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  1. Looks Russian, amphibious
  2. introduction

    #teufelshunde #devildogs #whellcome
  3. Give it a second chance, ( http://www.realitymod.com/downloads ) I'd also think you mean Arma2/3 PUBG ? I missed the freaking thing on the summer sale but I am patient. Welcome back, we'll see us on any Battlefield
  4. It's like in my childhood. Pew, pew, pew. You're dead!
  5. What a funny coincidence. and, yessssssss, I am in!
  6. What a pitty! Usually I am not a good weather fisher or hunter but, this is so crazy, we had only 200 ltr/hr - rain, rain, rain and so much more rain that I decided to stop my trip and go right back to my house. What a suprise for me, there is a small spot on my chimney, mousehole big. Haha water on the wall, need to fix this. I can imagine what wouldt happen when i came end of next week.:mebiro_01: Little swimming pool in my upper bathroom. :beach:

    See ya all later this evening

    1. =VG= kiwirambob

      =VG= kiwirambob

      Indoor pool .. wow


  7. Two Nights to do and so far nothing happend. Exept.... I,ve never seen such lazy asses then the local security. Anyway... nothing bad in my section. yippie! c u guys in a few days but first i need to hunt a hog and catch a catfish. 


  8. :buba: The time has come I have to say good bye to everybody who likes (or not) to play with me(:blum2:). 

    While sitting there at Munich as a Nightwatch on my Market, I will lovefull remember the good times I've had the last Weeks.

    It is only for three Weeks but I feel that I want to tell you all, Thank you for these nice hours I have playing Games with you all.

    Since I have a new Partner in Life, it is even more fun to play, because she supports my Game addiction. Ha!

    You Guys and Gals are the fun part of my Life.:hi:

    I look forward to see you all soon but now I have to do my Job:pogranichnik:. You all stay safe and healty the next three weeks.

    Rot out!


    1. =VG= SemlerPDX

      =VG= SemlerPDX

      Glad you enjoyed your holiday! See you around!

    2. =VG= m823us

      =VG= m823us

      Hey man have a wonderful time and good luck!

      When you come-back I'll save a spot for you.

    3. ranger_12


      because she supports my Game addiction. Ha!  :clapping:



  9. Welcome back. Hopefully see you on the PR Battlefield
  10. multicrew

    #+@zzrrzzkk#+§# multicrew???
  11. bumm

    always nice
  12. Now I play for about 40 hrs and did not shoot a single guy. Accidently in Wing with a Friend I hit a Cop and I got killed instantly. I found out that I have a Insurance for the Ship. lol. But so far this is not the usual SyFi FP Shooter. I explore this Galaxy by beeing a Merchant and enjoy it totaly.
  13. Really excellent job @PDXSemler, If I Had this guide when I've installed Win10 the first time, I would have given it a chance. Unfortunately I didn't, so I run Win7 again. But, with this guide on my hand I will try it a second time.