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  1. 15 Top Games für under 5 Euro! Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor für 3,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Portal 2 für 1,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro The Room 2 für 1,24 Euro statt 4,99 Euro Depth für 4,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Antichamber für 3,79 Euro statt 18,99 Euro Transistor für 2,84 Euro statt 18,99 Euro This War of Mine für 3,79 Euro statt 18,99 Euro Age of Empires II HD für 4,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Day of the Tentacle Remastered für 3,74 Euro statt 14,99 Euro Serious Sam 3: BFE für 3,69 Euro statt 36,99 Euro Dishonored für 2,49 Euro statt 9,99 Euro Metro 2033 Redux für 4,99 Euro statt 19,99 Euro Keep Talking and Noby Explodes für 4,94 Euro statt 14,99 Euro Terraria für 4,99 Euro statt 9,99 Euro To The Moon für 1,59 Euro statt 7,99 Euro
  2. Elite Dangerous. took a while to download and will take a while to learn but DAMN what a nice game
  3. Breakdance

  4. Surrender?

  5. project reality

    How the Hell did he do that?
  6. project reality

    Aha, so its not a bad Idea to have some extra player names
  7. Yeah and while we listnen to TEDF and PBAsydney talking about the loss of his Flaregun(???) we forget to tell that I we, gathered Intel. You remember the Map I found on that wooden box in the backyard lattice boxes south of Checkpoint6_0? I almost s-it myself when they start talking next to us.
  8. Yippie, parachute
  9. Yeah we make it better! Good job Wursti/Sausag3
  10. At least, he has a medicpack we can drag out of his death body. Tz tz
  11. Awesome work. You!
  12. Honeybadgersfallen.jpg

    Yes get out, make a screenshot zero_tolerance said. Honey went out and forgot that we stand on a edge of the ridge. lol MEDICC!
  13. Was alright after then. Good job 👏🏻