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  1. is it true ur not a squarrel?/

  2. Heyy all

    Welcome to the party!
  3. So many changes...

    Glad you're back Hater! Hope you'll get a speedy recovery.
  4. H8CrazyVet67

    Rest in peace my buddy, I will remember all of those shenanigans we went through together, whether it's driving a Humvee directly towards into enemy Armour or being the best damn medic on PR. Vincent was a great player and admin and I am proud to have called him my friend.
  5. Mug Shots!

    Thank you for being a great friend of mine Blazer.
  6. Funny Screenshots

    When we did this, it was a beautiful thing, we had a good couple of games after this acting like pirates and getting top squad.

    INF-Breacher INF-Breacher INF1-Breacher
  8. [PR] Bomb Trucks outtake

    Simply amazing.
  9. PR : Campaign Episode I

    I'll Take m8's Regular Inf Rifleman
  10. PR:BF2 VIP Rescue info + signup

    Just found out I am unable to attend to the event, so I guess my Rifleman Place in the Infantry Spot can be open.
  11. PR:BF2 VIP Rescue info + signup

    I'll take Squad 2 Rifleman