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  1. Are the devs really that pants on head retarded? They don't even play test the maps already every time they push out an update (bugged navmeshs, broken designs like the runways after the physics update, wrong armor values in vehicles etc.), and now they are hash-checking the map files for no reasons other than keeping the servers to their "standards" ?
  2. IMO the problem is the variation of the player quality/skill level. When I'm online, even the easiest asset-heavy maps take at least 1hr30min-2hrs to finish due to how incompetent the "squads" are (wandering all over the place, flag jumping when there are only 1 functional squad etc.) Without building FOBs in the correct place the players won't even be able to get to the flag as no one will run transport/trans as suppressed by AA or APC/all ground transport vehicles got ditched somewhere far on map AND then all of them(Players) will spawn in the main or generally being useless. Basically it's like herding cats to finish a map before everybody quits and kill the server population. But then when there are at least 3 proper players online or 2 good squads and the round finishes in 30-45 mins and everybody steamrolls the bots. I suggest that we use the old wire need wrenching and other is instant build to keep the balance if the vehicle decay speed can't be fixed/set to deployment level.
  3. Will titans and missile silos be available for both the EU and PAC side on Highway Tampa?
  4. What kind of weird password is that. Well it is more passwordly than "event" I guess.
  5. It's not about the server hardware but the PR+BF2 server coding itself being a 10 year pile of ancient code. There are not much the devs can do about it expect refactoring the whole code base which is impossible.
  6. As the title, the coop server got into unrecoverable crashes 2-3 day in a row where players got stuck on the starting screen with the "dead" message and server not restarting itself, requiring someone to restart it manually from the control panel. Could someone look into the error logs or similar and see what is causing that?
  7. Dragon Fly: SAS Medic Bijar: N/A for now Barracuda: 2ND Inf AT Rifleman
  8. Well they will be fired for sure...
  9. Links should be working now.
  10. Please spare me for the horrible camera work and video editing. This trick was pulled out by Tophat. All credits to him. EDIT: Reuploaded for slightly better camerawork and less chatter
  11. This kit man, have you seen or heard of it?
  12. Aww man there's no marksman for the Seals *wink wink nudge nudge*
  13. You will need to enable port forwarding for BF2 server for TCP and UDP (Can't remember which port to be exact) on your router to your local IP, then it should be all good assuming your ISP allows server hosting.
  14. Do you guys still need a private server for filming? Cuz it will be 2am in the morning at my place, and I might not be available at that time. I can show you how to set one up if needed though.
  15. I think Kokan could use a bit more tickets also.