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  1. Sounds good to me! I'm definitely in for a Friday night PR Sesh! Considering taking in a small 4 man squad for "special forces stuff" if anyone is interested. If not, Ill just jump in and see what's happening on the day.
  2. Welcome to the club! Hope you enjoy your time with us here.
  3. Welcome Bud!
  4. Sounds good to me! Will be nice change from PR and a good opportunity to meet other people from the commonuity. I'll be sure to drop in once I get back.
  5. There also a few console commands if I'm not mistaken. Not so sure though... Anyone care to enlighten us? :)
  6. Welcome bud!
  7. I will now shed a tear. Won't be back until November, that's another event I have gone and missed. Hopefully see you guys in the next "episode". Hope you guys have fun. Looks brilliant, thanks TEDF for all the hard work!
  8. FastJack. You beat me too it. Nothing me irritating than spawning in and have new pilot almost crash a helicopter straight into your face seconds into the game!
  9. Welcome my dear friend! Always a blast whenever your in the same squad, hopefully I will get to play a few rounds with you soon mate. :)
  10. Funny. I was watching Black hawk Down the other day. I think it's a great idea! Event could follow the movie and have multiple phases: Phase 1 - Start of at main and go for a prisoner snatch at the hotel (some random pre-allocated building) Could have a few squads land in little birds to secure the building while a "Delta force" moves in and secures the prisoner(s). Phase 2- Convoy arrives taking the event into a convoy escort. Prisoners die Event ends? Phase 3- Sometime down the line someone could crash the Blackhawk (Making sure it's visible for everyone to see, maybe knock it up a little bit before hand so it's smoking) The event will then switch to a VIP rescue. I think it would be pretty cool to make it as immersive as possible, for example no using the UAV, instead have a little bird circling overhead with the commander inside it coordinating everything. Also would be a good opportunity for public players to have fun and learn to cooperate as a team.
  11. Welcome fella. So where's my foxhole?
  12. Welcome! Look forward to flying with you in the near future!
  13. sillymoose LAN_WROTE ... Proposed Solution: Stop dying so much. bahaha !lolol ^^^ Ahahah, we'll said Moose! !declare ^^^ I am so jealous of you guys right now, just the thought of actually losing a round or two makes me want to fly back home and start playing! Don't know about you fellas but winning EVERY round can get a little, dare I say it, "boring". Fight harder lads and earn that victory! !eatlead
  14. Thought I should follow the trend and introduce myself! I dropped into the Veterans Gaming Server many moons ago and was amazed at how welcoming the community was. I decided to hang around and got to know many of the guys on the server. Don't think I need to mention that I enjoy playing Project Reality with you all!!! A quick insight about myself; - Real Name: Alex - Aged 20, Living in the UK (East Coast) - Currently studying to become a Deck Officer in the Merchant Navy. - Enjoy messing around in boats (Yes, fresh air!) and playing casual games in my spare time. - Love annoying Lemur, its a great pastime, you should all take it up. That all said: Thanks for having me guys! See you all soon... Blazer !thx
  15. Pretty sure that's the same with the "airfield" on Barracuda. Still funny telling the newbies that they need to commit suicide to get out of them...
  16. In respect to what Martin has just said, I owe you all an apology as I have now watched this video. Definitely out of line this time around with no excuse. All I can physically say is sorry and hope I am forgiven by all.
  17. This is great, keep it up!
  18. To those that doubted me the other day when I said I spotted a bot named SLUT-BOT LEMURLEMUR... It appeared again today and now I have photo evidence. The prodigy has returned!!!
  19. Fine. I have lost this battle, but I have not lost the war. I will be back for you boy... !threaten
  20. Woah there "tough" guy! Take note that I wrote: "the other day when I said I spotted a bot". I didn't say I spotted first, Only wrote on here to bring everyone else's attention to it! !winker Now, quit your accusations fool. !taunt