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  1. I just know when it sounds like bongo drums and choppers are crashing it is the beast. Great info was very interesting to read.
  2. BEST DRAWING FOR THE ? SYMBOL I HAVE SEEN EVENT WAS "AMAZING/THE BEST" Our beloved military has succeeded in uncovering the russian plans. Further we have retrieved the Might Bushido axe that was lost during the first battles. Wheres my cookie ted?
  3. Well I shall keep an eye out as if you suitable for admin on our server, I ask other admins to do the same. I already saw you where active on our teamspeak so that's good as it is one of the requirements. Please report any issues on our forum, ingame and/or teamspeak so these can be dealt with asap. Like I and the others said we rarly have and accept self made applications for staff. We are always looking in expanding our staff but we do not really support the idea of selfapplying, this as it is easyer for us to nominate people ourself (quality and not quantity). Anyway have fun playing our server and see you next time.
  4. Admins get selected by other admins and put of for nomination within the PR admin section on our forum (hidden for non PR admins). I kindly suggest that you contact one of the PR admins to see if he's interessted in nominating you.
  5. Good now I know who shall fall pray to the supreme power of the T-90's and BMP'S. Not that any of the inf would be spared, but its good to know who comes with premade coffins, saves us from chopping down the beautiful trees and potential cover form our new annexed land.
  6. kit restriction doesnt work can take any kit in a 1 man squad. Would be better to have the same restrictions as deployment has, like we did before
  7. It is not hard to get better teamplay the. Deployment as there is no teamplay in deployment at all. Just groups of mongols,merk and others that do a great job but not cooperate with others.
  8. Please inform people on the server/TS that this event is taking place and invite them to participate in it so the team can grow in size. Pending the suggestions/comments given from last event. Spawning / kits Once again please hold your spawn until the all clear is given or until a scrub spawns in to early. (Kugh blazer) Do not take limited kits (HAT/Combat Engineer/ and others) without approval from your SL and Commander. Squads Do not argue with your SL about his decisions, if you do the SL is allowed to kick you from the squad. You have to join a squad. SL have to follow commanders orders. Do not steal assets that are not assigned to you by commander. Other Bluefor is not allowed to recapture flags (pushing back from neutral to blue is allowed). Sitting on Opfor capped flags is not allowed. Do not switch to Opfor team. Fobs past defensive lines have to be removed to prevent people pushing to opfor flags. Please report people that are not following these and the general server rules during the event, so the issue can be resolved ASAP. Once again ted and I shall be on the opfor team managing the bots so they provide realistic pushes. Further I shall be in the bluefor team as well to monitor where as the rules are been followed. We hope you will have a great time during our event and we hope to see you on the next one.
  9. Kewl currently playing with @=VG= kiwirambob on a aussi server. He told me he's playing on your server. Might see about possible switch as I do like tanoa map however it is really small so not much to do. Chernaus would be the best but we can't have everything xD i do wonder the server is PVE right ? And can you airlift/toe other choppers/tanks (R3F I think it is called)?
  10. hehe nice one
  11. Well spawning is not the issue, the pressing done also causes to trigger them to spawn. So even if we would be able to apply a timer to it as soon someone would hit enter or press done they would spawn while you have to wait for the timer. We already found out that if we put a spawn point for opfor outside the navmesh, ted and I can spawn in and the bots won't spawn until a second flag is capped that provides a spawnpoints inside the navmesh, this so the bots do spawn. (Hence why last event had a random flag at the enemy main). These things are an attempt in fixing issues/features we had in previous events in a way the game isn't really designed for. Other things been worked on is the sound effects. Ted managed to replace the Garrys horn with a jet sound to represent the enemy planes flying over which triggers the Russian VDV forces coming down from the sky.
  12. Ghost train isn't nam it is modern. But I get the nam reference
  13. As far I checked lite admins have perms to change maps using the !setnext marlin coop std command
  14. 2 words: more tadsea
  15. Bots would still spawn while players can't