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  1. SSD fail

    If your SSD is a new one and you bought it within the last 8 months therees been a compatability Firmware upgrade to be applied to it. I love how folks rip stuff apart, The M2 is a caseless plug in card about the size of a credit card or longer depends on the memory and yes it does chich out around 30 - 32GB / second, but theres no way I would use one for gaming just to hold the OS and housekeeping tools. To get your mits on the firmware update, first visit your BIOS and get the drives exact make and model as the computer sees it. Theres more than likely a firmware id in there Now go to the manufacturers site and get the correct download for the model you have. Crucial, Samsung have both done an update in the last few months to upgrade the SMART onboard. As for the SSD fires, have a look on google theres only about a couple of million on there. The one deciding factor in running them is WHO is tunning them, my daughter nearly burned her bed by leaving the laptop on the bed turned on with all the power features set to on. I didnt know it has a crucial SDD in it and when the smell of burning plastic hit my nostrels, sure enough someone had taken a standard hard drive out and replaced it wioth a SSD. Teenagers and some of the rest of humanity dont realise the slits cut in the bottom of a laptop are for ventilation. This is the root cause of most fires. Sorry if my post put you ff and I apologise for the data speed error. M2 capable of hitting 32GB/sec (M3 in development), Sata 3 capable of around 10GB/second on a good day and a prevailing wind. Far be it from me to argue with such a fine collection of experts we have in here. Ive only been doing this now for oh around 40 years and hold a excessive amount of qualifications on both Electronics and Computer studies as well as a few in programming. As was said in the post its advice, its up to you if you want to take it but the omissions were my fault and I apologise. The USB 3.1 5 port board on my computer requires a SATA power lead to provide for the special needs of the board and to take the load off the motherboard. Once again Im sorry for the mistakes, it shows where your mind wanders too when your up till god knows what time doing posts to try and help. I think from now on ill take my mates advice and give advice when its asked for. Sorry to have caused a stir.
  2. 4.33 wingman comm box not displaying fully

    Or if you set the screen resolution to 1920x 1260 or run in in a window the problem goes away. the virtual machines have a max resolution outside a standard screen, where they get it from IDK. And for the record Ive been flying BMS since 4.32 on Windows 10 with no issues at all apart from their coding issues and the fact few of the creators have something called sense, yada yada yada. Sorry lost it for a minute there. Basically your screens showing you a 1920 x 1260 portion of a 2260 x 1260 picture. Alter settings, try again and another happy customer
  3. SSD fail

