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  1. Steel Ocean Real Life this week Salute
  2. Hey Rotblut.... You are texting to Kavlenko but it is coming to me... lol ... but yeah I will help ya out also. Talk with Semler about getting your flight stick setup and hit me up if ya got any questions.

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      Thanks, I come back to you as soon as I loose my Steel Ocean addiction (for the Moment) ;)


  3. Then let's take the 50%
  4. Maybe in C14. In general I think this is a excellent Idea. We plan that before an talk to the right People.
  5. Maybe you can ask InchPincherToo, I guess it is a friend of him and btw. it is easy to delete this from his GT account if he is willing to do that.
  6. Nice to see your Intro. Welcome to the Forums.
  7. Just to explain. The Vanguard Operations Group decided to launch an attack against occupied Riamh Pax. That is the faction I am playing in. Our tag is [PR]RPX|. We also looking for open eyed, open minded player who like to play against our "Agressor" vog ! Not only that we have to defend our homeland, no the world needs a sign of unity because only so our occupied land can be freed again. The first victory over the foreigners has already been won and further victories will follow. These occupiers will be driven out of our country and eradicated from the soil. Decide who you want to support, the evil or the good.
  8. Isn't it the PRT Time? http://tournament.realitymod.com
  9. until

    I'll hopefully participate on this
  10. you made my day.
  11. It took me a Day to get the skills to join a fleet. The first hour I thought my game is broke
  12. Welcome to =VG=
  13. Really? Double_13 = 3445976 OOH those =VG= Tags!!!! Congrats