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  1. For some reason I leave the project. I will not disclose the reason for mine decision, because of the ethics and because of the respect that I have only to some members of the VG and several players of this community. Perhaps I will sometimes play on the server, but you will never more see me on the TS3 or something (but hwo's care??? ?: ). Thanks for all and good luck. Sincerely, Whiskey.
  2. Oh wow.)))
  3. Nah..))) It's good to have such a nice CAS crews on the server. BTW Imma not so good with piloting because of my low laptop hardware.
  4. And it's me again! With my new record ... This time as my co-pilot was Michael. We were playing on the map called Mutrah City. For me it's another achievement.) REAL RESULT: 254 kills on the end screen score tab.
  5. Welcome here, sir.
  6. Oh... Osrpey is my favorite. Nice to meet You sir.
  7. Thanks You! Sir.
  8. Heh..
  9. Ahahah... Well... C:
  10. Frankly speaking, it was very easy to do. Especially when you consider the fact that the bots didn't have at their disposal nothing but the quad canoon. Bots just jump out if it was at least hited by one shell from Apache.
  11. mectus11 Oh you... C: WhatAbout_J 215? Hell yeah!
  12. heh... Thank You sir!
  13. Al Basrah sir. Thank You.
  14. You asked the question - you get the answer. You have placed an application - you have been denied. This discussion could go on forever, but don't expect a different result. If a person once made for such a mistake - he would do it again. This will give you a worthy lesson for the future sir.
  15. For me, this is a record that we have successfully completed like this. C: