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  1. Pretty sure the map before was Gaza Strip so don't know if that did or didn't have anything to do with it.
  2. Yeah, we had some issues with the germans spawning with m16s then dying or when they changed kits being ghosts. Was funny but not very playable...
  3. Don't know if this can be fixed but on Saaremaa coop Alt layout the enemy still do not use any of their heavy assets until the very last flag.
  4. What's Up People??? Hey, feels like forever since I was playing PR. I bought a gaming PC then went crazy playing every game I could get my hands on. They were all missing the teamwork that I had come to love that PR has so I am back for better or worse. I am thinking of getting back into PR on a regular basis so am hoping there is still some guys playing from back in the day when I was playing lots! See you all soon on the battlefield! Geraud. PS. Feel free to add me on steam FPSGeraud.
  5. Thanks for clearing that up guys, Wasn't sure if I was just doing something wrong but it makes sense. The mapvote wasn't that great anyway as usually only 10% of the people would care to vote.
  6. Hey guys, For some reason I can't start mapvotes any more. It says you have insufficient rights to use this command but I can still change the map/use other admins commands. Has the mapvote command been removed or am I just experiencing some random glitch? Is anyone else suffering from the same problem? Geraud.
  7. This link is no longer working, I am guessing it is from the old website. Thought I would just let you know.
  8. I was reading some server commands on the project reality forums and came across this: New ban function for temporary bans This part of the announcement is especially related to our serveradmins. Each number is representing 1 day. Permanent ban (no changes) !b <playername> <reason> example: !b Wicca for bringing a knife to a gunfight Temporary ban write tb: and a number in the reason !b <playername> tb:<duration in days> <reason> 1 day temp ban: !b Wicca tb:1 for bringing a knife to a gunfight 1 week temp ban: !b Wicca tb:7 for bringing a gun to a knifefight 1 year temp ban: !b Wicca tb:365 for bringing a fight to a knifegun I was wandering whether anyone knows whether this is working on the VG coop server. Could be useful in situations where the player does something disruptive that deserves more than a kick but does not necessarily require a permanent ban. Let us know what you think.
  9. Hey! Is it possible for me to take T72 Command Tank for either Blue or Red? Whoever is willing to put up with my grumpy commands (It will be 5 am for me :P) Thanks Ted!
  10. Welcome mate! :)
  11. alawi346 LAN_WROTE ... XD NO ONE OBEYS THE RULE WHEB ADMINS ARE ON, but what if someone steals it do u have the right to shoot them? If someone is breaking the rules shooting at them is not the right option. First try and talk to them ingame, maybe they took it by mistake. If they don't care and no admins are on report them using the !r command, check teamspeak for available admins to come online and even if there are no admins available then just start a kick vote ingame for the offending player. Revenge killing will only make you come under scrutiny when admins are looking through the logs.
  12. Dragon Fly: Infantry Squad Leader Bijar: Tank Gunner Barracuda: Specialists Breacher Thanks, Melon! Looks like another early game for us but 8am Sunday isn't to bad for us.
  13. mectus11 LAN_WROTE ... Can you guys take screnshots so I know what's wrong? Looks like this for me: Edit: Fixed picture size - TEDF
  14. mectus11 LAN_WROTE ... and I came in like a wrecking baaaall! http://mectus11.kissr.com/episodeone.php Took a more "classic" classified file approach. This looks really cool, for some reason some of the text overlays over the images for me but still looks really good. I think we will edit the plans a bit before the event but most of what I had written still applies.
  15. Sledgehammer LAN_WROTE ... So now Sparky knows exactly where to place his IED's !rofl I do much appreciate a commander looking ahead of things and forge a battle plan, but let me make some suggestions: - make a second plan (and don't tell anybody about it before the event) - Let the Mech Inf go outside Karbala not inside. Strykers are coffins on wheels and can only take small arms fire. With the planned bot strenght I doubt they will survive one minute inside the city. I know, choppers are also at risk but I believe they will make more of a chance then a stryker. Cheers Don't worry about them knowing where to place IEDs, the plan is literally to attack every flag on every map so I am guessing that is where they will be placing IEDs... The HMMWVs are coffins on wheels too but if Mec Inf is really worried we can send them to do the Seals job on Karbala and the seals to insert via chopper to Suburbs. I will also get infantry to take 4 HMMWVs so that they can give one to the seals when they get there. Helicopter pickups/dropoffs in the city are to much of a risk to be made regularly.