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  1. It's because you shoot the laser out of your....gentleman's area. If your lower half is in cover you won't see the lase yourself but it will still be showing correctly for other people. It's a bug since 1.5.0.
  2. Coffeeeeeee. Good shit espresso machine at work, I drink at least 3 double espressos per day. Kind of addicted tbh.
  3. Global issue with 1.5.2 patch apparently, not related to our server.
  4. I'll be Ted's Rocket man (AT Sq.3)
  5. You know you want a piece of me.
  6. It seems to be back to it's pre-1.4 state. It works, but frequently crashes halfway through the match.
  7. Yours truly beneath the Avro Vulcan at the RAF museum in London
  8. Decided to run the user benchmark as well and absolutely creamed it http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/4375803
  9. There are two commonly used types of M.2 drives. There's the B&M keyed M.2 SATA drives which use AHCI, these are still running on SATA, just through the M.2 connector and therefore are limited to 6Gb/s Then there are the M keyed M.2 drives that use NVME. These are the pure PCI-E drives that use the 32Gb/s interface. Rule of thumb: If it has two notches on the connector, it's an AHCI M.2 drive, if it was only one notch it's a NVME M.2 drive. If you plug an M.2 drive into your motherboard and it disables some SATA connectors on your motherboard it means you are running a AHCI M.2. If you were running a NVME M.2 you would still have all your SATA connectors enabled, but your system would lose 4 PCI-E lanes instead. Then there's SATA Express....don't even get me started on that shitshow
  10. His screenshot is from a 775 desktop, not a laptop. Core 2 Duos don't have integrated graphics and neither does his motherboard. He has a dedicated GPU, just not a powerful one. Franko, if you run "dxdiag" what device is listed under the "Display" tab?
  11. Wait, is that the reason why I always lose fights in the field in PUBG?
  12. Will be able to attend on the new date
  13. Will not be able to attend this event :(. Good luck to the rest of you.