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  1. I heard of a friendly fire incident involving JSOWs, but no details on what was hit. But if DPRK made it through somewhere it's possible the situation snowballed from there. Osan's A-10s were no longer on the frontline, blue SAMs on the DMZ overrun ... Looks pretty bad right now.
  2. - limit active zones to 1 or 2 (not enough players to do more anyways) - clean up players who try to activate more AOs regardless (teleport to base + message, kick when repeated) - Only allow capping of neighboring zones similar to AAS (avoids passing through another AO and activating it/triggering the check above) - limit vehicles to 1 or 2 per player and despawn the oldest when exceeded - limit AI number per player (this isn't single player after all) - force using class specific gear (no more sniping medics everywhere) - disallow VR gear ('unlimited' space) - disallow the ridiculously overpowered LMG It's gonna piss some people off, but there is always AhoyWorld. Your opinion might vary but this is Arma, not CoD kiddy edition.
  3. "Nebelwerfer" (lit. "fog/smoke launcher") mountings for what are essentially RPGs. Name comes from the developer Rudolf Nebel and/or the fact that they produced a lot of smoke. This particular launcher "Schweres Wurfgerät 41" ("heavy launch device") fires either 50kg HE or 32kg 'napalm' warheads, over a distance of about 2km. Later variants had a range of about 4km. Although very inaccurate their impact was pretty massive, resulting in the nickname "StuKa on foot". Another nickname was "howling cow" due to the sound they made when launched.
  4. Was anything changed in the last few weeks? Didn't fly as much but observed the BMS topics a bit, don't recall anything regarding balancing related changes. Might have missed it.
  5. Being surprised somebody cares about the VG A3 servers I jumped on Altis Liberation really quickly. A couple of guys were asking for help at Kavala. I took the most populated spawn, jumped into a heli about to take off and the pilot flew somewhere completely else, activating more objectives and being a bad pilot got shot down. Basically 2 guys play as intended while the rest just uses the server as a sandbox. People don't even understand how Invade & Annex works, so I don't see how any amount of scripting could fix that.
  6. It happened to me at Seosan before, can't tell you which RW. Don't know about Osan or Kangnung, haven't taken a lot of AI with me from those. Osan specifically because it's a maze an AI takes a quiet long route. Remember how the VG server never hosts anything in 3D (for performance reasons). The server doesn't load the 3D world, no terrain, no planes, no airfields and no waypoints for taxiways. It doesn't need to because it's all done on the client side. So, if this is a problem with the 'taxi path', you'd see it in single player, too. Kunsan is host to a lot of training missions (with some AI traffic for show) and Seosan is very close to the DMZ. A lot of players would fly out of those and quickly discover the AI 'taxi path' issue, which then should be quiet easy to fix. Maybe it actually happens in single player and just hasn't been fixed yet. I really don't know. We did see some 'bugfixes' when we put the server into 3D a while ago. It was a good example of why hosting from the map "isn't supported", so I'm inclined to blame it on that. Incentive to get more people to play BMS I guess.
  7. DLink doesn't work on the ground, so I assume he never took off. Where did you last see him? Did he make it to the runway and hold short? Last patch there was a bug with wingmen stopping on the taxi way for no good reason. Finding the cause for the callsigns was gold. Thanks Kaos.
  8. That's just one of the server's way to say "I'm not feeling too well." Server performance will gradually decrease until eventually the server can't keep up anymore. It will issue a 'pause' to make more time for whatever, then speed up to re-sync with the global timer or the clients.
  9. DPRK has the numerical advantage to make up for their generally outdated vehicles. Russia and China also entered the war, further encouraging a push. So, REDFOR is expected to be aggressive like that. The reason these units are diverting east is simple: somebody took out the western bridges, just north of Seoul. Your SEAD efforts didn't have a direct impact, but they might have opened the corridor for the responsible Strike packages. Are you talking about support in the form of a Tanker or actual combat flights (escort etc.)? Can't say for certain what's going on but there were issues with 'dropped' flights/packages before. The AI wingman is a slightly different topic. Ramp start defaults to 20 minutes before takeoff, taxi to 4 minutes. If you commit 'by the book' these 20 minutes are more than you actually need and you might be inclined to taxi after just 5 minutes. Your AI buddy however doesn't care and will wait until taxi time. If you move beyond 30 miles from the airport, while your wingman is still on the ground, the plane gets deleted and you're on your own. Set the TO time to +10 instead when going for a ramp start (shortening the wait time) or try ordering 'rejoin' once you taxi (not sure it still works).
