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  1. SERVER DOWN 8/13/2019

    Thank you for the updates, please keep us informed if it does go down again since we are not always next to a computer and have the ability to restart it. Glad you were able to get it @=VG= STARK!
  2. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    Glad it was working.
  3. PRLauncher VS Windows10 (lost icone)

    So I had this similar experience, I actually had to reinstall it several times to make it work and then I found out that it made a whole new place for the icon to be. Windows 10, for me made it so I had a "virtual drive" and that was the icon that Windows recognized for PR. Try finding that as an option potentially. The other option is type in PRLauncer.exe into search on computer and you may be surprised to find that you have more than one instance. Sometimes Windows 10 will make a new one depending on how optimized your drives are. PS. I hate windows 10 for the record and still wish I was able to roll with Win 7...

    So let me read this correctly. You placed C4 on a Huey on our server after the driver reported you for doing something on our server? All just for the lolz? I do not approve of this behavior at all. Our assets are important. You also have a history on our server of doing TK's in MAIN with knifes and other area's. Our admin have been more then friendly, firm, and fair with you on our rules and you were the one to choose to break our rules. I will make the decision to keep the ban in place. Please go play PR elsewhere /locked, ban in place still
  5. Server Down (Fixed)

    Did a restart and all is well. Mumble looks like it is working again. Thank you for letting us know!
  6. Server Down (Fixed)

    I will look into it
  7. Hell of a night with a bunch old dudes.

    You missed yesterday which was my first day of PR. How could you do that Kav?
  8. Hell of a night with a bunch old dudes.

    Aww, I was so happy that I got to play my first day of PR today and get to enjoy all the "older crowd" that use to roll with us. Hope they are doing well somewhere in this world. It is memories like this that make our community better in my opinion.
  9. FNG on Deck!

    Hey man welcome, what kind of games do you like to play now?
  10. Sorry I haven't been around (Good bye).

    Hey man no worries at all. Believe it or not I was a case manager in addition to being a clinical therapist currently and they do have a lot of opportunities. Something that I would recommend finding is a vocational specialist, they can help find a job that would be most beneficial for you. Something that they may not offer is transcript job, aka the people that put closed captioning on movies or shows. These are always going to be in demand. But overall, good to know that you are still alive and kicking. Sorry about your new diagnosis, it is life altering and does call for drastic changes. Best of luck with everything and take care of yourself! -mate
  11. S.A.S.homam TK, asset waste

    I will take a look at the server and see what I can find, thank you for the report.

    Thanks for the update @=VG= HaterOneActual!
  13. Discord keeps kicking me?

    You are welcome glad we could help. /locked
  14. See you later!

    Hey man, Go out and enjoy life, and make sure that you are doing stuff on your terms. That is the most important goal in the end. Take care, and we will be here. -mate
  15. Teamkill Ban Appeal (CicadaPeepee IG)

    /locked, ban lifted