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  1. Hey man good to hear from you! Feel free to stop in anytime you want or can. We still know who you are! Take care and enjoy yourself! M8
  2. And may many more years of great community effort come from the fellowship that has been created. Cheers to all past, current, and future community and clan members.
  3. What we need is rope, the single most important part of any plan
  4. I will be present for the event, ho ha let the good times roll.
  5. Hey man welcome to the forum and good luck in college. We are always here and stuff happens in life take care of yourself 1st though. Cheers, M8
  6. I was looking for this clip and I finally found it.
  7. Believe it or not I have not had coffee for over 18 years. I saw a lot of people in my area get addicted to it and I did not want to pursue the same course. Right now since I am on the road a lot and travel for work I do a meal supplement for breakfast, such as Soylent. You can use any equivalent for this
  8. So let me ask this what maps do we have that are a 100% working right now? What combination of maps do we have that work well together?
  9. @=VG= Fastjack, Thank you for the post and all that you and @=VG= TEDF do for the DEV side plus @=VG= Melon Muncher!. Unfortunately, it is difficult to get some more Intel as it is difficult to move off the first map in our maplist due to player count or population lately. Here is our current short-list of starters: mapList.append muttrah_city_2 gpm_coop 64 mapList.append kashan_desert gpm_coop 64 mapList.append op_barracuda gpm_coop 64 mapList.append black_gold gpm_coop 64 mapList.append khamisiyah gpm_coop 128 mapList.append gaza_2 gpm_coop 64 mapList.append operation_marlin gpm_coop 32 mapList.append bijar_canyons gpm_coop 64 mapList.append ramiel gpm_coop 128 mapList.append route gpm_coop 16 mapList.append fallujah_west gpm_coop 64 From my experience over the last 2X weeks, I switched over to the BOT side after we started Kashan and noticed that bots are dying outside commander tent and not re-spawning properly. When the map starts up, there is a mass BOT TK from a MIG and a TANK that is triggered every time and the bots do not re spawn (Or show up in the map info as being alive). I have dedicated a few hours this weekend to test and see differences between the solo vs COOP and it looks like the same results for a few maps. I have tried to change some maps in the rotation to have different starter factions but we need to have our "core seed starter maps" working properly to lure people back.
  10. Thank you Ranger!
  11. Yeah I think trying it in local as well was a no go
  12. Hey man no need to apologize just good to hear from you. I hope that you're feeling better and you get things sorted out. Take care -m8
  13. Is this what you wanted? (=VG=) Yours:
  14. You know that now that we mention it ARMA 3 could use some love. We do have a lot of players in the VG community that own this game but I don't think we've been together as a collective group in a while. I could be wrong in this aspect as I am still deep in the bosoms of PR and it's very hard for me to lift my head up. I do like the idea of Maybe scheduling some dates for a get together and we can use server time As our base in order to establish accuracy when coordinating. I can reach out to some of our people in the community that don't read the forums as much and identify times if possible. When scheduling would try to set things up a few weeks in advance to give people enough prep and noticed time.
  15. Oh Jersans, funny intro and I hope all is well man. Sorry I don't see you as much due to this time zone crap but oh well. Hope to see you on the battlefield or at least TS soon!