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  1. Glad to see you are back! We cant wait either! Hope i ll have some time to spare in the near future to chat with you. Anyway gald you are back. again!
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VETERANS-GAMING! Hope i ll witness it grow even bigger! More players, more fun ! My honest gratitude to all the guys that keep this community alive ! Keep it VG
  3. Hello, nice to see you on the website ! Hope you find this, a friendly place. See you on the battlefield !
  4. God save the "TEA "!
  5. Glad to have you back !!
  6. Sandstorm if you want to play with another guy poke me on teamspeak or pm me on steam and i can join you. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198047909711/ Anyway hope you ll find this website (some call it home) a good place to chat with friendly people.
  7. Hello ! Welcome to the VETERANS-GAMING website . See ya on the battlefield !
  8. You caught my attention when you said vodka ! Welcome sir
  9. Hats off and all the respect, again, to m823us ! Damn that is so....... #Rekt.... Anyway i really have no advice... I don t know.... I smoke and drink tea just because i fell stressed all the time (school, work)... Anyway skipping this i wish you all the best !
  10. I m blue ... Dabadi dabada ....
  11. The only thing i hate so much is the bot accuracy. It is now very difficult to survive around 2 or 3 bots that are charging at you. I suggest leaving it as it was before the change. Some players have already complained about this. Even if the medic bag is in the hands of the guy close to your position, you wont survive for more than 4s ,at max, if you are being shot at already.
  12. Ahhhh well if you want to i can take at in your squad... I thought you held some space for somebody else.
  13. AT squad 1
  14. arma 3


    Gooooood I ll try to be present !
  15. Double penetration with an exploding end