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  1. nuts?

    Keed bondage isn’t yoga. How many times do I have to tell you that.
  2. Nibiru is coming ! Planet X

    Well even if this would all be true then wat? Except that Call of duty might try to make money from it nothing much shall change. Volcanic activity has always been present but modern technology is now able to record it. This added to the fact some people now live on fault lines and volcanic area nothing really changed. It is just the quantity of information that is much higher then before not the activities themself. I wonder if Planet X can be linked to global warming xD
  3. nuts?

    what would volod have with 15+ hours per day xD 6C51^3 orso
  4. PR school

    Well i hugely agree with semler but many common people might not know some of the tricks / changes made to the game. For example, Most people still go by the rule grab an ammo kit from the crate so it will last longer. While this used to be true for years it isn't true anymore as with 1.5 this got changed. Grabbing a kit now costs quite some points damaging the crate faster then just rearming from it. It might be most of the regulars would show up but it should be up to them to bring in new people and motivate them to become better. Keed can always teach most of you how to take off rocketmode with an osprey xD
  5. PR school

    First memory of the game was with sledgehammer. Drive the PLA tank on blackgold he says shoot the building.. enemies inside. I Shoot HE frag inside and TK 2 full squads. Luckily he was the only admin online and I didn’t get banned xD.
  6. Project Reality COOP Event 30th of June

    Or just be like me and be online all the time and you don’t miss it xD
  7. PR school

    Squad lead tips. 8man squad sucks unless the SL is really skilled and the players listen. Even I do not really like 8man squad as your movement gets limited. You also have to see you have more people who can get wounded/lost or whatever that would delay your plans. 6man squad is gewd. You can fit in most APCs and you fit in a chopper with the annoying blueberry taking up the last seat xD 4man squad elites. SL=medic rest ar/hat/ammo. You don’t need officer kit (unless you noscope with m9 like meh xD) cus if you need to build you have a crate.
  8. PR school

    Just play with the Russian squads and you learn everything. If you fail you get kicked out the squad xD. I am not joking the best way to learn to play this game is by following players as skitalez ranger and spartanish and maybe me. I am not talking about how to best cheat/about/glitch the map tactics but what you should do in general. I run my squad in the way I except people to do the job by themself and stick near the squad. What I mean with this is that I don’t tell the ar/at where they have to go and setup, I expect them to learn/do it them self. People join the squad ask me what kit? My response: Take pilot! I don’t know maybe think yourself what is needed? (medics) do we have them?(if yes 2) then what other kit can I grab (non?) take ammo and tag along. Communication is key but spending 10 min discussing how to attack/cover bla bla bla the next flag is not going to work. If one thing should be thought it would be how to medic as people do not seem to understand how you can push bodies 2 meters away. Medic 101 quick guide 1. You have ~60 seconds orso to pickup someone. So take your time don’t simply run to the wounded body stab him while under gunfire maybe kill the guy first if you can. 2. Resuscitate is PUSH!!!!!! If someone is hugging the wall lay down on the body look 180degree away from the wall and then click. (According to what make sense the resuscitate is a projectile shooting forward the hands are just animation and don’t do anything) 3. Squadlead is not first revive!!! People be like “pickup SL alway up first” but don’t. Rather pick up the guy down next to you or most in cover. If the medic would fail the revive the person who got revived also has a chance to pick up the squad. Another good reason would be that been revived is not always safe rather have 2 other people protecting the wounded/healing SL as he is an 1shot kill. 4. You will disagree but don’t revive other squads unless their medics/sl are down. With this I mean that if your squad is moving/pushing your medics should not slack behind picking up people from other squads. They should have medics them self and you should not bother to much. Don’t get me wrong you can always help but you also need to stick near your squad. 5. Revived people can not jump/run. A medic should alway drop patches on people who are exposed to allow them to quickly get away. 6. Drop a patch on the body on sides of the hill. While many people say stab the kit it does not really work like it. The view from the wounded guy is the location you need to stab. 7. Always push double to revive. Yes people in order to revive me (and many many other people) you need to push them once or better drop a patch. It is just better to always waste one small click to push them to simply waste an epipen. Don’t ask me why just push people once before stabbing them. 8. Leftover tips Don’t stab random wounded bodies, if they don’t talk leave them. Stab up the entire squad and heal them at once (if safe) no need to heal one by one Push to find out if someone is ded or wounded ( dunno but when they move when pushing they mostly alive)
  9. PR school

    Sounds like what we had on the PR tournement and Sydney got booted for flying jets xD I just show up is this would ever happen and see
  10. Just want to the take time to thank you again for fixing COOP. The playerbase seems to very happy about it.

  11. Coop Testing Outpost

    Nop been busy with exams coming up so you gotta wait xD
  12. Spartanish congrats!

    But for how long can mr Poland keep the lead? Because Volod is coming xD
  13. Coop Testing Outpost

    Fix Combatzones so fobs can be build Fix BMP teamlock Move helicopter spawn to beach Fix First flag not showing up Fix first person joining crashing finetune the nav for some specific areas
  14. Coop Testing Outpost

    Both ts and website
  15. Coop Testing Outpost

    the download is up to verify if installation is correct you can play it in single player under the name D13outpost for the people who tested monday (deathdealer/volod) please delete the entire D13outpost folder before unpacking the new one server password will be given later