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  1. While these are all fun and valid criticisms of the game engine's limitations, regarding the original "invisible bug" point, due to the scripted requirement to be in a squad in order to man assets, it does in fact make it easier to know who is one-manning.

    Unless you have proper knowledge of which asset type is strictly for bots/players on a given map, by scanning through the players manning asset(s) and accounting for them on the map, you can tell immediately that a player is one-manning if they appear manning an asset but cannot be located through choosing them on the map or squad management panel. I have been using this method, since first noticing the related limitation, to effectively pinpoint one-manners and encourage them to go back and man assets properly, or take administrative actions against them if they become uncooperative.

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  2. 13 hours ago, Jersans said:


    I guess there are too few people who want to make this event happen. Fair enough. But don't say I didn't try. 


    Maybe put up a poll associated with this to draw both people's attention as well as gauging their actual opinions out through voting. I would personally vote a yes for this.

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  3. Apparently trying to fix the bots' jet using pattern to prevent them from crashing into the wall on Silent Eagle might have caused unintended consequences, as Bamyan Std now guarantees to crash the server the moment the bot enters their Su-22.

    Its best to remove Bamyan Std from the rotation for now.

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  4. If it has gotten to this point, I need to fully address Mou and the problem I have been having with this player so far.

    As early as my initial period of being an admin, I have encountered Mou multiple times on our server, and almost every time during these instances, I kept noticing him making repeated but subtle actions in order to commit wasting violations. These include messing around near/at base when no one seems to be looking, and attempting to get to secluded area of the map in order to avoid observation then crash assets in a deliberate manner. One of my most vivid memory of such violation was back around 03/2017 when, during a game on Ramiel Alt, as everyone was advancing up to the east flags, Mou, having been Trans and was seemingly performing supplying missions competently so far, flew the UH-60 to the western side of the map. He then started hovering around in a way that caused the chopper to keep bumping into the statics until the rotor gave out, at which point he jumped out and let the chopper burn. At the time, I was nearby attempting to defend one of the west flags alongside @=VG= Fastjack which allowed me to notice this. When it happened, I got really annoyed and called him out on this, only to be answered back with a soft but mischievous laugh.

    Apparently, there seems to be a conscious effort from Mou to derive enjoyment out of violating rules, as not only has he been repeatedly doing this for a prolonged period of time, he orchestrated it in such a subtle manner to avoid getting caught, or if he happened to be observed, it would look more like an accident/mistake rather than deliberate. Unfortunately, it stopped being effective because I happened to notice this pattern way too many times. Since he is still doing this behind everyone's back to reach this point, I would recommend banning Mou and demanding him to explain himself before we decide which administrative course of action to take on him in order to remain impartial.

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  5. 1 hour ago, HaterOneActual said:

    I would like all of you to crew the APC's as well. Armor squad report back asap!!!

    Considering there are APCs on all maps, and we don't know which map(s) you will deploy the tank(s) on, we would need to figure out the workflow a bit if the Armor squad is to be dual-purpose. Other than that, I have no problem with using both.

  6. The thing about playing CO is that there are a lot of little quirks and nuances that are never made clear or explicit through any form of documentation, and can only be found through either intuition, or being trained by an experienced CO. As such, it would be a better idea for you guys to just announce your intention of learning how to play CO when there are more experienced players around, as it will make things easier for everyone.

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  7. 3 hours ago, l3RY4N said:

    Oh btw i did some googling and the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVOs height is 159cm while max cooler height for the Sharkoon VG4-W is 160cm. Is that gonna be ok or is that a bit too close to the max height? @=VG= keed Whats the difference between the be quiet! Pure Power 10-CM and the Corsair Vengance 550M?

    It should not be a concern since ATX mid towers in general are 20 - 21 cm in width average, and coolers overall (that are not giants pieces or massive systems) are designed to conform with this standard. Just make sure you assemble the parts properly and organize cables/connectors up in order to both have space for parts to sit comfortably and for your own hands to maneuver inside the case, as well as to aid ventilation and allow optimal cooling efficiency.

