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  1. And we are here... no no no we are here... Dude, check the map !!! Nice walk and chat with Double_13 at Utrecht under a soft rain. Big hug brother
  2. Sorry man. Next time I will do something like that. I was talking in ts about my trip to Holland from a few weeks and as result my wife and me meet Double_13 at Utrecht last saturday. Nice chat and walk at the city with him. Next time I will tell about the trip to every one close enough to the place. Best regards.
  3. Rotterdam. We fly back to Canary Islands tomorrow.
  4. Hi all I will be back home tomorrow from Holland and try to have the files installed for next test. Great job Fastjack and company. Talk to you soon fellas
  5. Many people is having this issue from the last update (including myself). Installing vc_redist.x86.exe fixed the problem for me too.
  6. I have counted 5 epipens in that dummy casualty They never learn
  7. Oh boy... I'm done with this. No more comments about this topic from my side. This DRAMA stops here. Spanish weirdo out!!!
  8. Oh I get it! I see what you meaning. Ok, no magic ohhhhhhhhhh
  9. I just noted that in every question of the poll Kavelenko has two votes. How is that possible? What kind of magic is that? Is the VG poll module giving duplicated votes to "No" for some people? This is unfair, I want to vote twice too
  10. I'm not trying to change anyone's vote Blazer. I respect other people opinions and I don't care if they voted in a different way than me. I'm just saying that everybody knows that changes are needed. I think we all agree with that. We can discuss how many changes but they are needed. For instance delete the bots air assets to avoid confusion or unnecessary death of noob players (which is better for the team). So it can't be a "No period" situation. BTW this is a VG poll not your country messy elections, chill out my friend.
  11. To have one opinion is ok. Maybe not all (IMO all then are needed) but we need to change things to be a better comunity. To maintain the same server settings make the game boring and repetitive. Always the same tactics and same results. To change things is not bad. To refuse all the changes is not see the comming future. Time will speak itself.
  12. So sad to see some people voted in a different way than in TS conversations. It is like all our politicians... I get it... Oh well... Let be like any other COOP server... Not the reference for the community. Bring back the autodeployables FOB, razorwires and the rest of the stuff because it seems the server is not fun anymore. Sarcasm mode off... Come on people!!!
  14. Hi Stark. I think we will not have special kits in this event. Only SL, medic or rifleman.
  15. Hi man.

    I saw your video about the recon event and noted that your graphics are in low resolution in the game. (The first map was really blurry)

    I'm not sure which settings do you use but if you are using HIGH QUALITY in the launcher I suggest you to follow this simple instructions to fix the low resolution in the game. It happend to me with my new account profile too.


    (Founded at PR forums)

    "By going into My Documents, ProjectReality, mods, bf2, cache and deleting all the folders inside of it (they are shaders) and by also going to ProjectReality > Profiles > 0002 (second profile I made) and then opening video.con with notepad I edited and put everything on 3 (the max I guess). 

    For example VideoSettings.setTerrainQuality 3 instead of 2. 

    Hope this maybe helps others..."


    Best regards.




    1. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Hi Martin,
      Just check to see that you have the resolution set for the Youtube video to 1080HD, that should clear the blurriness. But yes you're right I do have my graphics turned way down low due to the fact that I'm using an old laptop with a pretty weak graphics card, so it tends to look a bit chunky.



    2. =VG= Martin

      =VG= Martin

      Ok Kave. 

      The quality of your youtuve video is perfect. I was talking only about your game graphic settings.

      Best regards.


    3. =VG= Kavelenko

      =VG= Kavelenko

      Ah ok thanks man, I'll try some of those things you suggested and see if it improves the quality without it affecting my gameplay too much.

      If I have my graphics turned way up it tends to lagg like hell.

  16. Medic for Squad Bravo please. More piu piu piu Nice TED
  17. Nice Sydney...
  18. Nice afternoon playing deployment INS with my brother and Fastjack. That was a smart move to protect the cache from balconies in front of the cache (which was in a balcony too)
  19. I did I will ask Gabi about it. For sure.
  20. Simply math Mortar pit + Respawn + Player camping + Knife = 65 kills
  21. Ohhhh... now I understand why you need a crate yesterday... to reload your knife And the image explain why 65 kills
  22. Awesome work "Red Tide" Event team. It was really fun trying to discover which bot was TED or Double See you all in Part IV.
  23. Sorry to be late to the conversation but I have upgraded my system from W7 Pro to W10 Pro without too much problems. Some minor apps doesn't work because of the compatibility but all the games and main apps works fine for me. Like Double said, the best option in this cases (and the first solution to try) is reinstall the software. Glad you can back to the game Starky
  24. Lets put it this way gentlemen, This is VETERAN gamming server. This server MUST be different of the other COOP servers online. It has to be different because of features like those ones. It is not to hard to dig a FOB. It is not to hard to work as a team. And if there are not to many people in the server, it would be a higher challenge for the players online. Do you guys remember how fun was to defend our main base on Lashkar Valley in one of the past events? Everybody was happy about that situation... well... now you will be able to "suffer" those situations more often when the server has a low population online. Like I said, this is VETERAN gamming server. We MUST offer something else than "10 min rush overkill CAS automatic FOBs" gameplays like any other COOP server online. Just my two cents Regards. Martin PS: Maybe it would be a good idea to implement in the starting message of the server something like: "Players must dig FOBs in this server!!!"