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  1. New Graphic needed - Any graphics guys here?

    Best I could tell, the font is called "Bebas". I actually found the original photo the first banner was made from, and erased the old lettering.
  2. New Graphic needed - Any graphics guys here?

    I didn't see that you already posted the other one, but here's mine. I even matched the font and everything.
  3. Photoshop Help

    I used a CAD program. It's kind of complicated to explain, but basically I drew two parallel wavy lines around a circle, copied and rotated the whole thing like you said, and then trimmed out the intersecting lines in between.
  4. Photoshop Help

    Heh heh. !spite
  5. Photoshop Help

    I can't figure out how to draw that cord circle. !wack
  6. photoshop help

    Thanks. I just blew it up to 10 times original size and traced the lines as best I could. Then I shrunk it back down.
  7. photoshop help

    Here's my attempt. It's a bitmap 377 x 377. I just sharpened it up a bit. What is it? If you don't mind me asking...
  8. New holiday site banner contest!

    Is this what you're getting at?
  9. New holiday site banner contest!

    I'm on it. *cracks knuckles*...
  10. [poll] BF2 Eve of Destruction - Vietnam War

    I got it. It's not as polished as PR, but it's still pretty fun. It uses a lot of the vanilla BF2 maps, and it runs good on my crummy computer. Here's the thing: There's only one other server worldwide. It's running co-op, but nobody is playing. Plus, it auto-balances the bots between both sides. You guys might want to make an excursion onto that server and try it out before starting anything. A few screens:
  11. Cheating at the Pump?

    I'm going to have to get gas soon, so I'll check the math, but I see a couple of red flags here: Anything that says, "send this to everyone in your address book" - delete it. Complain to the "state Agriculture Department" and to the "Commissioner"? What does agriculture have to do with gas prices. And who is this commissioner?
  12. Funny Joke....

    I've heard that one before, but a little different. And if I saw that girl, that joke would have been the first thing to pop into my head.
  13. Prize Ideas?

    You want specific prizes or general ideas? I say keep doing what you?re doing. The games through Steam and occasional hardware pieces are just fine. Or, you could go back to handing out gift cards. That Leatherman was a good idea too. Maybe more outdoorsy stuff like that. I don?t suppose you can give away knives or ammo though, right?
  14. This sounds pretty cool. I?ll give it a go. Is this just background sound effects, or actual orders the player is expected to understand and follow?
  15. PR Sound Mod

    @Headshot: I believe it's the main BF2 directory. Don't delete the installer though, because you need that to enable/disable it. It says it's not compatible with all servers, but I used it on the VG coop server last night, and everything worked OK. No problems with Punkbuster. If anything does happen, just disable it I guess.