    BTW, about the HDD, if you need extra storage space right now for content/data/gaming and can't wait until later to buy the 2 TB above, you can consider 1 TB instead (Western Digital WD1003FZEX), which would be half-price of the 2 TB, and would still fit your overall mid-specs build at the moment. Maybe leave even higher capacity until much later.

    Also, don't forget to buy a tube of Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste.


    1 hour ago, Midgee said:

    Similar question to Bryans. I've been looking to get my own build for a long while now, similar budget as his (don't mind going slightly over/under). But I want a build that is going to be used strictly for gaming. Could use a few pointers I've literally never built a pc on my own without excessive amounts of help. Want something that is going to run the majority of the latest games with room to upgrade in future. I honestly wouldn't know where to start hence the reason I'm starting here. Any help would be much appreciated.

    Should have created another thread really, but while this is still hot I thought I post it here ;) Sorry Bryan.

    In general, if you want to achieve the above goals, especially in the realm of expandability and long life-value (3 years minimum, 5 - 6 years optimal), you would probably need about $1200 - $1300 or so in order to be comfortable. Reaching these goals with similar budget to |3RY4N is possible, but some compromises and forethoughts will need to be made in order to avoid the future entertainment requirements and tech cycles (that are only going to approach neck-breaking speed) from de-valuing your system's life too early. If you wish, I will be available to assist you in this matter, and we should do so on the side anyway in order to not hijack this thread excessively.

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  8. For your budget, I would recommend the following:

    Monitor: ASUS VS228H-P: At about $100 a piece on average, it has all the essentials you would need for both entertainment and working while still being affordable.

    HDD: Western Digital WD2003FZEX: About $120 a piece, 2 TB, 7200rpm, 64 MB cache, sustained 175 MB/s I/O average. You get performance of the WD Black series while paying very good capacity to cost ratio.

  9. There are a few things to consider from my perspective, if it is applicable to you:


    1/ (This would probably be the most important)

    Since March, Microsoft has started implementing artificial restriction on all current (Intel Kaby Lake, AMD Rizen, etc.) and future CPU generations in the form of a mandatory roll-up update to Windows 7/8.1, which introduced a CPUID check routine to Windows Update in order to block you from receiving any future security and quality update if you use Kaby Lake/Rizen and beyond. This is part of their plan to impose the One Windows policy and coerce consumer base into using Windows 10, which was already mentioned a year ago and finally came into effect now.

    As such, if avoiding Windows 10, or any of the related nonsenses and fusses that you will have to deal with, is part of your concern, it is essential that you switch down to a Skylake generation (6xxx) CPU instead. The results will be as followed:


    - Allows you to use Windows 7/8.1 without being blocked from update until their extended support period expires, which is the main point of this move.

    - Since current Kaby Lake chipset (like your B250) supports both Skylake and Kaby Lake CPUs, you don't miss out on the improvements of the chipset and associated new motherboards if you ditch Kaby Lake CPU.

    - Due to the switch of Intel manufacturing model from Tick-Tock to Process-Architecture-Optimization, it will only introduce minimal changes and improvements per new generation both due to shorten release cycles and the industry approaching a physical limit to CPU die and chipset lithography size. As such, being on Skylake at the moment will still last you 3 - 4 years, and you don't have to play catch up with the newer generations for awhile still.

    - The market has already started the price mark down on Skylake since Kaby Lake has been introduced for more than a quarter. This will potentially save you some bucks.


    - You miss out on the 5-10% (CPU and workload dependent) performance increase (which, as mentioned above about Intel's new model, is not really value to fawn over anymore).

    - You miss out on Intel Optane Memory (which is a new generation of Intel SSD, available only to Kaby Lake and beyond).


    2/ As @=VG= SemlerPDX and @=VG= Terremer have already mentioned above, you need to:

    - Consider getting 16 GB of RAM because the average memory consumption of the current tech cycle has already reached the 8 GB mark, and might soon pass to 16.

