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  1. @=VG= Double_13 said, take a look at resources that you are using on your PC, open up TASK MANAGER and see what processes/services are running. One of the other things is a known memory leak that happens in PR when it runs and causes people to crash to desktop for unexpected reasons. This has no permanent fix, all you can do is reload back into the game and play on.
  2. What can I do if anything or how can I send resources your way to help you folks succeed?
  3. Hey man welcome to the server and to our community. Hope to see you around.
  4. @Jeffu is another great resource to utilize for these things. He has a status post and a thread linked here:
  5. All I can suggest is seat time, with these games now they have built in a deviance that you must account for and even when "100% settled" you still have an opportunity to miss. Here are some questions that could help me help you: What is your stance when attempting a shot? How often do you get back on target between shots? Are they moving or stationary? The great thing about most of the modern games is they have the built in sights to account for all of this, for instance ACOG's have a built in picture sight for a person walking, a person running, and a stationary target. IRL some sights are calibrated for specific calibers and positions to account for this and video game DEVS have taken this into effect. If worse comes to worse, try taking them to a "rifle range map" and ID what your distance and factors are that impact your shot. I had to do this for learning the "NEW RUSSIAN SCOPES" and this helped a lot. Also going into a map with a "spotter" can help track shots if you can not properly ID where the round went.
  6. How many people could you still fit on that rope though? I guess there is no weight limit. Still a great snapshot though!
  7. Wow, so bizarre it must be to never experience snow like this before. Thanks for sharing!
  8. Hey there @Aori and welcome to the site and thank you for the support. Glad you are enjoying the game as well! See you on the battlefield.
  9. project reality

    Yes, but that is more of a "First Come, First Serve bases" for the logi. Something that I wish we had more of in the server communication was "Hey I am spawning at X, who is taking vehicles?" This would increase communication between all squads and players since it would trickle down the ranks, such as squad leaders informing squad of actions to be carried. I think some of our "better squad leaders" already do this, and some other people just jump in and go for the ride and see how the server plays out. This is another valid point. People do "tried and true" methods because they work. The camping only increases score but not only, making the ability to capture strategic points difficult because people want to be "RAMBO", or a lone wolf. This is a great point and I think needs to be addressed more with the server. People should not be using the assets like this, we could also modify the game play and are to include how a disadvantage this will become when the new AI is implemented. This becomes a double edge sword, so we must be careful on how we tread here. As mentioned in the rules, LOGI is not a claimable asset, but if the server game play is not impacted by it go for it. I have seen some maps where the only way to win is to have someone running constant supplies. I mean this is why TRANS exists. I do also wish we could give more props to TRANS for great crate runs and supply drops, making the boots on the ground more effective.
  10. Overall I am excited to see some of the changes, and a bit scared as well due to how different the gameplay mechanic will become. I am hoping that squads will increase their communication with each other and coronate has its appropriate way to deal with this new bot AI. These new mechanics will increase BOT difficulty for sure instead of pumping up the difficulty manually. As has been stated we can always go and make changes for this will be a learning curve for all of us. Please be patient and as mentioned multiple times let us know if we can do anything to help or what some constructive critiques are, meaning please say something specific that can be changed if possible. That goes for the DEV team as well, if we can do something, please let us know! See you all on the battlefield, or not dependent upon how much smoke is present!
  11. A no worries at all just stay safe and make sure you're not working to hard to enjoy life.
  12. Welcome iSky! Hope to see you on the server.
  13. Hey man sorry to hear that. Good luck and take care of yourself. We will always be here if you need it man.
  14. Roger that, you shall be known as Nyther, the man formally known as 8-Bits.
  15. You mentioned a very good topic on this frustration. Yes there was an auto ban and that did more harm than good and there was a voting option to kick "trolls". Which brought up the other side of this sword, People not utilizing resources provided. I have been playing this game for a few years and when I was a community member, we were not able to do so, meaning get people to vote. Or worse they would have large groups of people who would come on and troll and they could "control the server". If you had enough people participate in the vote the vote passed whether it's for the good of the server or for the good of the motivated individuals to carry out a task at hand. When I do a map vote even on a full server of 40 individuals, I have maybe 12 respond. This is a matter of educating the players to use this tool properly. Right now the single most important tool that we have is the !report player commands. That helps YOU, the players that are in the community can relay frustrations to people such as myself that read the logs daily. Yes it does not get that instant satisfaction or gratification, but justiceis served. I guarantee it. This server has been running for almost 8 years and yes we've always had this problem but we're one of the few longstanding servers that exist. And we plan on lasting a lifetime if possible!
  16. We have 3 to 4 solid adman on during this time of server reset and we account for that by setting the map to a very easy map and with the knowledge that the server is going to crash. We try to inform everyone before the round starts and one round before that that it will crash and people just come back on and play on. There is a need to have the server reset because it ensures a lot happens on the server side and that it is performing at peak for client side. Big picture, the Server is at the lowest population time durring this period. I do share your frustration and I wish there was another answer that could solve this. The only one that I could think of is having somebody do a manual restart whenever there's time but is best to have an automated system and account for it as much as possible. I've timed out map packs to correspond with this reset as much as possible and we do have the organic human element as well that can account for this and make changes on the fly if needed. Over all I do appreciate you joining our server and playing on PR. I wish you the best of luck and see you on the battlefield and enjoy your holiday! Cheers -m8
  17. I am currently facing another snowstorm at my fathers house , 2 hours from his place and snowed in with 3 feet of snow (around 1 m for reference) thus no access to my desktop. I can take care of this matter 24 hours from now if no one else gets to it before I do. Thank you for the reports though.
  18. Epi pens bringing a wounded person to life is an amazing feat. I think the best is having someone be able to fly with key board and mouse.
  19. He is trying to just blend in man
  20. He just wanted a hug!
  21. So this is the tactical back flip cover position?
  22. Sometimes you have to give TANKS in life for everything.
  23. This is how I stay alive most of the round, and why you folks get a lot of points when you are in my squad. It does not work as well as a cardboard box though.
  24. What time frame are you looking for and what time zone?
  25. I personnaly on 2 Glocks and an assortment of other pistols and having trained in both the law enforcement capacity and in a military practice with and without Arsenal weapons attached. As people have mentioned before the glock is a very inexpensive, accurate pistol that is low on maintenance and easy to hide. You need no extra tools to clear 80% of your problems and if there is an issue, you should not deal with it in the field. One of the downsides, and Glock knows this is the sights. They suck. Most people rip them off and put on some kind of night sight or titanium sight. In the US, since SIG won the DOJ,DoD bid for secondary arms contract, there will be an increase if Glocks in the market, meaning lower prices and increased availability. With this being said there are other reputable brands out there that I would use as a secondary backup to carry, for instance when I go running I carry my S&W revolver because I can fire that in any position and do not need the area my Glock does to "slide fire". At work, I can no longer carry on site due to company policy so I park my car on the street and have my duty pistol inside my car. One of the brands I do not stand by is Remington, I have had bad luck with them and there has been a lot of recalls due to accidental discharge but that's my personal preferences. Some people swear by them and they do not like my blocky guns. Long story short, enjoy what you enjoy. Some people are able to carry a 1911 and hide it on their frame and enjoy the weight. I was working for an agency where there were no regulations and this guy carried and qualified with a .357 magnum. This worked for him and he liked it. Don't go smaller than a 9mm though. Remember to be open to what other people have for thoughts, and make sure you feel like you can talk about your opinions and be respected still at the end of the day. We will all have differences.