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  1. Installing Problems

    Hey Jacket, How did you download the game and what do you have being displayed. Also what can you do and what can you not do? Aka server vs single player.
  2. Mouse and Keys

    @=VG= SemlerPDXor @Jeffuwould be able to help as they are some of the experts in this area.
  3. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    Kit stealing is not allowed and we try to enforce this as much as possible but it happens. You can not prove someone did but this is over ridden by the "don't be a dick" rule. I would just do an admin report with the players name and wait for results.
  4. New Khami

    Don't worry, I will be an asset for you folks.
  5. Hello

    Welcome to the forms and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Hope to meet you on the battlefield someday. As mentioned above any questions ask in game or on here, we have a lot of great resources!
  6. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    We are working out the details and changing some ratios since our server population is changing and reduced from what it use to be. Please be patient as @=VG= Melon Muncheris working on this as we speak.
  7. Smoke for bots

    Well I am just glad that smoking will be healthy again and could save the lives of our soldiers on the battlefield! We will have to conduct studies and new tactics that will add the realism back again in PR. I know it is not easy, but will definatly change the game style again! Make sure that we keep it up with the different colored smoke for drops and concealment.
  8. Heyy all

    Hey man welcome to the community. Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  9. Introduction

    Hey man, welcome to the website and glad to see you in game!
  10. Request

    Just wanted to say thank you for the reports people. They are very helpful!
  11. =VG=

    We have an active list of =VG= members if you look on our website under "members" section and select "Clan members". Semler and myself keep this updated with new admin as well as people who "earn the tags".
  12. Has anyone seen Hater

    He was on July 1st but I have not seen him since then.
  13. mumble problem

    Try here for a VPN: https://www.techradar.com/vpn/the-best-free-vpn-services-of-2018
  14. See TEDF in action

    Hey all, I just wanted to show some of our better PVP player known as @=VG= TEDF, who is most "excellent" in this video. @=VG= PBAsydney is also in a few of these clips. Thought you all would enjoy!
  15. Website upgrade - READ ME

    We are working on it one step at a time, after all he is 1 man.
  16. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    No worries, I can do this part. You did your best with the information we got, And not everybody plays PR consistently.
  17. PR Updated to - Post any bugs here

    Any PR admin that do not have rights please send me a PM and let me know. Some people have a new CD HASH and they do not know about it. Thanks in advance!
  18. question

    Secretly I have been taking over the other admin's account and becoming a "super-admin" and now you have ruined my plan to be the only player in PR... More bots for me to kill I guess. All of this is a joke... But on a serious note, the PR player base has declined more and more recently, and we have little trends where we get a full server again, but they happen rarely. People are playing other games, people have event's that happen in life @=VG= Rotblut for instance just came back from a work trip and school/ university is starting up for a lot of people. As you know, PR as a whole is getting older, I mean the game started June 2004 for Project reality mod and has had multiple waves of people invading and joining ranks of people who wish to play this game, free for the consumer. On a positive note, we still do get new players and the DEV team (Our coop DEV team in particular, @=VG= TEDF, @=VG= Melon Muncher, @=VG= Fastjack @=VG= Double_13) still fight for updates and fix issues that cause some frustrations. We, as a gaming community still are going strong and I still learn new things about this game or teach someone something every round in our server. It is a matter of meeting new people and increasing our bond with people who we have never met in real life or may never get a chance to do so. I, for one, still feel a strong connection to this community and it's members. I have met some great people whom I consider to be best friends of mine and have never met. I know about their personal life history, some great accomplishments, and been there to provide support in times where they are not having such a great life. This is what a community is about. We, as a whole are here to foster relationships and increase that association of what we share as a common thread. Yes this will mean that people will disappear from time to time, but don't forget that you as a person have the ability to reach out and attempt to contact. The wonderful thing that I have found as a success story for me is when I have not talked to someone in a long time, some even years I find that we were right where I left off. I found a fellow gamer who disappeared for 2 years and he was surprised that I was still here, playing PR. I hope you all will find people like this in your online expedition and enjoy what we have. Long story short, PR is love, PR is life. Keep up the great work all, send PM's to people who you have not seen in a while. Reach out on STEAM, or other gaming platforms and try to connect and see what they are doing. Maybe they did not know about the updates. Maybe they forgot about PR. Maybe they moved or just do not have internet. Keep investigating, asking questions, and continue to build friendships that will last. If all the above fail, @ranger_12, you can always find me here. I will not let PR die, and even though the DEV team has taken away or modified some of the great reasons why I play this game (Cough, the combat engineer kit to repair a lot of the assets is no more.... :() I will still play. See you all on the battlefield, m8
  19. Where did vg go?

    People are starting to populate again, I know that updates tend to have people stay away due to bugs/errors that make it difficult to play. Even with great people. Just keep showing up and more will come.
  20. Report

    They have 14 different usernames: SkyAc3 DarkTimesPilot TheGoodPilot Viktor_Nikiforov MichaeI TheWanderingAl3x Sotiris Lehh Hi_Im_Al3x YellowFoX [66th] Brischalke [ToG] Nevil Nevil [uSMC] Nevil
  21. Report

    Thanks Ranger, I'll take a look at the logs.
  22. Cant connect or retrieve account

    Must have been an issue connecting to the master server, nothing you folks did wrong. Glad it all worked out though.
  23. Cant connect or retrieve account

    Did you get it to work?
  24. PR Updates -

    It was updated
  25. PR Updates -

    Well mine causes a blue screen of death... Try validating from PR LAUNCHER again.