    - Consider getting a medium capacity (250/256 GB) SSD and a high capacity (1/2 TB) HDD instead of investing in higher capacity SSDs in order to reach a compromise between performance and cost, since we still haven't reached a point where NAND storage can yield good price to capacity ratio. The performance compromise can be reached with this model by putting your OS, system processes and all applications/programs on the SSD, while partitioning up the HDD to store contents, data, and games, allowing two separate storage pipelines that serves specific needs and I/O intensities without bottle-necking each other (a downside of the previous era where a single HDD for the entire system was common).

    - Get custom cooling for your CPU, since Intel started to not include stock cooling for current and future generations. I would also recommend going for the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO instead, as it is more straightforward to use, much more proven in the market, and a bit cheaper as well. Pair this with a tube of Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste, and you are set.


    Hope these can be of help to you.

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  10. Will this thread be intended for discussion of any and all custom COOP mechanic changes/implementations on our server? Just want to know so that we can have a proper expectation of what to talk about here, plus a potential topic name change to encompass that purpose.

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  11. A few questions:

    1/ Is there a limit on how many map(s) a player can sign up for Commander?

    2/ Is there a limit on how many type(s) of asset(s) a Commander can choose for their map?

    3/ Is there a limit on how many asset(s) of a type a Commander can deploy, assuming 2 is not true? Otherwise, assuming 2 is true, does it mean a Commander can deploy all possible amount of the chosen asset type?

    4/ Does the 20 tickets cost apply to a piece of asset, or a type of asset?

  12. (Seconding TEDF, it might be a better idea to just pin-lock the Coop Server Rules post and move all actual discussion posts afterward into its own space to not clog up the rules thread itself)


    Maybe its not so much that this is about hassles and problems, but it is still a good idea to actually express what we think and want within the context of both COOP and our server. After all, if we don't at least maintain a baseline communication between ourselves, misunderstandings or unnecessary frustrations might build up because no one bothers to speak up about it or forgot that it has already been addressed.

    For example, as TEDF's sentiment has pointed out, it would be more optimal and healthy for admins to treat the server rules as a guideline and cast judgements accordingly based on common senses and experiences of tangible nuiances going on in the server instead of following them by the letter. However, if we don't actually discuss such sentiment in the first place, especially if it does not come out from the higher ups that can project a more tangible application to it through their power, it can be confusing for the others to figure out and realize which approach is encouraged/discouraged, especially when they start making mistakes and understadably become afraid of potential negative connotations of certain judgements.

    Another thing that is not as significant but can still affect us is that, as the game is continuously developed and evolved, the meta aspects and mechanics of the game will change accordingly, and we might need to revisit these things once in a while when that happens, especially if we start to forget whether they have been addressed previously. With's implementation of bot-checking all assets, we can no longer use the one-man land assets, reducing the amount of total assets available to BLUFOR and make the situation of having "way more assets on maps than you can fit into one squad" less relevant as time goes on if this change stays in future updates. While admittedly COOP's meta itself is not subjected to frequent changes, I think it is still something to pay attention to, if for no other reason than because it would affect how we handle related nuances as admins.

    Hopefully we can move forward in discussion with this in mind to make things easier.

  13. If we wish to give more priority to Mechanized Infantry, I think we can take a look at how PRTA implemented it, as from what I can see on their rules, they revolve around putting emphasis on infantry as the core element of the team and ensuring other assets and elements supplement this role, not supplant it. With this approach, they implemented Mech Inf ruleset on the same basis and elevated Mech Inf's priority above APC squad, hence its possible there are useful things we can learn from their implementation and adapt them to ours.

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  14. @Risiko94, firstly it is possible that I might have worded it wrong in parts or in its entirety which might have led to misunderstandings, and if it did occur that way then I sincerely apologize.

