses English and FSA uses Arabic languages. Flag limit. While the flag number has no limit (well 99999 flags is the limit) you can only have 9 groups of flags. With groups is meant that group 9 would be docks flag and group 8 would be north city flag. you can only cap group 8 if you own all the flags of group 9 ( even if that would be 20 flags) The limit means that we cannot have more then 9 of them in a row as we run out of numbers (game doesnt accept double digits) So the question would be who would be interested to learn and to help out in the development of future coop map. I will help you with installing and getting everything up and running and asnwer the questions you might face when making the maps. If you just want to stick to what is explained in this topic that would already help me for 80% of the work. If you would like to learn how to do the entire map so you can testplay it I can help you with the additional steps. If interested reply below or poke me on TS so I can help getting everything setup and show you how to get started. All the help is welcome