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  1. Battle Preparations

    From the album Naval Action

  2. Heavy Rain

    From the album Naval Action

  3. Sunset

    From the album Naval Action

  4. Port Invasion

    From the album Naval Action

  5. I remember him? Anything wrong Skitalez?
  6. Might not make it tonight - Need to catch an early night so that I'm wide awake to stand on parade in the morning. Either way, hope you all have a good one!
  7. Welcome MoonLilly!
  8. Sounds good TEDF! Might be busy wreath laying on the 11th November as it is Remembrance day. Lest we forget.
  9. @asquirrel456 has said that he does not want to post a picture of his face. Being the good friend that I am, I have done it for him.
  10. @=VG= SemlerPDX Not quite mate, more like James bond! However, I wont lie, I do enjoy the odd Jamaican cone...
  11. Death... I'm glad you told me that the person on the bottom right was your cousin and that HE had long hair...
  12. Sausag3, I mentioned this video recently in another thread! Might be best of we merge this with Dirty Devil's thread?
  13. I'll be honest... I never noticed either!
  14. Nice video Kav. Just one point (correct me if I'm wrong) but you need to set the distance first then call in the Airstrike. This creates a yellow marker for CAS to see on the map. If you don't the game corrects you and says "You need to set the distance..." However, Its not required as CAS can lock on to the Laze either way but it really helps! It allows them to pinpoint exactly where the laze is, this can also apply to setting a spot marker or calling in an Area Attack. Also, it goes without saying, communication with the CAS squad leader is key. Avoids accidental lazes and teamkills... ------------------------ Putting it simply; 1.Use GLTD 2.Find Range by left clicking (Also sets the Laze) 3.Set Range using the "commo rose" 4.Call in CAS / Set marker (Spot) / Area Attack using the "commo rose" ----------------------- @=VG= Kavelenko If you are free sometime, do you want to work on an Area Attack video with me? We can get both the squad leader and commander perspectives.
  15. Funny you should mention Squad. I saw this video just now (his footage is made on our server). He makes a solid comparison between Squad and Project Reality. Honestly, I am just waiting on the heavier assets to be released before I jump back into Squad. Think many here will agree.
  16. Welcome! If you want to have a chat and get to know the community more, I suggest you join us on TeamSpeak. We won't bite, Promise! Anyways, looking forward to playing a few rounds with you in the near future.
  17. It should be fine Rotblut (Min requirement is a GTX660) - I think you'll miss out on the beta, it ends on the 11th.
  18. Interesting KAV. Like you, I approach the carrier below 500Knts with my AOA at 5deg. I then continue to hold down the "S" key once I'm closer, bringing the AOA higher as the speed drops. I never let go of the "S" key. Somehow I always manage to get into a controlled hover, allowing me to land vertically. I have never needed to land like a normal jet...
  19. So that's what you were doing last night... Wondered what the hell you were doing!
  20. introduction

  21. Cant get over his giggles. Crumpet!
  22. Gotta love playing my Warspite... British Steel any day,
  23. Task Force

    From the album FOXHOLE

  24. Sure as hell loved this game. Not played it lately as I am waiting for the next big update coming later this month. Once its out, Fancy all coming together to kick some Thargoid ass?
  25. Loving these posts Pinch! Really informative and neatly laid out. Keep up the good work! So glad you mentioned this; It pains me every time someone calls the Scimitar a "LIGHT TANK". I always seem too spend the next few minutes explaining how its a Reconnaissance Vehicle and not a Tank... I'll show them this post next time. EDIT: Added this video as a bit of fun.