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  1. See ya ingame. Feel free to join our teamspeak
  2. I gonna murder keed if he didn’t research the mighty stone. We need stones to add additional stone armour to our APC’s
  3. VPN changes your IP and makes it look you are in a different country so you can watch content that is blocked in your country. example I could change my location to USA so I can watch the netflix episodes that are blocked in Hollandia (the Netherlands)
  4. No names just numbers 6-8 shocktroups might be more depends now how many drunk Russians I can get on
  5. I can see the moment ted has to give me stones because we are to op with mosins The shocktroops will be informed
  6. The UAV on every map can cause huge lag spikes cus all the bots focus on it. The focus can result in an targeting error and can crash the server. Another update I started with the preparation to navmesh outpost (map) I hope I can have the map navmeshed within a week or 2. Fastjack been teaching me the tricks and working on learning 3dsmax to get the navmesh correctly done.
  7. For events this could be done. Like fastjack mentioned the language will be an issue the default language gets defined by the init.con on muttrah this would be USMC and MEC however this can be modified depending on the layer as the gameplayobjects.con (GPO) can load a second init_alt.con. However this init_alt.con will only change the faction to for example polish but does not change the language as this is still loaded by the init.con. what I do for my D13_khami map is that I define English as the main language for the humans and don’t care about opfor. so on the 16 layer NLD vs RU the Dutch with speak English and the Russian russian On the 32 layer the Germans will speak English and the Chinese will speak Russian On the 64 layer the Polish speak English and the French Russian On the 128 layer the chineese speak English and the muricans Russian And for m8 the other combinations except taliban hamas mec or and only Arab language seems to be correct. from what I tested it seems to be a language file issue.
  8. To prevent crashing do not switch the factions around meaning if we play as MEC and fight RUSSIA the next map we can not PLAY AS RUSSIA or fight MEC as this would result in a high crash chance this applies to all factions. IDF VS HAMAS next map RUSSIA VS IDF means high chance of crash FR vs PLA next map PLA vs MILITIA means high chance of crash The other high issue I found out is USARMY and USMC (marines) if you switch between them the dead screen will most likely occur on load up. This is also why you can not play muttrah and fallujah as they switch between the factions. The following maps maps crash on default Karbala (CTD) Gaza (7 to 17 min ingame crash (same issue was fixed by melon before so maybe he knows)) Any map the bots have a HIND silent eagle (STD) the bombs seem to crash the server sbene (STD) if helicopter flys out the map Muttrah (STD) if osprey flys out of the map on the south side (should be fixed not tested yet) And the UAV in general could crash the server (it also tends to lag the server) other known bugs ulanovsk bots don’t cap parking garage resulting them been stuck on the next flags that they can’t cap vadso (inf) harbour side all bots deadspawn point dragon fly (inf) appartment bots have 1 deadspawn point beirut (STD) western appartment have 3 deadspawn points beirut (alt) appartment flag 4 deadspawn points ramiel (no walls are loaded on the maps) blackgold (std/alt) spawnpoints inside vehicles fools road (inf) all bots get stuck in the side of the hill as navmesh says they can walk up but terrain to steep) bijar (std) bots stuck at fortress all these bugs contribute to potential crashes
  9. Well I have been working on making some bot favoured mapversions on khami and kozalsk while these include also complete flag overhaul I could make a few normal once for a start. Besides the bot assets and flags the other issue I mentioned to you is factions. I think a huge quantity of people would like to play something else other than usmc or us army. We know we limited in editing this because of the language but it could be ignored. I will talk about this next time on TS. So when is the next navmesh coming? I was looking in doing thunder but up to you?
  10. Well 80% of the walls are not on been displayed
  11. Ramiel walls DLC not installed (half of the walls are gone map kinda broken but more fun)
  12. Bump to notify another update came out
  13. The voices are so ....... still not found kurwa so must be fake
  14. I foresee many updates coming just 3 rounds of deployment show some massive bugs such as outpost (map) does not have a repair depo for mec nor crates at main
  15. It is the website code to get the gametracker on a website. If you want to still look at it just copy the url out the code