  10. If flying from A to B sounds boring, you're probably looking for a career as bounty hunter. You'll need cash (as always) and more importantly some combat practice, both easily obtainable in Resource Extraction Sites; either high or low density. The ship really doesn't matter as long as it's not a lumbering school bus. You want to practice maneuvering around an enemy while pointing your weapons at him and evading return shots (aka "stay on his six"), which is something different in a 6DOF game. Eagle is most definitely the ship of choice and since you're not doing any heavy lifting its payload is more than adequate. Just remember to not get shot at too much. If you did trading before you can of course sacrifice some agility in favor of a more expensive and sturdy ship. Just be aware these cost more insurance and outfitting is more expensive. Secondly you want practice micromanaging your capacitor. It's not about balancing the settings, it's more about maxing the specific system you need the most. Put power into ENG for a quicker turn, into SYS to increase shield resistance, into WPN to keep firing. In a dogfight you might do that every few second and it requires quiet some multitasking and muscle memory, so keep on it. It will give you a slight edge. Before you undock make sure to install a Kill Warrant Scanner and put it in a firing group. Once in space see if there is a Resource Extraction Site (high or low) on your left hand nav panel. If not, ffly to another station and check there; this is to minimize flight times later. Once in an RES, try to find a System Authority Vessel. They should usually be in a formation, making them easy to spot. They will respond to any fight breaking out in the area and otherwise pursue and scan any ships that come through, making them almost perfect wingmen. Your job will be keeping around these guys and scan every other ship for bandits. If you find somebody make another scan with the Kill Warrant Scanner to maximize your profit. Pirates may scan you in return, looking for valuables, but they won't find anything and bugger off, so just wait till they are done. That allows you to go into position behind them and initiate combat. Unless another fight broke out elsewhere already, your 'buddies' will come to aid you. 'Agro' works similar to most RPGs out there: AI will focus on the target doing the most damage. Once your 'buddies' step in they should quickly draw attention, leaving you free to maneuver and deal damage. Focus on not being in front of the enemy and hold fire if you actually got 'agro'. Don't worry about dealing the killing blow, you'll still be fully rewarded. Sometimes you can be lucky and don't have to do anything. Police would quickly scan some Pirates, allowing you to step in and claim a reward for scanning and shooting once. Just make sure "wanted" shows in the target info, else opening fire would be considered a crime, even if the Police is already engaging. Even luckier if you got a good spawnset. A 'spawnset' determines which kinds of ships will spawn when the area is being populated (first player entering). You may get something like Vipers, Cobras, Asps or Anacondas, Clippers, FDLs. Heavier ships generally offer more reward for less flying around, so if you're alone you can simply leave and re-enter to see the kind of ships you got. You can make 500k - 2.5m per hour, depending on how much luck you get. Being able to deal damage without worrying about getting shot at helps speeding things up a bit and that's what you're working on anyways.
  11. Yo

    1. Static


      Hey Brain what's happening there? 

      I just came home from work. I had the internet company here for 2 days rewiring our entire apartment building last week. I think it is safe to say my problem is finally fixed, :P

      I have not been flying at all and I am very rusty. Need to do a lot of practice flights.

    2. Brain


      Don't worry, all I've done in BMS in the last months was applying Update 3 and one quick test flight.
      Just seeing if you're still around and how things are going. Good thing your connection is finally fixed.

      Things are still not looking bright here. After things got pear-shaped about 2 years ago, I spend a lot of time digging myself a whole and it needed some more crap to happen until I realized ... oh well, 2017 is gonna be 'busy'

  12. It's a late gift from Benchmark Sims, apparently released yesterday:
  13. Take me with you, I can probably fly it :> ...have you seen the Apache gunner station though? SO many buttons o.0
  14. So, basically nothing changes
  15. I hate it, but it seems to have its purpose once a year Russian or Russian Winter <3