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  1. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    happening on all COOP. Think there was another update today, was no servers listed in coop / only two in deployment, and FoB assets were still bugged.

    If you can browse the internet with more than one computer at a time in your house, then NAT is running on your router and you can connect to the same game server with more than one computer. They plan to meet on the VG server, but the issue is/was a data mismatch acdata folder of BMS, not a connection problem.

    IP address of the computers doesn't matter. The gateway device (router) will have NAT running which allows many internal devices connect to it to share a single external IP address. "Wrong CD-Hash" is Project Reality DRM issue (nothing to do with same internet connection). When playing and you see the orange text saying something like "conflicting IP address" and player names, it means they are Using the same IP address. Falcon BMS doesn't have the same DRM requirements as PR and Semler has stated that its DRM is a nonissue, and posted the fix for ACDATA problem

    Bit my fault only scrolled high enough to see the "...ago in Help/Support". Only ever got as far as installing Falcon, so can't be much help. IP address shouldn't be an issue far as i know. Seems more likely data in the ACDATA folder is different to the server's version.

    Which game you having issue with ?
  6. Nibiru is coming ! Planet X

    Think the bigger issues here are why its listed under technology category, and that the sorry excuse of a newspaper can't even proof read the first sentence of the article.
  7. nuts?

    So who classified in the end?
  8. PR school

    Test Airfield: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=100848 Test Bootcamp: https://www.realitymod.com/forum/showthread.php?t=123148
  9. PR Updates -

    Just tried loading the maps that were causing CTD. Still causing CTD: Karbala. Goose Green. The Falklands No longer causing CTD: Fallujah Saaremaa "verifing client data" crash. Only ever see this happen very rarely (to the point I'm not sure if its worth listing them) on: Operation Barracuda Alt. Silent Eagle Alt. Al Basrah Alt
  10. Shahadah

    Commander seat in the pt91 causing CTD. Also the bridges can be blown up, so not sure if its worth adding the plates to help the bots cross / people not smart enough to test the river depth.
  11. PR Updates -

    Testing on local and only four maps cause CTD on all layers: Fallujah. ( Worked fine on local after, not tested on server) Karbala. Saaremaa. The Falklands. Two more have different issues that only seemed to of happened on VG server Assault on Grozny - Stuck on dead screen. Silent Eagle - Gets to "verifying client data" stage and server crashes.
  12. Shahadah

    Not enough quads
  13. PR Updates -

    Still can't build Polish FoBs. Can rearm kits at Opfor repair bay on Iron Ridge. Was also issue with Polish STD medic kit acting like deployment versions. (Alt kit worked as normal)
  14. UPDATE /

    Sahel has never been on any of the map rotations from what i remember. Beirut STD has an intermittent issue where Western Apartments can't be captured. (don't know if still the case as of 1.5.3)
  15. UPDATE 1.5.2 Released

    Karbala STD and ALT (not tried INF) been causing server to crash and clients CTD.
  16. Server crash on Bamyan Std

    Certain actions in the A-10 can cause the server to crash from what i understand. Bamyan STD just ran for three hours with no issues whilst the planes were in the air.
  17. Payday 2 - Share Your Profile and Skills

    Used to play it loads till the awful Completely Overkill pack secret items came out.