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  1. Hey thanks for donation 

  2. CH Products Pro throttle issue

    Hi Brain, I have always used the microstick on the throttle to slew the radar cursor and it has always worked just fine until 4.33. I assume that the microstick is Direct X it gives me a button #33 when I depress the micro switch button in the UI. I do go into the Avionics set up and set the X and Y axis for slew, when I do this now the X axis settles half way across the window but when I set the Y axis it either goes all the way across the window or doesn't show at all. I can move it back and forth but it always settles far left or far right never in the middle as the X axis does. I have never set them to keyboard before, I will try that though. In the BMS direct X 1.6 program I assign cursor enable to the microswitch. Hope this answers your questions.
  3. Since installing Falcon 4.33 the radar cursor is out of control. It moves all over the MFD screen and I have no control of it including the locking of targets. Anyone else out there have the same issue? Any fixes? Help if possible would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Fresh meat wants to fly

    I am still looking for some help to get on line on this server. If there is anyone that is willing to help me out I would appreciate it a lot. I have TeamSpeak and have gotten on line but what I am looking for, if it exists on the server is a free flight mission where anyone can join and fly as a lone wolf kind of mission and possibly join up with others if the possibility presents itself. I would not need much of your time. Like I said I don't know if what I am talking about even exist on the server, please let me know. I am available this week Tuesday on between 1200 to 1600 PST. Thanks in advance.
  5. Fresh meat wants to fly

    Hi SemlerPDX=VG= Thanks for responding, so we are both in Portland it looks like. Sorry I had some things to take care of and had to leave for awhile, sure wish I hadn't missed you. I am usually available to fly anytime Mon-Fri 1200 to 1600 and on Saturday from1200 to 1500. I use TS3 in DCS and have Veterans-Gaming ready to go in it. As I said I was able to get to the 2D map but no further. I will be on team speak tomorrow at 1200. Or if you would rather you could e-mail me a specific time @ swilkins@hevanet.com. Thanks again for the reply.
  6. Fresh meat wants to fly

    Hi all, my name is Steve (Pinefang) and I heard of your site from a fellow veteran. I enjoy flying DCS A-10 and Falcon 4.32. I am new to the Falcon game and have been looking for a loose place to practice flying the F-16 in MP. I understand that there is an open server here that allows that. Thought I found it but couldn't get past the 2D map. Could someone help me with the prerequisites of joining up with you guys if possible? Thanks in advance.