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  1. okay, I've got BMS 4.32 loaded and ready except I use X55 Rhino and can't seem to find a profile that will work with throttle, stick and rudder pedals. They seem to crash and not function. Running upgraded version of Windows 10 might be the culprit. Thanks everyone for the welcome and I look forward to great times. Anyone got a profile that might work with X55 Rhino. thanks.
  2. I have some experience with DCS World but would like to get to know this BMS 4.32 F=16 I hear it"s pretty accurate. I was a crew chief on them for a time way back in the 80's. Can't seem to find a workable Falcon 4.0 exe file and mpr.dll missing file. Any suggestions or help would be appreciated. Looking forward to taking off with fellow vets. I have windows 8.1, intel 5, vga card Radeon R9 380 and 12gb memory, Rhino x55 controls. thanks Blackjack