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  1. introduction

    Welcome to the Forums! I play Overwatch, Arma and Warthunder myself so maybe we can play some time? I dont have PUBG yet but it looks very interesting. Gonna get it if it goes on sale.
  2. welcome to the forums Jacket! See you around
  3. games

    @Midgee Actually blazer, rotblut, carkidd, deathdealer, semler, sydney and I own that game so yeah...... convoy?
  4. games

    RO2/RS is a really good game if you like realistic shooters. Also, they have fully animated tank interior! Arma2 is also really nice.. but most servers run epoch or dayz mods. Insurgency has nice, fast gameplay if you like that
  5. games

    RO2/RS is one game. Rising storm is just the pacific front expansion with japanese vs usa
  6. Welcome to the forums! See you around!
  7. Got blown to pieces by a Alliance (or as it Federation?) patrol while trying to get to me... poor thing
  8. Neutronstar

    First time finding one of these while trying to regroup with my wing
  9. @zero_tolerance_s I know.. I loved it! (especially the turrets) I own both
  10. Hello! As the Steam summer-sale just started i thought it would be nice to get some nice game recommendations. I'll also be recommending some games so that its a give and take. COOP: Helldivers Helldivers is a 4 player top-down shooter where all players share the same screen. (inspired by Halos ODSTs) It has different objectives players must fullfill to accomplish a mission. (eg. minesweeping, rescue and escort civs, destroy stuff etc.) Players can use Stratagems to call in airstrikes, artillery strikes or even mechs to help them complete the mission. After all objectives are done players must then proceed to extraction and are then rewarded with weapons/stratagems. Its a great game to play with friends who own it. You can also just join a public matchmaking as most players are nice. RTS: Homeworld Remastered collection Its a SciFi space RTS with ship building elements. Mine resources, upgrade tech and build more and better ships. You can make use of the 3 dimensional movment of ships and attack from basically everywhere. At the beginning you only have your mothership and slowly begin to build your own fleet. Different ship types with different purposes give you more choices how you want to play. Wanna steam roll your opponent? Build huge capital ships and lots of corvettes, fighters and bombers. Or make it more tactical by creating a decoy fleet and attacking the enemy mothership from above with heavy bombers and take out the hyper drive and enginines to trap them. You can also upgrade certain capital ships with different modules such as a fighter module for carriers for them to be able to build bombers and interceptors. There are also mods for this game wich makes it even greater. I dont own the remastered collection on steam so i dont know how the multiplayer currently looks like but its still fun even against ai.
  11. Stealthy, infantry only combat? Ok now this is my event! Position: Alpha Squad, Rifleman Also a question: Will the OPFOR cargo trucks/helos be able to actively seek for BLUEFOR (in yellow state) or only a predefined path/flee (yellow) because they are only cargo vehicles?
  12. Awwww... well.. Sadly i cant attend the event with the new date. Have fun everyone!
  13. meh.. and here i thought that bots would only start to move once a player has spawned
  14. what the? Ok sounds interesting. As for Nuijima.. hope the weather's gonna be nice then (explosive rain of STEEL from SU25s)
  15. Yeah bots wont but players right? Would prevent accidential spawn. More time for others to load in?