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  1. "And now for something completely different" I've hinted at it already, but I'm doing a musician type thingy. Currently I'm going through the process of sorting my project folder and uploading anything remotely valuable to my Dropbox account. It's rough in every way and very much WIP. Coming up with ideas is easy, polishing things not so. I also suck big time at mastering, so if you got an EQ handy you might need to use it. Some tracks are best listened to on headphones. You have been warned! Schaaper Mike WIP @ Dropbox Could tell you more about the songs, but I don't think anybody really cares
  2. I'm not a big fan of Win 10 at the moment and you're running it in a virtual machine ... if I'm getting this last part right. That sounds a bit fishy and BMS is already very temperamental. Not sure how many Apple experts we have around here, you might have to check somewhere else for help with compatibly. Luckily BMS still only uses DX9. In the mean time, if you have a dual boot system or can arrange that, that might be a way around it for now. Waiting patiently for the screenshot, maybe it's revealing.
  3. Bollocks! Sry, now I know what you're talking about. I was referring to the BMS setup. I was just assuming there was no tinkering AFTER the installation, because I know not to do that because of problems like this ;)) Alright, we're getting 'mildly off topic' here and that's a lot of text for such a simple problem TL:DR Here are a few questions: 1. When did this start happening to you? 2. Have you just recently changed anything such as game updates, OS updates, etc. ? 3. Are you running the most recent version of BMS (currently 4.33.3)? 4. Does this problem only happen online on our server, or also when you fly offline on your PC? 5. Did you install any mods? 6. Tell us anything else you could think off 7. Remember the scrrenshot
  4. Let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater and talk about reinstalling just yet. The BMS installer always does an integrity check on the available packages, that's why it's taking so long to load. The other questions are very valid though.
  5. Could you grab a screenshot of your problem? PNG would be preferred as it doesn't cause any compression artifacts. Also what exactly is the setup? External displays, running fullscreen or window, SLI ... more info = more to work with.
  6. Dude, didn't want to cut you off! Thought it was a 20 minute fix on your end, but you were just gone instantly. Feeling bad a bit :-|

    Spent around 30 before I gave up on Yame, as it kept crashing at multiple points. Already got a response on BMSF, will check on that later today. If it doesn't work, well, there isn't a lot of room on my desk anyways.

  7. It hurts my feelings to go off-topic, but what I just witnessed hurts even more. Yes, this is a second campaign running for about 45 minutes. We exchanged a few more lines where he insisted on having lost his internet connection several days ago before he eventually disconnected silently. Connecting to a server takes 5 clicks: comms/online, select server, connect, OK and IVC tabs you back to the desktop in between. Why would you do all that without internet access and how can you get through all these steps successfully and still think you're offline? When the server acts strange again, just remember Adams and all the people who don't get it despite the rules and guides available. BMS has enough problems when handled properly.
  8. You'll get minor turbulence behind a tanker at best. No jet wash, no heli downwash...
  9. AO - Russian Knights random Chaos

    We're also going a bit wild. Need a less 'cluttered' server so DCS and OBS are more smooth. Lot's of fun to be had. Aerobatics Online server more pictures:
  10. Did it contain a holy handgrenade?
  11. You're being busy! Let's see if we can catch a ride together these days. *smily with pilot helmet here*
  12. Well, seems like some anti virus software found IVC to be suspicious Just replace your IVC folder with this one.
  13. YEAH! That's a classic!
  14. It's just a flesh wound

  15. Hi Minrah! Long time no see o/ Both IVC checkboxes in BMS are ticked and you entered the server IP into the IVC dedicated field? It might be necessary to start BMS as admin, so it has the permission to launch and communicate with the IVC client exe. In my case I had to run the client as admin first, then launch BMS as admin (32bit exe, not the launcher). Thx Windows. On the plus side, this get's rid of BMS 'tabbing out' when it starts IVC. Sometimes BMS refuses to tab back in. That's about everything there is to the IVC client. Hope it helps. I've been getting empty error messages upon connecting to IVC. The window doesn't respond, but comms work fine through BMS. I'm not complaining.