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  1. A new Marshal in Town? Sounds like more fun for all of us. Welcome Buddy.
  2. What a nice Idea!
  3. Did someone drag this footage out of his dead body? RIP
  4. 010110010110111100100000010000100110100101101110011000010111001001111001001000000110111001101001011000110110010100100000011101000110111100100000011010000110000101110110011001010010000001101111011011100110010100100000011011010110111101110010011001010010000001000111011001010111001001101101011000010110111000100000011101110110100101110100011010000010000001100001001000000111001101110000011001010110001101101001011000010110110000100000011010110110100101101110011001000010000001101111011001100010000001001000011101010110110101101111011100100010111000100000010101110110010101101100011000110110111101101101011001010010000001100001011011100110010000100000011010000110000101110110011001010010000001000110011101010110111000101110
  5. Welcome back. See you on any Battlefield!
  6. What a Tombstone
  7. Looks Russian, amphibious
  8. Thx again bro

    1. =VG= Rotblut

      =VG= Rotblut

      It's an honour

  9. introduction

    #teufelshunde #devildogs #whellcome
  10. Give it a second chance, ( http://www.realitymod.com/downloads ) I'd also think you mean Arma2/3 PUBG ? I missed the freaking thing on the summer sale but I am patient. Welcome back, we'll see us on any Battlefield
  11. It's like in my childhood. Pew, pew, pew. You're dead!
  12. What a funny coincidence. and, yessssssss, I am in!
  13. What a pitty! Usually I am not a good weather fisher or hunter but, this is so crazy, we had only 200 ltr/hr - rain, rain, rain and so much more rain that I decided to stop my trip and go right back to my house. What a suprise for me, there is a small spot on my chimney, mousehole big. Haha water on the wall, need to fix this. I can imagine what wouldt happen when i came end of next week.:mebiro_01: Little swimming pool in my upper bathroom. :beach:

    See ya all later this evening

    1. =VG= kiwirambob

      =VG= kiwirambob

      Indoor pool .. wow