    While it is completely understandable and fair to insist that the rules should be a sensible and reasonable guideline to base judgement on instead of following it to the letter without flexibility, the fact of the matter is there will still be nuances and exploits to consider whether it is changed one way or another, and what can be determined to "make sense" also has to be based on a particular context that is suitable to what is being enforced in the first place (in this case, reliable coop in order to contribute to the team's effort a la Project Reality's spirit for the most part), otherwise it can easily fall down the slippery slope of determining benefits instead of privileges and responsibilities. Furthermore, between our duty to use experience and understanding of nuances when passing out judgements while enforcing the rules at the same, and the players' responsibility to conduct themselves within this limit, it is a two-way relationship that needs a common working ground: not just admins "admin-ing" and players "playing", but us interacting with each other in this play space with full understanding that a limit has been set and will be enforced/respected (this is why I made a point about needing a context for the rules and its enforcement to base on above).

    To address your current points:


    2 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    I was mostly talking about Muttrah since it seems to be the most popular and most played map.

    When addressing your proposal, I was looking at the entire thing, which did in fact make a point about the minimum inf squad size rule inconveniencing the ability to have a 2-man locked squad in order to dedicate their only squad space to manning a single ATV asset and becoming a frontline anti-armor force. This is not exclusive to Muttrah (as you can run into similar circumstances on maps with similar asset setup), nor is it a fringe enough situation to warrant its own case (as Double_13's point has already alluded to). Combining that with your suggestion of merging the ATV into APC squad, which is its own claimable category with their own nuances, led to my thought process in addressing the whole situation as a rule implementation case regarding ATV assets. Additionally, I believe me and Double posted our piece at the same time, preventing me from looking at his point beforehand and potentially made redundant arguments.



    2 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    We are talking about a scenario where the server isn't full, so having 2 more guys that serve no real purpose hurts the team.

    So you propose to kick everyone that joins the squad instead of just locking it? Isn't that kinda ironic?


    "self-centered benefits " such as

    >more people in squads where they can actually be useful or

    >preventing newbs from wasting important and hard to use assets

    I will group points together to address them simultaneously when I believe they are related.

    As I have repeatedly mentioned in my previous post, the emphasis on your responsibility as a squad leader is vital, as you are the one who both have situational awareness of your squad and the power to regulate such situation to your need (in line with the goal of contributing to the team's effort, of course). By actually putting effort into this, you will be able to identify the "people in squads where they can actually be useful" as well as the "newbs" and make proper decision in whether you should retain them to benefit your squad (and the team by extension), or expel them from your squad to "prevent wasting important and hard to use assets". Furthermore, it is through these actions that you yourself are contributing half of a lifeline into the effort of ensuring the game is being played cooperatively and properly, as it is unreasonable and impossible even for admins to either constantly going around and dictate what squads are useful to be around and what their compositions are, or constantly checking to ensure that every single player in every squad is playing properly and no incident is happening out of their sight/mind (and god forbids situations where we also have to address incompetent players that are in squad lead position...).

    To this end, it applies equally regardless if the server is full or not, and it is entirely up to you find out whether or not the 2 extra guys (that might or might not join your squad to begin with) are useful to keep, or "serve no real purpose" and should be expelled. Furthermore, I am not sure why you would want to kick literally everyone from the squad unless you want to make sure that only you and another player that you absolutely trust to operate with you should stay segregated in this one squad space, implying at an unwillingness to either cooperate or put in the effort to play cooperatively. Not only is it hard to not see this as "self-centered benefits" when conducted in such a manner, it also makes the notion of this scenario being "ironic" confusing to me.


    2 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    You need to return to base anyway for ammo.

    It does not result in "excessive and unnecessary wasting".

