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  1. Lepo mesto ! Nice place!
  2. Thx but yep that s the one that i installed
  3. It would have been too easy if that was it but it s not ... Non of those steps helped me i found that i need net Framework or something like that in order to run properly ...But thx for the reply
  4. Hey ! Can somebody help me with some kind of errors ( 1. vcredist 2015 error 0x80240017) . He just installed pr and the game crashes instantly when he selects kits (* this is the ingame error 2. "Can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer....mumble_app.dll missing" ).. Update: the game can be played only with mumble off
  5. OoOoooooOOO you finished them ..... They look great , but i m still going to say that the last one is the BEST !
  6. Seekin . What s your favorite band ? Anyway see you on the battlefield !
  7. I would like some brown sugar please !
  8. Mr Sausag3 .... I m glad you made your introduction ,but I M STILL WAITING FOR MY TEA !!
  9. Now where is my TEA ?
  10. I have no problem with this as long as the squad/team is cooperating to build that FOB !
  11. Nice intro ! See you on the battlefield !! (Can you save me a drink ? )
  12. Bine ai venit !! Cred ca ne am mai intalnit , si sper sa ne mai intalnim in PR ... Pentru a ne recunoaste mai usor, eu si inca cineva (=Ro= Pornoranger) folosim tag =Ro=, daca doresti il poti folosi si tu, astfel putem fi recunoscuti mai usor pe deployment sau COOP ... See you on the battlefield !! =Ro=.Blizzard.
  13. Not 100% sure but if i can come to the event i would like to be a driver for SerEvergreen if he approves
  14. I ll be present at the event but i don t think i can stay too much .
  15. PR

    Thats why we call it Project Reality, 100% accurate !