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  1. bagi steel ocean moshule? Eu am jucat vreo 3 saptamani si m-am plictisit

    1. .Blizzard.


      da ceva de genul si eu :biggrin: , inca il mai am dar nu am decat vreo 4 nave

  2. Welcome to the Veterans Gaming website ! Hope to see you ingame (Steel Ocean/ Pr / etc.)
  3. You Shelupon http://www.meaningslike.com/name-stands-for/shelupon
  4. Well guess who i am XD... won t tell you ... Thank Sausag3, i wouldn t post my face anywhere but mehh... fuck it !
  5. Lmao!!
  7. ...
  8. For those who don t know already, my left clavicle is broken and i also had a head concussion... I played some games in this state, a bit, but the doctors told me to stop using my other hand at all and also because my brain needs some pause after the hit... Good thing, it is getting better, i can use my left hand but i still need to wait couple more weeks to be fully recovered, as for the head they can t seem to figure why i m always feeling dizzy... I hope i ll be back as soon as possible !:)

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    2. .Blizzard.


      Thank you all for the kind words :biggrin:!!......m8 that s ARKAN a hero of the ARKAN TIGER corp/also known for theft and genocides !:P

    3. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      :beach:take your time to regenerate. To get rid of the dizziness, stop smoking these funny cigars:biggrin:

    4. .Blizzard.


      Well i stoped smoking cigars, the pipe is better and much fun;)

  9. Cool vids especialy Mat`s. That guy makes some funny and interesting vids about army stuff ! Keep , i really find this very interesting and helpful for my future university projects.
  10. Welcome !! Nice seeing your intro , hope to see you ingame more but work is work ,anyway see you soldier ingame/battlefield !
  11. Trolololo lolo lolo trolololo
  12. ?

    WTF !
  13. Tested all the maps and they are great. A good challenge for casual players but i find them easy for those who seek a challenge, since some of the bots will spawn far away from the first 2 flags and just sit there waiting in plain sight to be killed. Some of the maps would make a good choice for an event (akhm...sebeneh region defence or operation compton or temelin but with less assets or other assets than apcs for the player team ). I would like them introduced into the game not also as coop but also as deployment maps .
  14. Здравствуйте/Zdravo welcome to the Veterans Gaming website ! Nice intro and pic . See you on the ingame/battlefield. And well ...a smart man once said...Stay cheeky breeky!
  15. Nice intro.Welcome to the Veterans Gaming website! . Good luck with the exams, see you ingame or should i say battlefield