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  1. Hello there!

    SemlerPDX =VG= LAN_WROTE ... Hell, I'm gonna welcome him twice cuz of that funny ass pic. WELCOME MATE! !cheers !fans Thanks, mate ;) Glad you liked the picture
  2. Hello there!

    Speirs =VG= LAN_WROTE ... welcome madsrm! your profilepicture made me laugh lol Thank you :) Your picture made me think of this: (lol)
  3. Melon needs computer advice

    zero_tolerance_s LAN_WROTE ... Let me google that for you: http://choosemypc.net/ Copyzero... pfft
  4. Professionals at work

    And that's also how it looks whenever I try to Combat Engineer in PR..
  5. Melon needs computer advice

    I would recommend posting this on reddit.com/r/buildapc they helped me with mine. I will try to look for parts when i come home though. Choosemypc.net is also a decent site for help.
  6. PR 1.3.5 has been announced!!!

    didn't read lol
  7. PR : Campaign Episode I

    I can already feel the explosions...
  8. Hello there!

    I luv u long tom
  9. Hello there!

    sillymoose LAN_WROTE ... Welcome Mads, thanks for the intro. Where are you from? Updated to include that xD
  10. Hello there!

    I'd like to begin this introduction by saying that Opiak is a babe (Not bribed to do so) With that out of the way. Hello! I'm Madsrm but I mainly go by the name Mad because nobody can pronounce my name, Mads, correctly. I've been asked a few times what my name stands for and it's my irl name (roughly) I play on the PR CO-OP server and I'm always on Teamspeak whenever I'm playing. I'm an avid user of profanity whenever I talk or chat. I do like to help others but when it smells like bullshit, I tell them to read the manual. I would say that I've taken my time to read the damn rules, but I kinda just glanced at them and said "fuck it" so I've mainly been learning the rules judging by the way the admins work and what they warn, kick, or ban for (insert Shia clap) best way to learn them, right? What could possibly go wrong! Anyway, hi. Edit section: I've been around on the server for quite a while, taking breaks from it whenever I've felt the need to or just gotten tired of it, but somehow I always come back here. I've always been one of the guys who flies the helicopters mainly due to me being terrible at landing the jets again. As I've been coming back, I've met quite a lot of friendly people on Teamspeak and ingame, and I have become the guy who goofs around a lot. I'm from Denmark which is why the name is odd for most people, however I have heard some of you pronounce it somewhat correctly.
  11. [PR] Bomb Trucks outtake

    That flying was some great work there Littlebird pilot. I'd like to thank myself for that.
  12. PR : Campaign Episode I

    I would like to resign my position as the Mech Inf LAT. I'm unable to come due to personal issues. Fixed the personal issues, would love to rejoin.
  13. "Blackhawk Down" News - Behind the Scenes

    LOOK AT THAT LITTLEBIRD FLYING ITS BETTER THAN LONG TOM! *cough* I flew if you hadn't noticed. Also I had no idea what I was doing ._.
  14. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Are we still able to apply? I'd love to be the LAT of the Mech Infantry squad.