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  1. Count me in too. I'm not that active at PR now but with one of TEDF's events coming... I must to show up and play with you guys
  2. True
  3. You already know my face because of my avatar but here I am at Kinderdijk, Holland (2017 - Summer family trip)
  4. Sorry SemlerPDX but Double is right in this last comment. Too many times you see a noob CAS pilot fly directly to the AA of the fortress, with the obvious result (CAS down) other than aproach from a side angle to destroy the AA emplacement.
  5. Count me in for that one TEDF
  6. And we are here... no no no we are here... Dude, check the map !!! Nice walk and chat with Double_13 at Utrecht under a soft rain. Big hug brother
  7. Sorry man. Next time I will do something like that. I was talking in ts about my trip to Holland from a few weeks and as result my wife and me meet Double_13 at Utrecht last saturday. Nice chat and walk at the city with him. Next time I will tell about the trip to every one close enough to the place. Best regards.
  8. Rotterdam. We fly back to Canary Islands tomorrow.
  9. Hi all I will be back home tomorrow from Holland and try to have the files installed for next test. Great job Fastjack and company. Talk to you soon fellas
  10. Many people is having this issue from the last update (including myself). Installing vc_redist.x86.exe fixed the problem for me too.
  11. I have counted 5 epipens in that dummy casualty They never learn
  12. Oh boy... I'm done with this. No more comments about this topic from my side. This DRAMA stops here. Spanish weirdo out!!!
  13. Oh I get it! I see what you meaning. Ok, no magic ohhhhhhhhhh