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  1. We also do have 4 different map rotations that we utilize throughout the week. We are always open to map ideas and what other players want to run for next map. We were using the vote settings on the server, however, players were not fully utilzing this command. Meaning players were not voting enough to make a change. Do you have any maps you would like to see run more?
  2. Sorry for the delay this month has been super crazy for me. And I thought I responded but it did not save/transmit on my phone. As of right now we are not looking at hosting a squad server due to lack of interest. We were looking at our return of investment for having a dedicated squad server and noted that Although we do have several people that play, We don't have the capacity of hosting at the moment from an administratively point of view . This may change, But I feel like most of our efforts are in other games at the moment. Hope this helps, M8
  3. Has anyone else noticed the server for PR COOP has been crashing after every 5 maps, no matter the 5 listed in the current rotation. Has this been the case even if we change maps manually?
  4. These are all great ways to improve your game play, And I applaud you for asking for assistance. We always have friendly people that are on the server that are willing to assist you in game if you want and I know some people that wall make a local server to assist if needed. As @=VG= TEDF mentioned, Weapon ID is the easiest if they are friend or foe, and sometimes tracers. Calling out targets to teammates is often one of the best ways to make sure you have another set of eyes on the target. Is there a specific faction you are having trouble with identifying? If so go on a local server and load up that map and spend time in main identifying flags, cammo, assets as well as wepons. PRSPY, free app, Is a great tool to look at different maps and assets For the game. And don't feel bad about not being able to use some assets. Some of them take years to master a properly, Some people are naturally great at it and some people just can't do it without a lot of practice and patience. @=VG= Rotblut gave a map that has all of the air assets and plenty of them. This will reduce your "wait time" between crashes and give you more seat time. Best of luck, M8
  5. Welcome, welcome. Always good to see your presence online.
  6. Tomorrow is going to be my 1st day of PR! I am excited!
  7. Best trans route I found is staying at the carrier... I can't get shot by AA or the beast that way.
  8. Welcome welcome! See you on the battlefield my friend.
  9. Yeah feel free to join us on TeamSpeak as well if you want. We always have people on and if you have any questions feel free to ask away. We also have some great squad leaders in our PR coop server that can assist as well as admins. See you in thr battlefield, M8
  10. I will take a look in a few hours and see what I can-do
  11. Yes some are got it I am away from my computer for Friday, and till about noon time today and then I will be at an event . Semler got it and savage thank you all
  12. Hey Binary, always good to see you in the field and welcome to the community
  13. Are you talking about ABBA? They don't know how to even spell their name right.
  14. Fallujah West would be good for a MEC/ Warfare with the city. Iron Ridge is another great option I believe. Qwai River would be great for vehicle warfare. Open area, foliage.
  15. Yeah unfortunately the only thing that I have found to be effective is everybody taking a piece of pie and providing target acquisition and spacing for coop. Deployment I found people too scared to actually eengage or they've got that Rambo intuition that they charge out there and attempted be a BAMF.