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  1. Fallujah West would be good for a MEC/ Warfare with the city. Iron Ridge is another great option I believe. Qwai River would be great for vehicle warfare. Open area, foliage.
  2. Yeah unfortunately the only thing that I have found to be effective is everybody taking a piece of pie and providing target acquisition and spacing for coop. Deployment I found people too scared to actually eengage or they've got that Rambo intuition that they charge out there and attempted be a BAMF.
  3. With winning the hearts and minds of the people. Encouraging them to stand down-and give up their Passion to fight against human players. Or using the !kill command. All jokes aside though, Rifleman are a great kit due to the ability to produce ammo if you are activly engaging enemies. My ideal squad usually involves a GL more then an AR/MG due to the limited players that are effective with them and lack of surpression. Plus grenades are getting more effective against vehicles now, which is a plus. I try to roll out with a breacher if possible or combat engineer dependent upon the map. Some maps I have 3 medics, mostly because squads are being wiped and I am acting as a defensive element and the server pop is dying. Most of the time it is 2 due to the amountof people dying and It's a very easy kit to learn and get skill with. Not that I am trying to Say anybody can-do it it's a very much needed skill set. In that, I applaud all medics. Heavy armor maps and usually rolling with a hat and a lat to combat the assets, Although I did show somebody how to use C4 on a vehicle the other day-and they were impressed.
  4. If you wanna go pro you use 7 rifleman and a squad lead. Squad leads got medic. Best way to reduce tickets I have found!
  5. Even with paint I still couldn't color inside the lines!
  6. So I was able to take advantage of some of the low server population times and did a maplist run, meaning that I would find when the server was empty and just run a bunch of maps and check to see how they responded in our COOP server. Great news was that I was able to test, play, and do commands for the ones that I checked and they had little or low latency issues. The bad news, I was not able to do this for all maps and since I was the only one on I couldn't really get feedback from other players. Need for constructive feedback from you folks; Any maps that have more lag then normal? I checked Yamalia, all layers and did not get much until halfway through. Any maps where tickets are not appropriate or fair? Some people said charlies point has lower human tickets due to issues. Anything else?
  7. Here are the logs: [2017-07-23 16:05] !BAN performed by ' SSGT.HaterOneActual' on ' Blonk': int tk main I contacted the admin that banned you. Please await a response.
  8. Yeah, there are also YouTube video's that some of the trainers had posted, I will see if I can find them and follow them. I posted a movement chart as well.
  9. Oh they are very nice, if you wanted to I would have let you use my Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad (FM 7-8) for reference as well. Now if we could only get a limited vocal mod and hand gestures that would go with them. I also noticed no long range engagement kits, such as a sniper in your formations... Great work though
  10. I actually have both and have been playing them less then PR to be honest. I enjoy the game play they both have to offer and some pros and cons to each game. Some of the physics are messed up in ARMA and Squad has limited vehicle access at the moment. To be honest I was a kick starter for SQUAD and have to put that proclamation out there and was impressed at first, but do not think the product offered at the moment is at the correct price point. Question: what kind of game play are you looking for? Both have great graphics so that is not an issue, squad is a bit tough on some machines I have been told. I built my rig in 2012 and still have decent frames and have not upgraded anything and run everything off of 8GB of RAM. If you like PVP go Squad, they tend to have better battles and defense building. If you like the COOP PLAYER side go for ARMA. You have a larger selection of weapons in ARMA at the moment. Squad still has some development issues going on but a strong community none the less.
  11. Hey man, Welcome back to the battlefield!
  12. Well first off let me say welcome back. Unfortunately events happen in life and make it tough to enjoy something we are passionate about. I am sure that we have all been there and will be there in our life again. As for games, anything goes. PR is free now so you do not need to purchase it when it went stand-alone. We have a few members that play squad. Mostly find people in various games.
  13. I will ban the guy. /locked
  14. I'll take a look at it.
  15. I think they look great, and not an easy task to make them as stated in previous comments.