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  1. 10 hours ago, 0100011000101 said:

    vg are all old men ... and as they get older they need more sleep too. war is exhausting. ; P

    Ill have you know. Im 23...  :Alvarin_07:

    Think a few people, including myself, are taking a short break from PR.

    Trust me, PR is not dead. 

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  2. Hola! 

    First off, Welcome to the fourms! :crigon_04:

    17 hours ago, =VG= SemlerPDX said:

    Thank you for your interest in Admin'ing here - we keep an eye on potential candidates to be sure they posses the same spirit, maturity, and positive attitude we expect from potential new PR Admins and VG Members here.  Get to know the other regular players, PR Admins, and VG Members here and make some friends, too.  We do not promote people we do not know, so get known.

    If you have not done so already, Good place to start would be to introduce yourself to the regulars and admins on TeamSpeak.

    Address: ts3.veterans-gaming.com

    The more we get to know you, the quicker we can assess and find out if you are a viable candidate for admin status.

    If you got any further questions, feel free to express them here.


    Gracias amigo,


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  3. 57 minutes ago, =VG= TEDF said:

    2. LATs now fire at helos that wander too close & have increased range against IFVs and MBTs

    Gonna love watching all the newbies trying to land and give crates on Muttrah rooftops... Boom!


    57 minutes ago, =VG= TEDF said:

    4. Jets now drop bombs on INF.

    Khami and Kashan will never be the same again. I foresee multiple squad wipes.


    57 minutes ago, =VG= TEDF said:

    5. Bots now use GL launchers from longer range and fire smoke rounds at light vehicles and INF that's beyond their usual engagement range.

    Hacks I swear - They can see through the smoke man! Bots and their super-tech.


    Love the changes TEDF, I'm sure you'll get plenty of feedback! 

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  4. Echo1,


    12 hours ago, Echo1 said:

    I'm honestly tired of being on PR with no admins and dealing with stupidity. It ruins the game for all and report does nothing...

    We appreciate the concern.

    Its the holiday season and obviously our admins are spending time with their loved ones. This is the main reason why many of our admins (Including myself) have not been very active lately.


    Having read your previous threads, I understand your frustration. 

    I must kindly remind you that our admins are not only there to moderate the server but are also there to enjoy the game.

    We all come online whenever possible and if a player requests our presence on TeamSpeak. We also have admins regularly checking over the logs (the report function is not as useless as you believe it to be). 


    All our admins are actively looking at each player on the server and discussing if they are a viable candidate for admin rights. 

    That said, there is a strong level of trust between our admins - This trust is built over time as all our admins are regular players with a strong sense of teamwork and cooperation. We cannot randomly pick players for admin rights as we need to know if we can trust them.


    13 hours ago, Echo1 said:

    ...This is a problem thats now starting to occur. Needs to be fixed

    I beg to differ - his problem has been around for as long as I can remember.

    The "stupid" players will always come and go, they either get banned or get bored. As DarkCottonTail said, this is mainly due to the holidays, It will all die down after the New Year. 


    10 hours ago, Echo1 said:

    Its whatever not gonna post any more about this cause all i get is same replies

    Again, we are aware of the issue. Please do not add sass to your thread, you have had several honest replies.

    Get in touch and I assure you that everyone in the admin team will be willing to help.




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