    SSD THE TRUTH. Ok ive read the posts and seen the issues. Im a PC Engineer (Repairman) by trade. Solid State Drives or SSD's for thos e who know abreviations have one huge issue, they overheat badly. I see a lot of people try to use these for gaming, so it gives them the edge. Nope, if want speed in your games then upgrade your memory to a point where it can hold the Operating System Windows 7 up you may need to find seperate drivers for that os. OK for the lesson, heres my system 250GB M2 SSD used to hold office software and the operating systems as well as the visual c++ runtimes and other little housekeeping programs. Asus z170-A Intel Motherboard Intel Based Intel 6700 Skylake Processor capable of 4.185 GHZ but kept at 4GHz makes it last a whole lot longer Memory 32GB of DDR4 2400MHz in a 4 x 8 configuration. (Rememebr im an engineer i need this much for my work) NVIDIA GTX 980, was going to have a titan, but the difference is negligable and the compatability is questionable, so stick with what you know to work, 4GB of DDR5 3 WD Black 3TB hard drives 750W Corsair PSU Saitek Pro x52 HOTAS 7 port USB3 Card Oh and a Corsair gaming keyboard Now then all this added together makes one hell of a (to coin an american phrase) Kick A** machine. However. how is this set up and this is where you should take note, the advice is good. Learned by experience. Ive had no end of people call me up since the birth of SSD drives and say "My PC / Laptop is smoking, thats smoking as in smoke coming out of it not its like smoking hot and brilliant. Always the same problem. Games and stuff poured into an SSD to get the EDGE in gaming. WRONG all it does is cause the drive to heat up unless you happen to have a liquid CO2 box to keep it in or have a ducted aircon system to keep it cool and by cool thats under 50 degress centigrade. Most of the SSD's on the market today have the capability to of S.M.A.R.T. or basically self monitoring and reporting technology on board and that will tell you if youve been overcooking it. SO whats my system setup and how is it my little M2 drive manages to cope with a haul A** machine, simple it doesnt. As mentioned its for the OS and other low rent processor apps, my games are stored and used from the WD Hard drives. My core temperature of the processor never goes over 40 because all the data used by my computer is loaded into memory and only accesses the drives when needed, and yes it gives me a edge. BUT SSD's were not invented for having the latest games stuck on them, you wish to fry your drive then by all means do so, stop reading and walk on by, nothing to see here. Or read on Ok so you chose to stay, thats great. So you want to make your machine bigger and better and spend as little as possible, no worries So your SSD designed and built for low rent software and not high end games, thats what memory is for, more memory or faster memory, more speed. How to setup your system for the SSD to make a huge difference and not set fire to your house First install just the SSD and your DVD drive only. Check the SSD is on a flat cooler panel usually in the base of the drive bays and stick it there or in a bay where a fans blowing over and under it Make sure the wires in your computer are cable tied to allow for maximum cooling. A fan in the front to pull and a fan in the back to drag it out is fine, mine only has Two 120mm fans in the front cooling the Hard Drives and the M2 drive ok some cases have a channel in the back, but try to get them so everything gets moving air under and over the motherboard, drives etc. Just dont get tempted to plug in any other drives thatn your SSD at his time. Now turn on your machine and go into the BIOS to make sure it recognises you have the drive in slot 0 of your SATA ports and the DVD in either port 0, 4 or whatever the last slot in the SAATA block is, this leaves you the main 6GB/sec connectors free for your other drives. Note if your using an M2 SSD make sure its set up in the raid section of your machines settings or it wont be seen, on reboot itll say found M2 drive Hit F10 and return to reboot your PC Insert the OS disk and install your system and windows partitions all on the SSD. Now you can see the difference straight away, itll load in a lot faster than before. If you had time to make the dinner and walk the dog, last time, this time youll barely have time to make and drink a coffee. When installed, power down and remove the power lead, (YES IT IS NECESSARY) leave it for 30 seconds and continue Ok important part, feel the ssd drive once the machines done installing the Operating system, it shouldnt be burning your fingers, just a touch on the top is fine. It might need a duct making out of cardboard (DONT LAUGH) lol to force air onto its surfaces if its too hot to touch. Ok now you can go ahd plug in the rest of your drives. the first one you plug in your going to make it your games drive how will be revealed shortly. Make any mods to the RAM configuration at this time too the reason its left till now, momory sockets attract dust like flies on S**T. So t may be an idea while you have it apart to give it a once over with a vacuum cleaner to clean out the dust and critters that get in and yes on a couple of occasions mice that got in through an open cable hole in the case. So seal up your case BEFORE you plug in the mains lead and turn it on, all your drives should now be found if theres one that has an old windows install on it then save what you want off it and delete all partitions and create a new master one on it. Once your in desktop you can make a folder on the drive and return your data to where it was, except some games which will need to be reinstalled and heres where you save your SSD, DONT INSTALL THEM ON THE SSD. First make up a pair of folders called Program Files and one called Program files (X86) So now when you install games, rather than installing them on the SSD or C drive you store them in the appropriate folder on the drive you just added the folders too. The root directory for old games is the one containing the two folders, x86 is for most 32bit games and the Program Files is for 64Bit stuff. If you want you can change the system variables to point at the folders, but for most folk this method is far easier. On my machine I have my games and steam repository on one of the three Hard drives, the others are for work, storage, programs and virtual drives. So now tell me this hasnt made a difference to your system. On most youll get a small increase if no components were changed, but it will boot in under 20 seconds, not ten minutes like the old drives. from power on to be in full operation on desktop with the M2 it takes just over 10 seconds every time and shutdown around 5 or so, never really timed it to be honest. Now as for the difference between SSD SATA plug in and M2 SATA can give a maximum of 6GB/second data transfer just like a SATA 3 Hard Drive. Just using it for low rent programs for housekeeping and office stuff it will let it run cool all day. This is all advice from an engineer with over 40 years of experience building computers so Moses could play his DVDs, Ive been at this since I was 14 and made a career and my own firm too. Advice is free and its up to you if you want to take it, check it out or just walk on by. You need any other help dont be afraid to PM me i dont bite, much. I hope this enlightens you all as to the proper and careful use of what can be a potential fire risk and one that most insurers dont cover in the UK. Regards Dig I host my tag so i dont use others server space
