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  1. Connor don't worry about it, stuff happens in real life man all the time. The great thing is that we're always going to be here. I hope all is well and you get everything squared away! Cheers, M8
  2. I have the admin, maplist, and server setting uploaded to TS if you folks still need them
  3. I don't always fly, but when I do I fly "trans +". It sucks that they took out the ability to repair choppers in the field, although I do wonder if we can use repair stations to do it then.
  4. project reality

    Long stry short, don't get shot because it hurts. Very effective against infantry, CAS, and TRANS. Great information provided!
  5. I am a huge fan of the Vietnam maps that we have especially with the latest addition. We have a few maps that are from this era: operation_ghost_train op_barracuda tad_sae hill_488 charlies_point Battle of la Drang All are fun, however, most of the population that we play with have a difficult time with this map, especially with the latest additions to the server and the newest chain log updates. I try to play them as much as possible, but people tend to leave the server if they find out they are next due to the difficulty they are. I take great pride int he ability to make it through some of these maps with a 0 death counter, yes it has been done and it was due to a great team. You have to have people who know what they are doing, but also be able to follow directions when given them. There is a world of difference if someone in trans drops us at the wrong grid square and our squad gets murdered since the bots were waiting for us. You have to have people be competent at their role and use the asset properly. We did use to have mini events where I rolled out the "Vietnam Block" on the weekend when we would just do a few maps back to back and have a great time. Unfortunately, people do not want that anymore because as someone stated " @Orracis, @asquirrel456, they are in the TREES's MAN". Yes, this may be true, but we have the ability to use the bot tactics against them. I'll try it again and let me know, maybe I will make a "Vietnam mini-event" for a few rounds and see how it goes. Btw Ghost Train is the best map still in my opinion. How Copy, Over?
  6. This would also have to depend on the situation, if we are under a direct fire, contact protocol usually states that they go to command. This is because they are not in the field and have the best ability to hear what is going on. Protocol then dictates that GOTWA comes into effect and sends a squad over for support since it is assumed that the location has been compromised, if the area is a necessary locationed needed for the battle (such as a flag). However, if most of the time we are rolling with out a commander a direct line of contract and then do an "all squad call" to update heavy contact or situation updates if needed. As a rule of thumb, a SL should not be direct line of fire, however some situations dictate that you are a rifleman and your wepon is needed. Since we do not have operator kits, you are the direct line of communication to the others in the field. I appreciate the effort going into uncreasing communication. Granted it is a video game, but it makes our lives easier if we can all get out on the same page and cut down reinforcements to bots, have a laze for CAS or let people know avout the incomming AREA ATTACK AND GTFO OF THE OPERATING AREA! I also think you folks now undetstand why I transmit the radio calls I do when I communicate with squads, other leaders, and in TS. FRIENDLY INFANTRY SQ OUT. How copy? If you ever have a chance, watch youtube for a Movie called Airplane for a joke about this. Roger Murdock: Flight 2-0-9'er, you are cleared for take-off. Captain Oveur: Roger! Roger Murdock: Huh? Tower voice: L.A. departure frequency, 123 point 9'er. Captain Oveur: Roger! Roger Murdock: Huh? Victor Basta: Request vector, over. Captain Oveur: What? Tower voice: Flight 2-0-9'er cleared for vector 324. Roger Murdock: We have clearance, Clarence. Captain Oveur: Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor? Tower voice: Tower's radio clearance, over! Captain Oveur: That's Clarence Oveur. Over.
  7. As discussed, we are working on the concept of making some programmable features that can be more catering to the server population at the time. What I can reccomend for a short term fix is to use the "maplist.list" command when you open up the "~" key, right below the escape key to see our current map list. Once you get an idea of some of the easier maps, the large open maps with assets, people will find it easier. And if worst comes to worst, we can always do a !runnext for a command.
  8. @=VG= keed was usefulin finding a solution
  9. These are my favorite map to play, and I strive to be winning multiple times. Tad Sae, you just have to hug and run as fast as you can. Having a defending squad and an attack element are key components, as well as having the logi in the hands of somebody that can drive. Charlies point I have a great script to run with players and all you do is run south for the win. It also helps that the enemy objects do not move and are in the same location every time. Having a great trans squad that already knows how I like to roll defiantly helps out. Show some love to the boat squads as well. Ghost train is the best map of all time especially if you spawn east. Pop a FOB down and don't forget to have spawn points for your squad. This is another map where you will you hug the side and push hard . Member how long your spring can last and try to save it for your big pushes . And don't forget your rope this is 1 of the most vital pieces of an quipment you can have to save the day . All of the above maps are capable and the hands of having confident players that listen. Having an amazing squad makes it so I do not die on some of these maps, however, that is not always the case. Teamwork is a central as you folks all know which is 1 of the many reasons why you were in this side of the form, not just a regular player but an active administrator and recognized member of the VG community. Yes the bot has a hige difficulty at 93, however, we are still human. We program the bots to do what they do and they have flaws. So use them to your advantage!
  10. Don't forget we do have human admin that can modify the in game maps to run next if we are having these issues. I do like the idea of having a coded button that would have all the setup files for use to run instead of having to do a manual config reconfiguration. This would be great for the OPFOR events if we did host them again. Anything that I can do to help? I have logged on multiple times today and noticed that people are getting stuck on Muttrah again and taking a while to play through the map.
  11. This is why I use Run South on my squads. Very effective.
  12. This guy has so much dedication.
  13. Great game if you love logistics as well as grinding. It is a like better if you have a lot of people on the same team and are well coordinated.
  14. VG

    There's still some script issues as some of you may know we are working on it though. Hope you all have an excellent time playing and hopefully we'll get this squared away
  15. Hey man welcome to the community. Glad you're able to pop in and say hi and introduce yourself I always appreciate another fellow infantry person in the milsim genre. Shame that you don't do windows though, I was looking to find a professional wiper in my area. Just kidding man. You've actually got a large number of people that do the ARMA series of games as well as PR. And if you've got TeamSpeak you be able to find a lot of us there. I just jump into a game and do some missions with some folks. One of the best decisions of my life I have met a lot of great people this way. I'll see you on the battlefield hopefully without our barrels pointed at each. -m8