    You will always need to return to base to reload, but whether or not in between such period is you loitering on the field for as long as possible and dispensing as much fire support as possible while staying alive, or you having to constantly retreat due to being peppered by enemy fire or getting into multiple fights/getting the assets destroyed due to lack of support/etc., is what I am talking about. After all, your purpose is to provide mobile anti-tank capabilities to the infantry at a moment notice, and if you are not willing to ensure that you can survive and be available as long/much as possible, either through neglecting to bring support with you, or neglecting to cooperate with the infantry/other squads, recklessly lone-wolfing and putting yourself at greater risk of being destroyed, it can be constituted as wasting, especially if we notice that you get destroyed too frequently in too short periods of time (barring unfortunate circumstances like ambushes, team-killing, etc., of course).


    2 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    1.) APCs usually don't have to coordinate beyond the "help here, enemy there, need logi"

    The same can be said for almost any type of asset in the game that can provide offensive/defensive fire support. In fact, "help here, enemy there, need logi/repair/ammo/support" might be the very baseline group of action that you need to take to both provide the basics of your asset functions and to stay alive yourself. Unless we are discussing some specific fringe situation (which would warrant its own discussion anyway), or you are not willing to even provide the very minimum of what you are supposed to do, replacing APC for Tank/ATV/AAV/CAS is not going to change how it works, nor contributing to the point at hand.


    2 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    2.) You would create a apc squad, not mech inf

    3.) Simply switching categorys instead of making a new one is easier.

    Because your proposal is that we treat ATVs as APCs, it means you will also need to claim an ATV asset like an APC, which dictates that either you operate an APC squad, or operate a Mech Inf squad and manage to gain permission from the existing APC squad to use the ATV. This is only one of the nuances that would occur if we implement your proposal, among the others that I have already expressed above, and ignoring them is not going to change how things are going to work, nor is it "easier", as you are trading one approach with its own pros and cons for another also with its own pros and cons, and we need to determine whether the pros are more than the cons, or the cons are acceptable enough to be tolerated.


    2 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    We are talking about a scenario where the server isn't full, so having 2 more guys that serve no real purpose hurts the team.

    4.)"Don't change the rule about squadsize, because it is against the rules" wat?

    Firstly, I am not sure if its a misunderstanding or a fabrication, but I have never stated nor even implied anything similar to or in spirit of "Don't change the rule about squadsize, because it is against the rules", so I am not sure what you are trying to say here. Furthermore, I share pretty much the same experience and sentiment as Double_13 stated above, hence I also fully acknowledge the inconvenience that the current 4 players minimum for locked inf squad rule can cause, and would even advocate for alteration to it where possible. However, that does not mean we can just change it to whatever, as it has to be sensible and reasonable so that admins and players can agree on to enforce it, keeping with the spirit with what you said about the rules making sense. And in order to do this, we need to address the nuances related to it, like whether or not it should even be in place, at how many players minimum, and why it has to be enforced at this amount and not any other amount, taking into account the enforcement of no locked one-man squad, the previously enforced 2 players limit, and the responsibilities and privileges of both players and admins participating in this community's server.

    To this end, I will also have to pose the question to you about whether or not you are ready and willing to work with us in tackling the above. Because if you cannot be arsed to do this, not only would it not work, but the agenda behind calling for the proposal itself is highly questionable.


    At this point, I believe the proper way to go about this at the moment is to honestly and transparently state what we really want out of this. By knowing what everyone involved wants, its easier to navigate the discussion and reach a proper compromise where the benefits and trade-offs are as balanced as possible.

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  15. @Risiko94, there are several flaws with your proposal that need to be addressed.


    Firstly, your entire proposal only mentioned and dealt with HMMWV TOW which is not sufficient, as there are other assets within the Anti-Tank Vehicle category to deal with, including SPG-9 Technical (which works similarly to the HMMWV TOW), Spandrel, Shturm-S (which work more like light armors), etc. In order to have a proper implementation, the entire category of ATV and all of their involved nuances need to be addressed as well.


    5 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    You need 1 driver and 1 gunner. According to your current rules I wouldn't be able to lock the squad.

    What are the other 2 supposed to do? Play as a 2 man infantry squad? Sit inside the Humvee doing nothing and wait til you get blown up?

