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  1. Top Gun top this

    Life is suprising me sometimes. I had to share this with you. It is a pitty that you do not hear the sound. creepy. put o not listed vid on yt so u hear the sound. https://youtu.be/2N2xkf7iQIY
  2. Operation Red Dawn 02.02.2019

    Nice one. Where to sign in.
  3. So you want to become an airline pilot?

    I tought about a Ultralight Flyer. A Guy here is producing them low cost and you just need a minor licence but have the experience to fly
  4. I may never play PR again after 31/12/2018

    It is a criminal offence to use VPN in Vietnam and some other countrys in this world. @Aori I am sad about to hear that.
  5. Merry Christmas!

    and a Happy new Year
  6. Can we add discord to our Contacs?

    @Kayip https://discord.gg/NQr5M8C most of the VG people are listed there!
  7. Hello there

    Kebab Lovers are always
  8. Koenigsegg Agera RS1

    If I think about it, I would need a shoehorn to get in
  9. AFK for extended period

    Sad news but on the other hand it is christmas time and wonder happen every day. The new car will be better and PR will start faster with your SSD and i7 77 plus the better GFX. Happy Holidays and think positiv.
  10. Jabal rainbow dam 3

    I think I've just seen a Unicorn running arround the left corner
  11. Trying to sneak up on a bot vehicle in a nutshell

    But the Grafix are much better as the guy said in Double_13's video.
  12. Trying to sneak up on a bot vehicle in a nutshell

    And not easy to see if he has a GLTD or a Digital Cam. Reality: Respawn = Reincarnation ??
  13. Hey,mate

    Madix always
  14. Hello, Everyone!

    Yeah play some PR with us
  15. Howdy y'all!

    Ooh oh, 286 that is long time ago, so you should know how to push the buttons and keys.
  16. international undergroundpunk from 70s and 80s

    ZSD - Ehre & Gerechtigkeit [Full Album] ZSD - Bevor es zu spät ist heisst es handeln
  17. Radio =VG=

    You like African Music? Go have a look here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCVmlUQk5vGvHEcYXcXvcxMw
  18. New Khami

    Yeah this is how it should be when you try to invade a country from inside with "just" an airport you hold. Reminds me a little to Baghdad Scene back in 2003
  19. Jabal 128 layer

    Looks very nice no bridge camping anymore. Good job.
  20. Smoke for bots

    Giving medics smoke back in COOP wouldt be more important now the smokes work. Btw medics always cover the shoveling guys when they build.
  21. Hello

    Welcome to the Forums and have much fun playing PR with us.
  22. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    Wasn't that the callenge for COOP. Beat them when they are more. I don't understand what is fun to just run throgh a map and always having the overhand (because of our beloved AR's) but not even a real strategy. I love to come to an empty Server and try to find out who's really bad. BtW have you tryed the BF2 Mod Humans_vs_Monster?? Awesome I say. https://www.moddb.com/mods/bf2-human-vs-monster-mod
  23. Smoke for bots

    I've noticed over the last years in different BF2 Mods, that bots love it to blind human players with smoke when they can. That mostly happens with vehicles. I hope when we change our strategies they also do and use smoke for disguise and advanced movements. Boyss we will have much more fun now beating the almighty AI.
  24. Smoke for bots

    I agree it is a very good idea. As on deployment we are waiting for the smoke, so we know where to shoot.