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  1. Hello there!

    Big ol' Baddy Maddy. Welcome to VG, Welcome to the forums. Already know you but always good to post here right?
  2. Professionals at work

  3. Impossible but it happened. Bloody poophat
  4. It wasn't a pain. Just had to turn around and tell him to get down every two seconds because he doesn't do it haha
  5. I did enjoy seeing Recon dancing on a roof alone when we told him to stay down. Me and Torval had a blast protecting him. Thanks Recon
  6. It wasn't just the organization of squads. A lot of factors came by that didn't make it enjoyable for a lot.
  7. "Blackhawk Down" News - Behind the Scenes

    BEAKFAST. Loved this Moose, gotta do more stuff.
  8. IED ID and RPG training

    Ooh, I'm pretty dang good at hiding ieds. I'll come and place ;)
  9. [PR] Bomb Trucks outtake

    you beauty. now wheres the other 97% of recorded film thats actually blooper reel material? gimmie gimmie gimmie
  10. PR : Campaign Episode I

    I can volunteer sometime Recon. Just hit me with what you need. I'll try not crash the server :)
  11. PR : Campaign Episode I

    If theres any free slots come to or so, throw me in. I'll be out and about then so able to come along and be bad :) ACTUALLY. I see a slot in Regular inf, chuck me in.. I meed to get my m8 and mectus fix.
  12. What do You thing about new events?

    I have heard chatter, even myself speaking about this with others But how about a bot/switch event? I know it's been done here before, (thats what I've heard), and what happens is that us Humans are always Americans... or British.... and the bots be Militia or MEC or something.. and we switch. Instead of invading Muttrah, we hold it. (We are MEC instead of American) or something..
  13. Space Engineers: Troubleshooting and Tweaks

    I do get steady 30+ FPS whenever im alone and stuff. Most people have the same issue I do... Asteroids.
  14. Space Engineers: Troubleshooting and Tweaks

    Updated with list of my Specs.