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  1. Are bots too easy?

    I can go turn the bot difficulty up, but as mentioned before they are not using assets correctly. Multiple instances, it seems like they count one bot inside as "manned". I have switched and seen them not use it appropriately. We can test and find out the results.
  2. Installing Problems

    Hey Jacket, How did you download the game and what do you have being displayed. Also what can you do and what can you not do? Aka server vs single player.
  3. Mouse and Keys

    @=VG= SemlerPDXor @Jeffuwould be able to help as they are some of the experts in this area.
  4. Kit-Stealing allowed?

    Kit stealing is not allowed and we try to enforce this as much as possible but it happens. You can not prove someone did but this is over ridden by the "don't be a dick" rule. I would just do an admin report with the players name and wait for results.
  5. New Khami

    Don't worry, I will be an asset for you folks.
  6. Hello

    Welcome to the forms and hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Hope to meet you on the battlefield someday. As mentioned above any questions ask in game or on here, we have a lot of great resources!
  7. What gives with the kit restrictions?

    We are working out the details and changing some ratios since our server population is changing and reduced from what it use to be. Please be patient as @=VG= Melon Muncheris working on this as we speak.
  8. Smoke for bots

    Well I am just glad that smoking will be healthy again and could save the lives of our soldiers on the battlefield! We will have to conduct studies and new tactics that will add the realism back again in PR. I know it is not easy, but will definatly change the game style again! Make sure that we keep it up with the different colored smoke for drops and concealment.
  9. Heyy all

    Hey man welcome to the community. Hope to see you on the battlefield!
  10. Introduction

    Hey man, welcome to the website and glad to see you in game!
  11. Request

    Just wanted to say thank you for the reports people. They are very helpful!
  12. =VG=

    We have an active list of =VG= members if you look on our website under "members" section and select "Clan members". Semler and myself keep this updated with new admin as well as people who "earn the tags".
  13. Has anyone seen Hater

    He was on July 1st but I have not seen him since then.
  14. mumble problem

    Try here for a VPN: https://www.techradar.com/vpn/the-best-free-vpn-services-of-2018
  15. See TEDF in action

    Hey all, I just wanted to show some of our better PVP player known as @=VG= TEDF, who is most "excellent" in this video. @=VG= PBAsydney is also in a few of these clips. Thought you all would enjoy!