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  1. Nice Sydney...
  2. Nice afternoon playing deployment INS with my brother and Fastjack. That was a smart move to protect the cache from balconies in front of the cache (which was in a balcony too)
  3. I did I will ask Gabi about it. For sure.
  4. Simply math Mortar pit + Respawn + Player camping + Knife = 65 kills
  5. Ohhhh... now I understand why you need a crate yesterday... to reload your knife And the image explain why 65 kills
  6. Awesome work "Red Tide" Event team. It was really fun trying to discover which bot was TED or Double See you all in Part IV.
  7. Sorry to be late to the conversation but I have upgraded my system from W7 Pro to W10 Pro without too much problems. Some minor apps doesn't work because of the compatibility but all the games and main apps works fine for me. Like Double said, the best option in this cases (and the first solution to try) is reinstall the software. Glad you can back to the game Starky
  8. Lets put it this way gentlemen, This is VETERAN gamming server. This server MUST be different of the other COOP servers online. It has to be different because of features like those ones. It is not to hard to dig a FOB. It is not to hard to work as a team. And if there are not to many people in the server, it would be a higher challenge for the players online. Do you guys remember how fun was to defend our main base on Lashkar Valley in one of the past events? Everybody was happy about that situation... well... now you will be able to "suffer" those situations more often when the server has a low population online. Like I said, this is VETERAN gamming server. We MUST offer something else than "10 min rush overkill CAS automatic FOBs" gameplays like any other COOP server online. Just my two cents Regards. Martin PS: Maybe it would be a good idea to implement in the starting message of the server something like: "Players must dig FOBs in this server!!!"
  9. Sound good to me. Good choice. Regards. Martin
  10. New update has been released ( Changelog here Fixed a lot of little details and added Sahel map (beta version) Regards. Martin *VG PR Server will be updated soon
  11. Sound great Melon. If you find the way to fix the ticket bleed, all those maps and situations are fantastic and really fun to play. Thanks for your hard work mate. Regards. Martin
  12. I will take INF as medic in any free slot available. If at the time of the event, drivers or gunners are needed, I will be one of them. Saludos.
  13. As I have driver seat at Ramiel only, I will join any INF squad that need a medic in the other maps. Update: I wiil join Keed's INF squad as medic role.
  14. Any available driver seat would be great for me. Thanks.
  15. Hi guys, new version of PR is out for download. Check the download section at PR site. Regards. Martin
  16. Hi guys, there are a new Map Pack available to download from the forum of Project Reality. This are the new maps: Dcon Weapon Bunkers - USMC vs. MEC (by =tGA=Harry) Mercs Desert Wars - FR vs. FSA (by Hayabusa) Operation Nightshift - GB vs. RF (by BierPizzaChips) Operation Spyker - US + CF vs. FSA (by Rabbit) Siege at Ochamchira - GB vs.Militia (by Irontaxi) Tunis - CF vs. Hamas (by DICE) Zhanjiang Security Area - PLA vs. NL (by Khrimson) Here the official info: http://www.realitymod.com/forum/f196-pr-highlights/143198-pr-bf2-v1-3-9-official-coop-map-pack-released.html I hope we can add this new content to the VG server. Regards. Martin
  17. Whatever Double For me it was only Unzip the file in the correct folder. Maybe is because a have a 25 years working with computers as System Administrator or because... I'm already using an ADMIN ACCOUNT IN MY COMPUTER!!! But... like I said... Whatever Double
  18. Double... Why so negative? My friend... You need to take a break and drink some beer or scotch or whatever make you to be more positive and happy with the world brother Best wishes for Double's mood
  19. My two cents... Manual installation = Unzip the file inside PR folder . That's it. No futher actions needed. COOP Layout = Yes, these maps are for COOP so all them have COOP layouts. Tested maps = Yes, all them were tested but, as TEDF said, you always can wait a couple of weeks and see how is working to the community. Add this map pack to VG server = I think would be great to have more maps to deal with and have fun playing them. Time to play = Of course we will find time to play together Rotblut... Just wait and relax brother Regards. Martin
  20. Just for let you know. This is not a training server. About the mortars issue. It is common sense to have one spotter to check the impact area for results (efective or not, correct or not...) Next time try to have one from the begining or ask any SL close enough to the impact area for corrections. Regards. Martin
  21. To all the people involved in this new adventure... G R E A T J O B ! ! ! We need new challenges. Thanks for your hard work guys. Best regards. Martin
  22. Enjoy the ride HaterOneActual !!! Martin
  23. I'm interested in new GOOD players not only get more players on this server. And btw you need to have admins watching for rules brakers to have a better experience for all the players, limitating the number of trolls and rules brakers in the game. Play following the server rules. Enjoy this great FREE server as many others do.
  24. Here you have some screenshoots from my ingame collection. Enjoy them !yes End rounds fun Charlie's Point mess (Opiak, Opiak, lol) Classic Fallujah end screen: WTF + Server going down moments: The flying Abrams: The flying "on fire" Bradley: You have to stretch before the battle: The ecstasy of the insurgent: Explosions?, what explosions? he said... And finally, some pictures from Deployment servers: Watch out with that minaret boy!!! Best AA ever builded in Muttrah: Dig bitches!, dig my roadblock! I hope you all have enjoyed this little sample of pictures from my collection. See you on the battlefield. Martin
  25. That's good to know Ben. Thanks for the info. Less writting work, more time for fun ;)