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  1. Finally a job oportunity which I can't let just go. I am not much of playing these days anyway, so for you all, you won't miss me. 

    From March 19th to May 14th 2018 I am on the road and do what I can to make my Luck.

    It will be also a long time for me because there have no acces to any of my games.

    But for my house, roof and sure my life this is just perfect.

    I wish, you all have fun like you always do and count the Days down untill we meet again.

    Stay healty


  2. So the night job is over and my house is calling. I still have some work to do but also I need my recreation time with gaming. The Idea of Blazer to show our faces is nice but really, I had to think about it. Now I will go a step further and demande united Whatsapp Group to stay in closer contact. So anybody who is interrested in beeing part of that, please feel free to PM me I reply with my Mobile Phones Number.

    Even I was only three weeks away with mostly no internet at all, there is so much electronic work to do, I think you can imagine. 

    It was fun to play a few PR Maps yesterday, I hope I see you all later. Btw,  :blum:

    1. =VG= Blazer

      =VG= Blazer

      Sounds good to me mate. Ill need to reinstall WhatsApp, Ill ping you a message later. Stay safe!

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  3. A lot of work with my old House is done, (some Details of my huge clean up and Secure Mission ;)https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsBoHMbfwEVig0U8VphQZveU8fQR ) so till I have to go to earn money (wich I need badly) there is time to play the next days. I've played a little bit Aix+Civ.V yesterday. when I have fixed my TS3 I will hop on the PR Server and play a few rounds. Reward with fun!

  4. thx bro

    1. =VG= Blazer

      =VG= Blazer

      No problem. Enjoying the new site! Great work.