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  1. So the night job is over and my house is calling. I still have some work to do but also I need my recreation time with gaming. The Idea of Blazer to show our faces is nice but really, I had to think about it. Now I will go a step further and demande united Whatsapp Group to stay in closer contact. So anybody who is interrested in beeing part of that, please feel free to PM me I reply with my Mobile Phones Number.

    Even I was only three weeks away with mostly no internet at all, there is so much electronic work to do, I think you can imagine. 

    It was fun to play a few PR Maps yesterday, I hope I see you all later. Btw,  :blum:

    1. =VG= Blazer

      =VG= Blazer

      Sounds good to me mate. Ill need to reinstall WhatsApp, Ill ping you a message later. Stay safe!

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  2. A lot of work with my old House is done, (some Details of my huge clean up and Secure Mission ;)https://1drv.ms/f/s!AsBoHMbfwEVig0U8VphQZveU8fQR ) so till I have to go to earn money (wich I need badly) there is time to play the next days. I've played a little bit Aix+Civ.V yesterday. when I have fixed my TS3 I will hop on the PR Server and play a few rounds. Reward with fun!

  3. thx bro

    1. =VG= Blazer

      =VG= Blazer

      No problem. Enjoying the new site! Great work.