  4. We did the same thing and we got Nationwide Broadband for all, now the bad thing, it runs an a network of wires that cant take it. Forgot to add its going to take till 2025 or so to get everyone in the UK onto cable, as long as they can find someone to fit it in places other than London, Birmingham, Nottigham, Lincoln, Liecester and the major cities which occupy around 4% of the UK. The rest are told they have and as a PC engineer I go out to folk who live miles from the nearest exchange to tell them that renting the full TV online package out here where your download speed is as bad as dialup was not a good plan. www.pcdatalincs.co.uk ill not url it into a message as its nt right to advertise on a forum its their in case you need proof of what I do for a living. Take a look on the satellite maps on Google and you tell me how many houses there are in a county this size and they all get it rammed down their throats they have what they dont have, trust us we are your government. For our antiquated system of network, having high speed broadband means you live insde of 4 miles radius of an exchange spread out exchange to exchange in our county or state by 30 to fifty miles or so. Like dropping a mark 82 in the middle of Vegas and expecting it to level the city Forgot one point I recall an incident some years back now where the entire NE of the USA got blacked out, due to antiquated system of wiring i believe they put it down too or something like that. To keep the internet at top grade for everyone requires a massive change of NET infrastructure. In the USA thats going to to be a whole lotta wonga to get paid, whose going to pay for it to be done, the government nope they are trying to avoid it by throttling back an already overloaded system. We have the same issues. I mean no disrespect, just pointing out that to have what you want you need to have the means to provide it and the cost of doing so or the infrastructure just isnt there. Technology is advancing too fast to cope. WHy you think your phone went from 3G to 4G, because its faster, nope its to take the city traffic off the network and stick it on the overcrowded 3G network
  5. OK with regard to internet throttling, work it out, does your computer continually use a download speed of 40MB/sec I and my business both have the same line and I doubt I ever use a tenth of what Im allowed. I live in the UK and over here throttling is done to provide an equal share of internet for those that pay for it. Basic Internet, which is ADSL Analogue Digital Service line for phone use as well as internet. Advanced internet or VDSL Basic, this is phones and broadband up to 40MB/sec The full monty, VDSL up to 70MB/sec for TV streaming, phones and Broadband for internet. I pay my company what I believe to be a fair rate and considering my usage of the line they have actually reduced the amount I should pay from £32 per month including line rental, down to £26 a month. Line rental alone which takes into account service faults, like cars parking up telegraph poles at 2am and they have the services back up inside of an hour. Throttling is said by ALL firms not to happen, but a pair of wires coming into your house can only carry so much and does suffer with signal degradation if you try and cram more down it then it can handle, so 5pm comes around and everyone comes home from work or school, guess what, they sit watching TV or the kids are on the XBox etc and the load to your property and everyone elses that does the same goes up. Throttling in the UK is used only at peak times and yes businesses do get a bigger share but then again for what difference it makes to an average home user its a drop in the ocean. Unless of course you insist on having the right to download games and movies 24/7 365 days a year, but that would be kind fo pointless. Throttling back on some lines has to be done, on low user home s that dont have TV packages mine gets throttled back an enormous 0.8% oh my god that means instead of the 40MB/sec im only getting 39.whateverMB/sec OH MY GOD MY WORLDS COMING APART. Start an act of pay for what you use and the speed you want is the rule here in the UK, I could manage on an old 6MB/sec line for £3 a month pluss line rental and still get the same usage out of my internet apart from the faster download speed which is a tad slow since I switched UP its been at around 38 - 40 MB/second constantly, each month my router sends me a graph of line speed just for the record. YOUR THE ONES THAT ELECTED TRUMP IN THE FIRST PLACE. Whats his first job oh yes sack the boss of the FBI for doing his job. Maybe you should have actually gone to that polling station each year and added a vote. If you did then good for you, if you didnt then I dont see how you have a right to complain. At the end of the day, thinking about it, throttling makes complete sense, I mean does gaming online take up 99% of your T1 lines speed, nope barely 3% does the XBox or PS take up it all, nope about 5% apart from updates which of course throttle your speed without you knowing because your consoles switched off right, wrong they only go into a sleep mode till they receive a signal to download game patches, system updates and other stuff youll never need. If you want to turn em off, pull the plug out of the socket, they dont work with no electricity. Then again it wears your socket out, so maybe buy an inline switch for the power, but that involves doing something about it. The ULTIMATE SOLUTION, scream and shout about it, bang your heads on the walls for a hour or so and yell it from the rooftops till your lungs hurt and guess what, the act will get passed with or without your say in any of it. What was it Axel Rose said many years back "I DONT NEED YOUR CIVIL WAR" maybe next election vote for him or arnie, then youll find out the people with the pull arent the politicians its the businesses that pay the taxes. Throttlings been going on in the UK since we bgot National Broadband to over 95% of the country, what about the other 5% aww screw them they live out in the middle of nowhere why do they need our glorious internet. Now an eye opener for you. IP4 those of you that know what it is basically its your internet address, well there are 7 billion people in this world now as well as billions of internet web sites and so they introduce IPv6 because they ran out of addresses to give users. The clicmb in the rate of users and sites has started to make the worlds phone infrastructure get a little stretched. I know it took our Talacom giant nearly 2 months just to convert the small village I live in of around 5000 houses or so to the fast broadband and now they cant add any more, the changes they made werent enough to stem the demand. If you want to speed up the internet, then for gods sake stop using TV over the internet, thats what your TV has an aerial for and link it to the net just to use net based items, YouTube for your cat videos, NetFlix for your film rentals, saves driving to the DVD rental store that used to be in your town, oh hang on a firm lost his job due to the internet. Well so have many hundreds of thousands world wide, so what it doesnt affect me until your company goes automated and your out of a job. So yeah lets have throttling then it stops the phone companies charging so damn much for line rental. There Ive done ranting.
  6. SST Timing and other systems Manual

