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  1. @ PITN Request to deactivate altylerii. M4 Scorcher stops the server. You can set the purchase price for half the price MLRS. Now it's too cheap. Recently the whole city is in ruins and killed civilians. 1x civil = -20 ammo
  2. Not sure who is working on this server, but it is labeled as DEV -- if they could post up here in the discussion, it would help... PITN? You got some good things coming or something? Probably PITN testing the 64-bit executables Arma3 (1.68 Update).
  3. No. You will be able with impunity drive through enemy territory (Truck-FOB, MHQ etc ...) And you'll play as the medic against tanks? Medic (blufor) has a range shot 150-200 meters without optics. The enemy AI has a range of 400-800 meters (have optics). It's useless. And so they die 60 times per session with AT, optics and ThermoVision.
  4. If the server has a minimum of 25-30 FPS Liberation is not bugged (almost) My ideas: - Headless Client (It was mentioned on additional servers) - Dron not activate sectors - Reduction hallo jumping (less active of distant sectors) - Add in sectors/city soldiers AA (little). Hostile FOB or patrol paratroopers is AA and the city have? - Set time of 24 hours and short nights (accelerated time and changeable weather causes the player freeze -together) - Kick for friendly fire in FOB and Chimera eg. 2-3 x TK / 1min = auto kick (massive problems) - Cleaning of the vehicle at 1 hour (probably it is) - For the complete - admin + Zeus Edit: - Reduced radius activation of sector. It's too big.
  5. This is also the problem of the so-called 3 FPS Arma (BI forum). The player has to reload and loses AI. In Liberation, you can set the number of AI to the number of players. But it's also oddly operates. The script counts all players on the server and the play a few players. Comparison of "Liberation" to "BMR Insurgency" is how to compare "Domination" to "Insurgency" Arma2
  6. Maybe replace BMR Insurgency Tanoa on Altis. It was the opposite proposition
  7. server Arma 2 is suddenly online on swec
  8. Why server Insurgency is down on ? On gametracker shows online. Some ports blocked? That is, since December. This also applies to servers Arma 3 BMR Insurgency Tanoa and Liberation