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  1. AFK for extended period

    Pfff that sucks... hope things will sort out in the end. Anyway Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year ! Ps: I Swear it wasnt my fault !!! =))
  2. Company of Heroes 2 FREE on steam till Monday

    Don t forget about the "orrahh" opinius maximus command
  3. Hands up ! This is a recruitment video ! :)))

    Toooo goood
  4. So i just found this one on youtube. Thought it s a bit funny and I wanted to share it.
  5. Marvel Or DC

    I like them both... Welll DC cuz of Batman and Joker... aaaannnd Marvel cuz i grew up with Spiderman comics and X-Men. Too bad he passed away, i ll miss him!! Great mind and talent! RIP Satnley !
  6. sup

    Hey!!! Welcome and hope to see you on the batllefield asap !
  7. Star Trek or Star Wars?

    I hate the new star wars movies.... But still a fan of the old ones. Also like Stargate and Battlestar!!
  8. Radio =VG=

    AHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA I didn t know there was a russian version.
  9. Radio =VG=

  10. We're Back!!

    HMS Queen Elizabeth just "lost her virginity " .... cough cough.... bad jokes...
  11. Hello

    , hope to meet you ingame, soon !
  12. Smoke for bots

    Niceeeeee... Now i can hope to spam smoke on Tad Sae and Ghost Train.
  13. Hi everyone

    Hello and to the Veterans Gaming website. Glad to see a shiny come to the forum. See you on the battlefield!
  14. A bit late

    Good to see you on the website ! (you scuck) Jk....jk.. Anyway hope you don t get angry or triggered by any of us, we re just joking. .....(most of the time)
  15. Heyy all

    Another FFDP fan, welcome ! Rock on !