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  1. Update

    It's because you shoot the laser out of your....gentleman's area. If your lower half is in cover you won't see the lase yourself but it will still be showing correctly for other people. It's a bug since 1.5.0.
  2. Whats your favorite breakfast(or anytime) drink?

    Coffeeeeeee. Good shit espresso machine at work, I drink at least 3 double espressos per day. Kind of addicted tbh.
  3. UPDATE 1.5.2 Released

    Global issue with 1.5.2 patch apparently, not related to our server.
  4. Upcoming Event

    I'll be Ted's Rocket man (AT Sq.3)
  5. Mug Shots!

    You know you want a piece of me.
  6. Map rotations

    It seems to be back to it's pre-1.4 state. It works, but frequently crashes halfway through the match.
  7. Mug Shots!

    Yours truly beneath the Avro Vulcan at the RAF museum in London
  8. SSD fail

    Decided to run the user benchmark as well and absolutely creamed it http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/4375803
  9. SSD fail

    There are two commonly used types of M.2 drives. There's the B&M keyed M.2 SATA drives which use AHCI, these are still running on SATA, just through the M.2 connector and therefore are limited to 6Gb/s Then there are the M keyed M.2 drives that use NVME. These are the pure PCI-E drives that use the 32Gb/s interface. Rule of thumb: If it has two notches on the connector, it's an AHCI M.2 drive, if it was only one notch it's a NVME M.2 drive. If you plug an M.2 drive into your motherboard and it disables some SATA connectors on your motherboard it means you are running a AHCI M.2. If you were running a NVME M.2 you would still have all your SATA connectors enabled, but your system would lose 4 PCI-E lanes instead. Then there's SATA Express....don't even get me started on that shitshow
  10. Help With PC and PR

    His screenshot is from a 775 desktop, not a laptop. Core 2 Duos don't have integrated graphics and neither does his motherboard. He has a dedicated GPU, just not a powerful one. Franko, if you run "dxdiag" what device is listed under the "Display" tab?
  11. Funny pictures

    Wait, is that the reason why I always lose fights in the field in PUBG?
  12. Operation "Red Tide" Part IV

    Will be able to attend on the new date
  13. Operation "Red Tide" Part IV

    Will not be able to attend this event :(. Good luck to the rest of you.
  14. Who else likes Pineapples?

    Pineapple goes on pizza. Anyone who disagrees can fight me IRL!
  15. Operation "Red Tide" Part II

    Ted, did the FSA shark proof their BMP1s before deploying them to Sharqi?
  16. Operation "Red Tide" Part II

    BMP gunner on Taraba and Tampa pls.
  17. Melon's Final Revent pw; event

    I second this. We'll fill the convoy up with cake.
  18. Can't view chatbox when logged in.

    Evergreen has a point, could this be affecting all non-VG admins?
  19. PBAsydney's fighter & my Python

    I would personally stay clear of Saitek for the time being. Their old sticks were excellent, but then Mad Katz bought the brand and the build quality plummeted. Logitech did purchase the brand recently, but I assume they are still selling the old Mad Katz sticks with terrible build quality right now. I had an X-55 that lasted me around 2 months before switches and buttons stopped working. Bought myself a Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS and never looked back. That shit ain't cheap though.
  20. Operation "Red Tide" Part I

    Nice work ted, looking forward to it.
  21. Elite: Dangerous Discussion & Tips

    l3RY4N, I can take you under my wing while you are getting the hang of it. It's a lot easier to learn the ropes if you have someone with you :). I highly recommend getting it on PC. I won't be able to back you up on consoles
  22. Elite: Dangerous Discussion & Tips

    God damnit, now I need to install Elite again. Getting the itch to space truck. If anyone wants to play, hit me up on TS
  23. Melon's Second PR Event

    Mi-8 pilot on Iron Ridge. Gunner Tank 1 on beirut.
  24. Melon's first PR co-op event

    Keed pls.
  25. Melon's first PR co-op event

    I'll join Keed's leftover squad on Lashkar. I can also take the second Blackhawk on Ramiel if nobody else wants it.