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  1. I would like to mark one or two things. Firstly; it is about FOB. I think it is third day now since server backup, from what I seen, people are lazy. When I deploy a FOB and tell them to dig, they start digging. But as soon as the FOB pops up, they stop it and waiting. Either they don't know that they need to keep shoveling or they are SO lazy about it. I hope this will teach them a lesson. Secondly, it is about Razorwires. What is it purpose? Correct me if I am wrong but I think it is preventing enemy movements into a captured flag. I totally agree with what Hater says. I understand that. Addition to this, what Kavelenko says here, I believe those ones are the first one to leave the server for that. In the end, I believe there is no getting into middle side. I vote for standing in current changes and wait-see what will happen.
  2. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this event. Much appreciated. Ryan.TT
  3. Applying for Hater's Squad as a medic... ( for all maps)
  4. Kon'nichiwa and enjoy staying here...
  5. Applying for Regular INF Light/Medium AR or Rifleman