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  1. Gotta love old movies. Cracks me up every time.
  2. Welcome to the forums connor!
  3. You can also use our Discord server
  4. Please be patient, you will be informed as soon as it's up
  5. Gonna restart the server in 10, hold on EDIT: Restarted it once again although I noticed it was restarted like an hour ago.
  6. Welcome! Just like Jersans said, our primary game is project reality but as a big community, we play a lot of different games. You should hop on our teamspeak server and we can work something out.
  7. Welcome to the site and hope to see you in game soon
  8. Barracuda trans pilot #2 and Humvee gunner on Ramiel if possible.
  9. So there was no admin abuse? To prevent this horrible 'bad words' next time please press TAB and check it yourself what layer is it and which assets are there. See ya in game.
  10. About kicking AFKs; yes it has happened to me that I kicked an actual active players but they stayed unassigned and wasnt respawning for minute or so and I decided to kick them out and make room for other people to join since it was a busy day on the server. Once more I encourage all of you to join/create a squad and dont stay unassigned through the round. Personaly, I dont think there is a reason for reviewing current admin team. If you want to report admin abuse or something else, there is already a way/rule how to deal woth it; you can either post a thread or pm TED, m8 or Semler. Therefore I dont see any reason for this poll to be active.
  11. I recommend not to do OPFOR events any time soon. It's not that I don't like them, quite the opposite, but ungratefulness of some people to the guys who worked hard to set up everything is not something I like to see. Just like m8 said, too much negative feedback and lack of players as well.
  12. Giving away 5 DLCs for PAYDAY 2, so everything on the list except GOTY Edition pack. If you are interested just pm me. Have a good day UPDATE: Only PAYDAY 2: The Butcher's Western Pack left
  13. Welcome Kavelenko, good to have one more good and friendly player by our side. See ya in game
  14. Stars

    Ahh what a beautiful sight of a falling stars... Wait a second? Prepare for impact!
  15. He is not banned again, I got the same error message when I tried to join the server first time today but after restarting the game it was fine. You tried that?
  16. Welcome to the site man! See you in game
  17. Hi TheLastBlooD, Well, let me start my response with this sentance. I couldn't find it to quote it for you so I will just write/repeat what I told you on the server: "Mortars are Support asset and should not be used unless they are required and with coordination with other ground forces". My personal opinion is that mortars are not that usefull on coop server but that does not matter at this point. Pretty much I saw your "Mortar" squad and saw you using mortars and politely asked you not to use mortars without FO but you did not know what FO stands for so I also explained it to you but the reply you got me was "I don't need a spotter this is a coop server"didn't really satisfy me because, in my opinion, that whole "argument" we had about usage of mortars showed me that you were acting really childish and that you obviously didn't know server rules. When I told you the first time, and second time I don't see the point of repeating myself for the third time. I left you alone as soon as I saw another player joined you squad with a spotter kit and I was like ok, I hope now it will be better. About 10 min after that I saw your teamkill and looked in your squad to see who exactly was your spotter just to see that it was the play I never had any communication on the server ever, who doesn't use microphone (I am not saying that it's required but that it's hard to coordinate mortar fire with someone without it) and with who me and other admins had some minor issues before and also today. Maybe I shouldn't have banned you and I was "fast on the trigger" but I also warned you right in the beggining, both by admin command and in the chat. But let's clear some stuff: Veterans Gamins is Coop server but it also is not a training server. If you want to practice something practice it either on your own server by hosting a private one, or join another coop server. As a squadleader I never heard any coordination with another squads in the Squad radio, nor saw/heard anyone request for mortar support. So it might be possible that spotter is not required, although I am pretty sure you need one, but you need someone to guide your attacks. I really do not recall treatening you to kick you out of the server for that. If I did, I am sorry. (Higher Admins please check the logs) Please someone unban him. You are welcome to join the server back again and I'm looking forward to that because you are not a bad player. But I hope next time you will bring better attitude with you. Thanks for the post!
  18. the eyes chico they never lie
  19. @Renainn your made your tags wrong, try doing =VG= all together only space should be between your tags and your name so it would look like this: =VG= Renaainn
  20. thanks for the nice intro Jar, see you in game
  21. Nice to have you back!
  22. Welcome back!
  23. Don't think price will drop for atleast a year from its release and I doubt you could buy it somewhere cheaper like kinguin, g2a or something like that. But hey, lets just wait and see
  24. Reason why !admin command was removed in the first place is so higher admins can watch out for new light,community and VG admins and that was all explained in some post couple days ago if I'm not mistaken. Honestly I got no problem with that because you can always check the player list to see who is on from both VG and community admins and if you dont know some new admin it will show up if that admin decides to do an admin command.
  25. What do you mean offline? I am not sure if its down or not but always try to join by server IP if server is not on the list.