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  1. Welcome !! Nice seeing your intro , hope to see you ingame more but work is work ,anyway see you soldier ingame/battlefield !
  2. Trolololo lolo lolo trolololo
  3. ?

    WTF !
  4. Tested all the maps and they are great. A good challenge for casual players but i find them easy for those who seek a challenge, since some of the bots will spawn far away from the first 2 flags and just sit there waiting in plain sight to be killed. Some of the maps would make a good choice for an event (akhm...sebeneh region defence or operation compton or temelin but with less assets or other assets than apcs for the player team ). I would like them introduced into the game not also as coop but also as deployment maps .
  5. Здравствуйте/Zdravo welcome to the Veterans Gaming website ! Nice intro and pic . See you on the ingame/battlefield. And well ...a smart man once said...Stay cheeky breeky!
  6. Nice intro.Welcome to the Veterans Gaming website! . Good luck with the exams, see you ingame or should i say battlefield
  7. Yo guys have the same issue, any way it could be fixed ?
  8. Hey its not my fault it took me 8 beers and 4 h to finish downloading the game
  9. Helloo and welcome to Veterans-Gaming (VG) communitys website, soldier ! See you on the battelfield (acctually in game) !
  10. Kidcar the flying logi
  11. Lepo mesto ! Nice place!
  12. Thx but yep that s the one that i installed
  13. It would have been too easy if that was it but it s not ... Non of those steps helped me i found that i need net Framework or something like that in order to run properly ...But thx for the reply
  14. Hey ! Can somebody help me with some kind of errors ( 1. vcredist 2015 error 0x80240017) . He just installed pr and the game crashes instantly when he selects kits (* this is the ingame error 2. "Can't start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll is missing from your computer....mumble_app.dll missing" ).. Update: the game can be played only with mumble off
  15. OoOoooooOOO you finished them ..... They look great , but i m still going to say that the last one is the BEST !