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  1. Steel Ocean Real Life this week Salute
  2. Then let's take the 50%
  3. Maybe in C14. In general I think this is a excellent Idea. We plan that before an talk to the right People.
  4. Maybe you can ask InchPincherToo, I guess it is a friend of him and btw. it is easy to delete this from his GT account if he is willing to do that.
  5. Nice to see your Intro. Welcome to the Forums.
  6. Just to explain. The Vanguard Operations Group decided to launch an attack against occupied Riamh Pax. That is the faction I am playing in. Our tag is [PR]RPX|. We also looking for open eyed, open minded player who like to play against our "Agressor" vog ! Not only that we have to defend our homeland, no the world needs a sign of unity because only so our occupied land can be freed again. The first victory over the foreigners has already been won and further victories will follow. These occupiers will be driven out of our country and eradicated from the soil. Decide who you want to support, the evil or the good.
  7. Isn't it the PRT Time? http://tournament.realitymod.com
  8. until

    I'll hopefully participate on this
  9. you made my day.
  10. It took me a Day to get the skills to join a fleet. The first hour I thought my game is broke
  11. Welcome to =VG=
  12. Really? Double_13 = 3445976 OOH those =VG= Tags!!!! Congrats
  13. So the night job is over and my house is calling. I still have some work to do but also I need my recreation time with gaming. The Idea of Blazer to show our faces is nice but really, I had to think about it. Now I will go a step further and demande united Whatsapp Group to stay in closer contact. So anybody who is interrested in beeing part of that, please feel free to PM me I reply with my Mobile Phones Number.

    Even I was only three weeks away with mostly no internet at all, there is so much electronic work to do, I think you can imagine. 

    It was fun to play a few PR Maps yesterday, I hope I see you all later. Btw,  :blum:

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    2. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      I love you all, but I won't be installing any Big Brother apps anytime soon ;)
      More power to you guys, and best wishes!  If I'm somewhere I want people to find, I'll post it up, and if I'm feeling sociable, I'll be in TS3
      I make it fairly easy to contact me, ya know, this whole website we built and the TS3 server we run ... :tatice_03:

    3. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Since win7 or my win10 mobile I don't care about BB anymore. But to be honest, I really don't care since 1987. That was the time I realized that Orwells 1984 was already in Place.  

    4. Sausag3


      Oh God, I ain't used WhatsApp for ages.

      Might aswell relight the candle and start using it again.

      Ill PM you shortly.

  14. And I dare to say that it is satisfying especially for practiced, mature player. I think it is the voluntary discipline of all age player on our servers
  15. have fun gaming with us.
  16. Like alway , too late. https://imgur.com/a/vfiMx
  17. I'll give it a try when I am back. I worry a little with gfx I dunno if my gtx750 can handle this game
  18. All right guys, five more days to go and I am ready to do my last guard job this year. A little bit less gaming the last weeks was not so bad for me. As I wrote before, I found out that getting older is much less fun then I thought in my youth. My house still need to be fixed and I have to compensate the money I've lost in advanced payments ( yes I don't do it again).

    The winter comes so the gas tank has to be filled. I've asked a friend if I can work for him on a christmes market in southern germany. He said I am on his radar. Selling pots and plates is a fine job for me as a pottery fan. As we say in germany, push your thumbs for me, for good luck. :blush:

    We will see what happens, I will tell you. So I wish you all a good time the next four weeks and I also believe that you all will have as much fun as posibble.

    1. .Blizzard.


      Good luck on your work, Rotblut ! Work is work we all have to do a thing to gain some money ;) especially when you are in need of them. Hope i will see as soon as possible ingame or TS !:hi:

    2. =VG= l3RY4N

      =VG= l3RY4N

      I think i can say that everyone here "drückt dir die daumen".

    3. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Best wishes and good luck! :drinks:

  19. introduction

    Your english was always good enough for me. I hope you understand mine too.. Welcome!
  20. Add me to. Then we all can hoist the =VG= flag!
  21. let me quickly get my motorcycle combi from the cabinet and let us jet into the sunset. my goodnes what a superbike.
  22. Aaaaand, a very nice detail from the date I was born. That is again a outstanding piece of research♥‿♥
  23. My fav. Vid on this for the moment: The damn Kurfürst couldn't make it to the End.