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  1. Seekin . What s your favorite band ? Anyway see you on the battlefield !
  2. I would like some brown sugar please !
  3. Mr Sausag3 .... I m glad you made your introduction ,but I M STILL WAITING FOR MY TEA !!
  4. Now where is my TEA ?
  5. I have no problem with this as long as the squad/team is cooperating to build that FOB !
  6. Nice intro ! See you on the battlefield !! (Can you save me a drink ? )
  7. Bine ai venit !! Cred ca ne am mai intalnit , si sper sa ne mai intalnim in PR ... Pentru a ne recunoaste mai usor, eu si inca cineva (=Ro= Pornoranger) folosim tag =Ro=, daca doresti il poti folosi si tu, astfel putem fi recunoscuti mai usor pe deployment sau COOP ... See you on the battlefield !! =Ro=.Blizzard.
  8. Not 100% sure but if i can come to the event i would like to be a driver for SerEvergreen if he approves
  9. I ll be present at the event but i don t think i can stay too much .
  10. PR

    Thats why we call it Project Reality, 100% accurate !
  11. HaterOneActual YAY !
  12. New bot names ?
  13. I agree with you partially but there are big problems with Grozny and Asad Khal when there are less players on the server. The bots are not easy to deal on these maps with less people ( and even when full some players are "a pain in the ass" for the team, not thinking about helping anybody ).
  14. Welcome
  15. Did somebody notice Bashar Al-Assad ?
  16. Hard work man but i think you are doing a great job with those maps . I cant wait for them !
  17. Arrrghhhhhhhh man the cannons and drink some rum !!
  18. Great intro man .Good to know more about you and see you in Pr.
  19. Messing with Putin is a sin ! Hey ! :biggrin:


  20. Mate there is an enemy behind you. ( he is actually alive )
  21. Double just a FEW bots (maybe 1 or 2 at every 20 mins) CAN spawn on the carrier and as Mectus said the base needs a fix. I understand your concern about the rule but you are always too strict when it comes to the term fun. Fun: what provides amusement or enjoyment (not leading to exaggeration )
  22. Thank you Sledgehammer for reopening this section .
  23. Boo

  24. NEVER eat from McDonald`s !:black_eye:


    1. .Blizzard.


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    2. =VG= BrakeGamer
    3. .Blizzard.


      If only the clown had a weapon on him, something like a revolver or a hatchet:dwarf: