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  1. Who: Task force consisted of CIA operators and Delta Force Teams Where: Somewhere in Somalia Objective: FAILED Secure and extract HVT Situation: After capturing HVT, operator's Black Hawk got hit by an unknown projectile. It crashed North of village Hunapu and Paramilitary forces are closing in to the crash site fast. Survivors - unknown, forest is too dense for reliable UAV feed. New Objective: Delta Force Teams will be dropped off SE of village Hunapu and from there they will continue on foot to the crashed site, look for survivors and secure HVT once again Support: UH-80 Ghost Hawk - transport MQ-4A Greyhawk - surveillance COOP 8-12 People Mods: RHSUSAF RHSAFRF CUP Terrains - Core CUP Terrains - Maps NIArms All in One CBA A3 More info soon™
  2. Marksman for Squad One please
  3. Your favourite Badmin! Took me a while to find a picture where I am not drunk nice picture. I may or may not be one on the right.. “Waiter, may I have another?”
  4. Not a fan of CUP mods, except the maps tbh
  5. Technically, only RHS, US Army and Project OPFOR; although I used some NIArms weapons as they fit in well and are really good. If enough people is interested in it, I could make an A3Sync Repo with all the mods and then we could make a Zeus/COOP mission recreating some of the missions from the game. Hopefully, @=VG= SemlerPDX would allow us to use one of the A3 servers for it.
  6. yeah, I'm in process of remaking those missions in A3. I did one a while back for Diplomatic Immunity but that one will be remade as well when I'll have more free time.
  7. I support m8s statement. Even PR is shit sometimes when there are no decent players. I've spent alot of hours on A3 lately and most of it was in SP. Also, iirc, SQUAD don't have mods(?) and A3 have some great good quality mods and there is even PR mod.Mods range from WW2 to Star Wars. I haven't really played squad but if you are looking for something like PR I guess you should go for Squad. I'd go for Arma tbh Good luck!
  8. Hvar, Croatia

  9. Welcome!
  10. Gotta love old movies. Cracks me up every time.
  11. Welcome to the forums connor!
  12. You can also use our Discord server
  13. Please be patient, you will be informed as soon as it's up
  14. Gonna restart the server in 10, hold on EDIT: Restarted it once again although I noticed it was restarted like an hour ago.
  15. Welcome! Just like Jersans said, our primary game is project reality but as a big community, we play a lot of different games. You should hop on our teamspeak server and we can work something out.
  16. Welcome to the site and hope to see you in game soon
  17. Barracuda trans pilot #2 and Humvee gunner on Ramiel if possible.
  18. So there was no admin abuse? To prevent this horrible 'bad words' next time please press TAB and check it yourself what layer is it and which assets are there. See ya in game.
  19. About kicking AFKs; yes it has happened to me that I kicked an actual active players but they stayed unassigned and wasnt respawning for minute or so and I decided to kick them out and make room for other people to join since it was a busy day on the server. Once more I encourage all of you to join/create a squad and dont stay unassigned through the round. Personaly, I dont think there is a reason for reviewing current admin team. If you want to report admin abuse or something else, there is already a way/rule how to deal woth it; you can either post a thread or pm TED, m8 or Semler. Therefore I dont see any reason for this poll to be active.
  20. Giving away 5 DLCs for PAYDAY 2, so everything on the list except GOTY Edition pack. If you are interested just pm me. Have a good day UPDATE: Only PAYDAY 2: The Butcher's Western Pack left
  21. Welcome Kavelenko, good to have one more good and friendly player by our side. See ya in game
  22. Stars

    Ahh what a beautiful sight of a falling stars... Wait a second? Prepare for impact!
  23. He is not banned again, I got the same error message when I tried to join the server first time today but after restarting the game it was fine. You tried that?
  24. Welcome to the site man! See you in game