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  1. We're Back!!

    HMS Queen Elizabeth just "lost her virginity " .... cough cough.... bad jokes...
  2. Hello

    , hope to meet you ingame, soon !
  3. Smoke for bots

    Niceeeeee... Now i can hope to spam smoke on Tad Sae and Ghost Train.
  4. Hi everyone

    Hello and to the Veterans Gaming website. Glad to see a shiny come to the forum. See you on the battlefield!
  5. A bit late

    Good to see you on the website ! (you scuck) Jk....jk.. Anyway hope you don t get angry or triggered by any of us, we re just joking. .....(most of the time)
  6. Heyy all

    Another FFDP fan, welcome ! Rock on !
  7. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Anyone else had problems with shotguns? It takes 3 shots or 4 to kill an enemy ... well for me at least
  8. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Still... The deployable assets don t work... (except fob)
  9. So many changes...

    HoLLLLLLY SHiiiiiit .... Glad to hear from you. Hope to see you soon on ts and ingame !
  10. I m offline, This country that "adopted" me needs support, I will be on the streets for now. Hope i will manage myself not to get injured, but if so i will put up a good show for them:bomb:. See ya guys when this is over !

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    2. .Blizzard.


      All good, some still protest even now, but i ll be back home till the end of the week, when there might be again another round of riots. The civil unrest here is very high, ppl are getting sick of the socialist party and ,ohohohoh, cops. What you saw in the video is just a quarter of what happend.

      By the way they sprayed innocent beings, without any reason and there are even videos of the gendarmerie that show they deliberatley have beaten inocents that were passing by with their hands up. Also some tourists ended up in jail for 24 h for really no reason.


      Cop: Who are you ?

      Man: I m going home!

    3. Jersans


      That's pretty messed up dude.

    4. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      :hi:I bow for your courage my friend. :50:May all people in the world stand up for the right to speak and a life in freedom. 


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    Welll.... It s a gg on deployment with this method.