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  1. Just being sarcastic =p
  2. Looks amazing good job Ted! Y U NO MIG THO
  3. Amazing setup mate. Good to see you on forums aswell. Flying is a bae <3
  4. hey mate 10/10 gameplay with ya ;) Great intro didn't know you are a software engineer
  5. Hey mate great gameplay with ya 10/10 ;)
  6. Double_13 LAN_WROTE ... Well that wasn't the first time I saw such a creative commander this caught my eye about a month or 2 ago Error:Landing_gear.DLC not found please hover by SpectralOsprey
  7. Hey buddy good to see you on forums too =) Nice gameplay with you
  8. .Blizzard. LAN_WROTE ... Flying be like . my huey is more stable than a stand !
  9. !website - Shows the website link !admins - Shows a list of the online admins !r (playername) (reason) - Sends a report to all admins !shownext - As you mentioned, it shows the next map rotation !rules - Shows a list of the server rules You can vote for a map by opening the score interface[TAB]
  10. love the videos man keep em coming ;)
  11. T.E.D.F =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Sledgehammer LAN_WROTE ... I just love all the funny posts you leave here guys! LOL I hope someone can post that humvee parked on top of the mosque in Muttrah or a logitruck on a 5 story building. That would be hilarious! Couldn't find the one with the Humwee, so here's an AAVP instead. I remember this one too, it was hilarious!
  12. Hahahah fagun your veteran's music player