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  1. Player Report

    Sorry for that it was in 20 March 2017 for my time it was about 19:23 utc+2 in ramiel map
  2. Player Report

    ---I dont know where to post this so i posted it here--- 20/9/2015 in Project reality server (Veteren Gaming coop) A guy named "ingamename" came to a cas respawn pad with a truck and standed there while me and a another guy was using the choppers (there was 2 choppers) So i was waiting my helicopter to respawn then the other cas pilot came to repair his chopper when the truck moved and crushed the helicopter he was in and blew it then he backed his truck and tryed to steal my helicopter WHILE he was not on the cas squad he got on my helicopter so i moved in and shot him in the head After that he started camping that spawn so the other cas pilot couldn't get his helicopter so he started shooting at "ingamename" so he backs off