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  1. I'm not one of the big advertisers, but in this case. OBS would be easy to use for game videos and provides all the necessary settings. Use if you have an external/other physical hard drive that makes everything much faster.
  2. What is that Lag? Do you see the game like this, or is it only the wrong keyframe for YT (it should be 4)?
  3. I try to run over a traffic light when I had to escape. Hasn't work out, caught a RPG because the Pole didn't move.
  4. !fly 8-bits ???. ?
  5. True words
  6. Philadelphia Experiment https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philadelphia_Experiment
  7. OOPS. I hope the neighbor didn't see it.
  8. Yeah, a good Squadleader can be helpful, but like yesterday - we had to take who was there ....................Game on. And, Welcome.
  9. sure I can make it. Haha no, not really but how cool?
  10. I just ask myself how a blob like me (130kg) fits into this setup.
  11. Welcomehave fun flying here
  12. lol. answering that Necropost..... haha... got it!
  13. rofl. I showed this to my Girl. She could not laugh about it
  14. Looks like a nice Game. aargh, maybe I finde my Enter Prise there !
  15. Welcome and have fun flying here