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  1. well ted made more events before and maybe make future once. But you have to understand it takes a very long time to make something like this as the editing software tends to crash every random interval and the game is just bugged as hell.
  2. I really like your second picture bob to think you playing minecraft and come kitty kitty kitty, genious.
  3. That cloud stack in the background shows the amazing weather in hollandia
  4. Well pay attention to the “I got lock” sound in jets as it even works outside render
  5. Yes it is allowed you allowed to use this if you enchance the graphics and not run super low quality shaders that do not come with it. I myself use it to and even in the PR tournement this is allowed if you want more high quality shaders you can find them here https://github.com/crosire/reshade-shaders?files=1
  6. Auww deathdealer looks so cute @CNJ Jonathan you the one on the right? Would explain a lot
  7. hello nice to see you here
  8. the set distance will not matter as its coop the marker will disappear in a sec unlike deployment Good vid lazing is quite handy but only 1 or 2 people should provide laze support or else the bombs go yeee. For a pilot you might not always see the laze as it might be behind a hill or game is been a dick.
  9. that left picture of kavlenko xD
  10. Common death post that amazing picture of your you on the couch Me on ze left The flag was a present to the guy on the right as he wanted a trump flag for his birthday
  11. I shall see if I can make a vid tonight. I hardly gave any practice flying the harrier. I spend more time landing every jet in the game on the carrier at testairfield then going into vtol mode. (try land big mama (china bomber) on the carrier without seat switch or even worse the german bomber it is possible.) (no bumping /glitching needed to land it)
  12. If you saw how keed flys the osprey you can do the same with the harrier but at higher alt. osprey 10 sec S the. Press W rocket nose straight to the sky with the same tilt speed as the propellor moves from vertical to horizontal and yee.
  13. Here comes the PR non realistic version takeoff 50 alt keep holding S and start pressing W when you feel you starting to drop tilt nose up to 80 degree from horizon and release s only pressing w and you took off. landing I normally do this from the burning ship and fly with an arch to the carrier and preform a deck landing release w and press s for 5 sec And release it head towards the carrier when you notice your speed drops and you stalling press S again. Note that you might still have invert controls (up is down and down is up) to counter this you release S again wait for 2 sec and press it again and you hover the lazy way. start holding s and tilt nose up for about 25 degree once you hit low speed.when you almost go into stall vtol mode release s and move your cockpit horizontal and press S again the main issue I found out is that your controls get inverted when you try it with the full speed keep holding S. I don't know why it does. It I noticed that holding S has no use when you flying at speed so why press it. The S button will toggle the reverse mode and this takes time. you can see this best when you fly the osprey. Fly full speed stop holding w and tap s once. The propellers will still move up tap w and they move down. This happens on the harrier with the vents on the side but you can't see it. From the testing I noticed that if you keep holding S when going into vtol it likes to go nosedown but doesn't do this when you do not hold s so to sum it up press S once and glide until the speed is reasonable slow and then press it again to hover. I could look making a vid if it is really needed
  14. introduction

    Hello, Nice to see you on the website.
  15. Yaay new updates, I wonder what you got to fix along with ze Devs. I hope it is, that all the bots spawn only on main as it would become more of a challenge. A suggestion would be adding other factions. I was thinking about the us faction that has no scopes (used on deployment bamyan ins) so that picking bots far far away will become harder and the aim of moving from cover to cover becomes a reality. Add the Dutchies. I cant wait for the coms spam because the voiceovers are so bad ROGER. Let the boats be auto destroyed so they don’t stay at 1 point forever xD. (jabal has this) Note about the last version. Some caches had bots spawn on/around them while others kept undefended for extended periods of time (20 min). Had a cache where the bots literally flooded out and caches where its nearly impossible to attack because they kept spawning. I hope the AT guns get fixed as rumoured as they could become a great addition to the battlefield. The bots where a bit Noscoping. You couldn’t even peek to a bot 200 m away without getting headshot. While I find that rather interesting challenge it was a huge complain from the people I played it with as it was unrealistic so maybe you can look into this for future fixes. And again the assets. Because the noscoping bots the use of the assets became a must to even get close to the cache. At a certain point it was simply parked next to the cache to reach the cache without getting killed by the bots that kept spawning on it. I suggest that the Logi is add and the troop Humvees and not the M113 units as they provide too much cover from the enemy. This should also get the borach to shoot at the assets as currently it doesn’t shoot at the APC’s But in general nice work man we should get a play date and get some of the peeps online.