    In the case of the HMMWV TOW (and by extension, the SPG-9 Technical as well), having more than just the driver and the gunner will provide long-term benefits to your squad. Most basic kits can work like this, but the typical scenario for this case, assuming a locked 4-men squad, is to have the Officer driving, a Rifleman manning the ATGM, a Medic to heal up the squad, and a Combat Engineer to fix the vehicle. By composing your squad of these roles and using them effectively, it can help prolong your engagement and loiter time by increasing your chance to survive and reduce the need to retreat all the way back to base, for example.

    Furthermore, the most important point of this aspect is to manage and lead your squad properly as a squad leader. If you cannot coordinate between yourselves properly, instead resorting to lone-wolfing the asset recklessly and neglect to increase your survivability and versatility, it can result in excessive and unnecessary wasting, becoming a detriment to the team as a whole considering your role in context is to be the only dedicated anti-armor platform on the ground and help carrying the infantry forward.


    5 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    If the Server is full it's not a problem. You have 6 guys on the ground and 2 providing AT support.

    But good luck trying to form a full squad with 12 people on the server.

    Since our locked infantry squad rule only demands a minimum of 4 players, I am not sure about the relevance of citing an actual full squad of 8 players into this context. Regardless however, server population should not be relevant to your point here, as during a low-population period, the likelihood of players unable or unwilling to form/join squads properly should already render the need to lock your squad unnecessary. Unless you are deliberately trying to violate this rule for some lone-wolfing reason(s), if there's a chance of someone joining your squad that you don't want, it is your responsibility to manage your own squad and expel those you don't need, per the point above (which would also extend to a full server scenario anyhow).


    5 hours ago, Risiko94 said:

    Proposal: Switch the Tow Humvee to the apc category. It can still be claimed by  infantry squads, but you could also make a dedicated 2 man tow squad.

    This proposal neglects to address the following flaws:

    1/ Enforcing ATVs as part of APC squad means that unless the only light armor asset on the map is an ATV (which to my memory, there is no coop map so far with such a setup), you will still have to keep your APC squad opened and regulate the usage of the other assets, which already goes against your desire to have a dedicated 2-men squad.

    2/ Assuming a scenario which allows you to create a Mech Inf squad to claim the ATV, your Mech Inf squad will still be subjected to the same locked infantry squad rule of 4 players minimum, preventing you from making that dedicated 2-men squad.

    3/ It would have made more sense for you to suggest that ATVs become a claimable category, which would have addressed the two flaws above. Instead, you made this proposal and sabotaged your own agenda regarding this matter.

    4/ By extension of the flaws above, you are still in violation of locking rules, which means your desire to make a dedicated 2-men anti-tank squad is not feasible, unless you are willing to risk administrative actions for it.


    While I take no pleasure in addressing any issue in this manner, I will still say it as I see it if it has to be done: Please avoid purely "self-centered benefits" lines of thought and take into consideration the nuances involving how the game works, how it would affect other players and the team's effort as a whole, and how the process would work in relation to the server and its rules, before you make any proposal plan.

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  16. I can confirm the same thing happening on my end as well, running Mozilla Firefox 51.0.1.

    Considering how this just popped up around the same time we implemented role-based forum access permission, I wonder if its related. (maybe permission check was accidentally implemented for the chatbox itself?)

  17. As our troubleshooting has revealed previously when you were playing in my squad just a moment ago, while we did also hear a bit of metallic feedback in the background (hence your impression of sounding like Megatron), it did not negatively affect our ability to hear you loud and clear so your audio setup at the moment works fine technically.

    Since you mentioned using the default webcam mic that came with your laptop, I would suggest that you first check your sound card's settings and turn on/off effects and enhancements that could potentially eliminate this feedback. My suggestion is to turn on any and all noise cancelling/reduction effect(s), and turn off the rest, but you can also play around and find out which does what that might suit your liking. If this does not provide any tangible result then you can look into better audio gear like a good headset (Sennheiser PC 151, for example) as Jersans has advised above.

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