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  1. Mic Problems affecting Gameplay

    As our troubleshooting has revealed previously when you were playing in my squad just a moment ago, while we did also hear a bit of metallic feedback in the background (hence your impression of sounding like Megatron), it did not negatively affect our ability to hear you loud and clear so your audio setup at the moment works fine technically. Since you mentioned using the default webcam mic that came with your laptop, I would suggest that you first check your sound card's settings and turn on/off effects and enhancements that could potentially eliminate this feedback. My suggestion is to turn on any and all noise cancelling/reduction effect(s), and turn off the rest, but you can also play around and find out which does what that might suit your liking. If this does not provide any tangible result then you can look into better audio gear like a good headset (Sennheiser PC 151, for example) as Jersans has advised above.
  2. Melon's first PR co-op event

    I would like to register for the following: Ramiel: Stryker Gunner Operation Barracuda: Pilot - NH90 if possible.
  3. Kicking is out of hand

    problematic_tishbane, You have been observed repeatedly spamming all-chat for two consecutive games with pointless chatters, and were warned multiple times by different admins before being kicked as a definite warning. Please keep all-chat to a minimum and behave yourself unless you want to be permanently removed from the server.
  4. PR 1.4 available to download right now.

    Yeah, its best to just join the torrent wagon so that everyone can share bandwidth evenly and help each other download faster. Just make sure you seed back in kind after downloading.
  5. VG PR OPFOR event suggestions and bugs

    It looks like you might have misunderstood what he said entirely, as he is indeed stating a very real issue about players that do not support OPFOR voicing their displease in the realm of "I don't like X" instead of providing objective points about why it is the case. To be honest, regardless of players' opinion about the mode, this really should be reserved only for proper contributions or constructive criticisms aiming at improving it just like you said, and anything irrelevant or has an agenda other than helping should be considered noise/disruptive to the purpose at hands. Going back to actually discussing this mode, I do have 2 small things (that are hopefully correct) to add: - For maps where BLUFOR starts from the water (Muttrah City, Operation Barracuda, Vadso City, etc.), maybe a spawn point should be allowed for bots near the first capable flag, and set as primary priority just below the main/carrier point so that they can spawn into the fight properly while not forgetting to use assets in main from time to time. - In Silent Eagle Std, it has been observed that when BLUFOR bots attempt to use CAS assets, they will keep trying to swerve sideways instead of going straight while taking off, causing them to ram into the airfield's walls and wasting them. Is there a way to correct this?
  6. Coop Server is down?

    The server is indeed completely offline at the moment. Looks like something blew up again...
  7. BMS Server offline

    Oh oops. Didn't notice this post was in the Falcon BMS 4 forum. My sincere apology... ^^;
  8. BMS Server offline

    @Minrah: Our Project Reality COOP server is actually online, but due to an unknown issue, it has been de-listed from the central server list and thus cannot be queried. You can still join the server by direct IP (, or your Favorites list if you happened to have added us. Do come and play if possible, since it has been quite deserted and lonely lately due to this. D: Edit: Its re-listed again.
  9. Project Reality "V.W." Event

    I would like to join as Blue T-62 if available.
  10. PR Events

    I really have to say, each time I see TEDF announces events, you can see the amount of time, effort and care he puts into them, and this simply cannot be emphasized nor appreciated enough, as it is what makes a high quality and enjoyable event. So far, I only have a few minor questions regarding these event ideas: 1/ Is there a plan to increase/reduce the maximum number of players on the server for each of these game modes, whether for technical or meta-balancing purposes? 2/ For "PR Survival Edition", will we only play on maps with 1 and 2 km in scale, or do we play 4 km as well? (This question is mainly to gauge out length of play and whether it might tire people out) Once again, thank you so much for organizing these!
  11. [poll] PR Mini Events

    No doubt, one step at a time would be best for us, and we need to get more acquainted with the change in pacing and gaming nature during the events anyway.
  12. [poll] PR Mini Events

    All additional rules intended to make the game both more interesting and less frustrating (dealing with unnecessary nuances from trolls for the most part) are always welcomed! Though, I have a small inquiry in mind: since in Insurgency Mode, shotgun can be used to simulate bean bag round and subdue civilians non-lethally, and the stated goal is to help preparing us for Deployment, is it possible and sensible to apply a rule for something similar?
  13. Looking for help

    I am willing to provide support for you, but first we need to establish proper communication. Arrange a good time when we can talk on our TS server and then we can go from there.

    I wish to apply for the following: Dragon Fly - Scimitar Gunner Bijar Canyons - Mech Infantry Automatic Rifleman Operation Barracuda - AAVP Driver Much appreciated for the time and effort the organizers spent for this event! !mental
  15. PR : Campaign Episode I

    T.E.D.F =VG= LAN_WROTE ... That's why I brought the journalist kit up. It removes everything from the player - Map, HUD and the weapon. Only way to survive against bots is luck, friendlies and moving your little legs !crazy Oh my, that's even worse than I thought. !crazy
  16. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Maybe in order to make this campaign as realistic as possible like intended, the correspondent Recon will play should be squad-less. This way, it can simulate him being only a reporter with no military tie, prompting him to follow whichever squad, event or location he wants, and can only use local chat to talk to the people close to him due to having no mean to communicate effectively with conventional forces. The two combined together will also invoke the possible chance of him getting lost or into sticky situations. On the other hand, this will also hamper his ability to "record the war" going on, so the video of the matches afterward might not be ideal as a result. Just a small thought for fun.
  17. PR : Campaign Episode I

    @T.E.D.F: I wish to inquire about something I believe is a valid question: Will the rules allow or forbid the act of picking up kits from wounded/dead comrades to fill up their needed role in the heat of combat (medic for reviving, and LAT for fighting armors, for example)? I wanted to ask in case people might consider such act as a possible abuse or exploit.
  18. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Sledgehammer LAN_WROTE ... I didn't see any clock on the upper right side of realitymod.com though. Is it in some other part of the site, or am I on the wrong site? The timer is here: http://tournament.realitymod.com/ On top of the page, just beneath the Project Reality dog tag logo Based on you're location (Vietnam +0700 UTC) you're time for the event will be at 3 in the morning. Also, I suggest if you're not able to join in (because of the inconvenient time), let it know here :) Ah I see it now, much appreciated! And don't worry, 3 AM is actually great for me, for not only am I quite a night owl, midnight/early morning will ensure that the amount of bandwidth sharing on my area relay node to the ISP is most minimized and I can enjoy full bandwidth as well as a stable, zero-packet-loss connection, which will compensate greatly for the inherent high latency connecting to EU from here. Besides, it would span from early Saturday to early Sunday across timezones for the scheduled time, so I would wager that 20:00 PRT is probably the most balanced hours so far, like T.E.D.F said.
  19. PR : Campaign Episode I

    m823us =VG= LAN_WROTE ... It is project reality time based. Check the Project Reality website for the accurate time in the upper right hand corner I didn't see any clock on the upper right side of realitymod.com though. Is it in some other part of the site, or am I on the wrong site? ._.
  20. PR : Campaign Episode I

    Rules-enforced coop event? Interesting, I am in! I am competent in the following roles, so assign me however you guys think is best: AR, LAT, HAT, Medic. By the way, is the time mentioned here based on server time in Germany, UTC +1?