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  1. So at one point he joined our server and mumble did not move him to another server when he left. This is typical PR stuff that happens.
  2. It sounds like you are having trouble identifying one man in 2 men assets that we have on our team and the reason why they are in place. Our whole purpose behind our server is to be a Co-Op server thus forcing individuals to work together as a team. We do have some one man assets that are available on maps but it just depends on what map is chosen. I appreciate your frustration and the fact that you cannot solo some assets on our server making you a one man kill squad. Unfortunately we are not gonna change our server policy and regards to that since it subscribes to our mission standards of facilitating team play. We do recognize the fact that the servers not always full and have to have Maps that are one man assets available to destroy the bots. As I stated before thank you for your feedback.
  3. I like it, but we may get dominated by the Russian players. They are some of the most skilled players and larger player base.
  4. I will check this Chicken in about 8 hours. I know high ticket count was an issue as well.
  5. banned

    Hello Ata, I looked through the logs for an individual named "ATA", and I received 177 hits. Can you send me your CD HASH or be specific with your username when you fill out the form please? Cheers, m8
  6. Please put any issues in the patch here. Thank you in advance.
  7. Bump
  8. Here is the change log: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f604-pr-changelogs/147218-pr-bf2-v1-5-3-0-changelog.html
  9. ?

    Think of the cardio that guy has.
  10. New update, please wait.
  11. Hey man good to hear from you! Feel free to stop in anytime you want or can. We still know who you are! Take care and enjoy yourself! M8
  12. And may many more years of great community effort come from the fellowship that has been created. Cheers to all past, current, and future community and clan members.
  13. I will be present for the event, ho ha let the good times roll.
  14. Hey man welcome to the forum and good luck in college. We are always here and stuff happens in life take care of yourself 1st though. Cheers, M8
  15. I was looking for this clip and I finally found it.