    I wrote this in an effort to help out any of you that suffer with controls not seeming to work properly on your peripherals on or offline. A lot of issues may be down to one I discovered a few weeks back that the software you program your stick, HOTAS, whatever may be being sent through too fast. The attached manual will show you how to set things up with advanced or timed macros to stop this from happening in future. Its enabled me to use my X52-Pro just using a standard SST profile, no direct X needed at all, it also works through my K50 Corsair Gaming Keyboard too and stops any instructions getting thrown into the pc faster than it can handle. Works on Windows 10 down to 7 and also on earlier versions of the SST software and other makers software too. As there appears to be a upload problem heres a direct link to it on my server. http://www.pcdatalincs.co.uk/FALCON/SST and timing manual.pdf Enjoy and I hope it helps out those of you with issues
  7. Project Reality Update: Mumble and C++ Issues

    Being a programmer I would like to draw your attention to the above post. When updating the redistributable packs It is highly suggested amongst programmers that ALL redist packs from 2010 to today be installed for both x86 and x64 versions. The main reason is that calls to and from it usually assume youve been putting them in place since you were in the womb and consequently start looking for them in the drive. For the space they take up its worth it to have them all in place. Those using VS 2010 and above check your updates for the changes manually dont expect Windows to do it for you. And any code you write I find is usually best written in one specific studio and specify what it is. OS only makes a damn if its not windows 10, but the more people that use the same syntax and compatability and redist packs will achieve better results. Making a Self installer routine dont forrget the uninstall routine to clear everything out. I learned the hard way back in the 80's about that with files left in folders and getting the wrong data. Anyhow, issues involving C++ shoudlnt be issues its rarely even changed since 2002 I am willing to assist you if necessary but that is up to you. Contactme on my message inbox or on discord etc.
  8. Thx man

    1. Diguelo


      Huh what have i done? And hi

  9. Ressay

    Hi there, finally took the plunge have you and about time too. Ill be around on discord and TS on here when your ready.
  10. Cancer Sucks

    Sorry to hear about your cancer bud, I have two lots, skin from being out in this damn sun and I used to have it on a private part but that got circumwhatsitted and it gone. Skin cancer is a gift from god and as for your protate, if the dots under 5mm ive had 4 friends all managed a 100% recovery and all of them were found to be benine i think its spelt. The very best of luck to you and if it is benine you owe me a dollar lol.
  11. Returning Pilot

    I shall attempt to do so once Ive sorted out my stick profile, had some issues with it and Windows 10 but after some severe talking too the computer gave in and behaved itself. 20,000 ft is a tad high for having the top down and the tunes on. Thanks for the welcomes back guys. I shall be bringing a few new pilots with me to your servers all with instructions behave or hit the silk.
  12. Advice is free and available, just ask.

  13. Returning Pilot

    Hi all, Not flown on the vet server Falcon 4.33 yet but did in 4.32 and previous versions. Nice to see you have IVC working now. Hope to get some flying time in with my mates and others on here now. Id be happy to help out with any Technical queries you have and getting new pilots started on their way. Ive been flying Falcon now since 1998 and had many happy years of flying, but being in the UK its always proved to be an issue to get to fly with a wing or club due to time differences. Should anyone need assistance I am usually on Discord callsign Dig so if im on im always willing to help Thanks go out to admin for sorting out my lost password issue. Dig