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  1. Im gone!

    Just let u and players I never come back Thanks for all the fun. And all the best! Close topic. No need drama's...
  2. Im gone!

    Keed Hahahaha. Yes fastjack. But its oke. All the best everyone.

  4. Melon's Final Revent pw; event

    My work change plans so I can join tomorrow. So feel free to join ALCOHOL Squad!
  5. PR server issues due new update 1.5

    Thanks for the help TED for now on the FOB issue. I just mean that the bots getting crazy everywhere because the FOB issue. (stuck ect. Maby its normal since they cant build fobs ) "never seen". Its fine for now. So the fix needed to be for the FOB. Im loading in now to see to find more issues. The rest in Pm Thanks all. Enjoy the weekend!
  6. Mumble Fix

    People hear SQ radio. But after reset mumble again its working perfect
  7. Melon's Second PR Event

    Maby he forgot @Kavelenko
  8. Melon's Second PR Event

    My sq for now : Luke Blazer Sledge ( 2 maps ) Stark Badploy Knifer Lo - nolan l3RY4N feel free to join! Ryan and friend still not sure.. So feel free to join.. Full=full TS 30 min before event pls so we can talk about and make things clear.
  9. Melon's Second PR Event

    For now I do inf sq. With : =MF=Luke "Blazer" ( if he want to join ) "Ryan" and his friends. ( Not 100% if they going to join yet) Feel free to join.. Just let me know.
  10. Forum loading issue

    Hi all. I cannot join and log in on the website for some reason. Are there issues? Its Says stuck on loading. 12 days now. Using windows 10. Teejay
  11. Forum loading issue

    Chrome is working for now. 😄
  12. Forum loading issue

    Yes but i cant on laptop or pc.. Microsoft edge browser..
  13. Melon's first PR co-op event

    Have fun ladys. Hope to join next time Teejay.
  14. Another Teejay on the server

    Hello all, Last night I got a message that I was playing and dint respone in a squad. Well It wasnt me.. There is another [Tee-Jay] On the server.. Dont know why he use kind of my name. When I join the server he left.. So I always talk with mumble and its Teejay001 on the VG Server. In this way I will let you all know its not me.. Thanks, Teejay001
  15. Abusive admin

    Semler, This is not a serious matter.. 1. The first thing he write is not correct Im not a admin. So there is a lie already. 2. Im not that stupid to do this when 4 admins are online. Even when there are no admins online. 3. They should have warn/kick/ban me. 4.I never do this things. Only by mistake. (TK) 5. I guess this is the guy who got kick/banned last night. 6. He just want some attention or make me in a bad day. 7. I play to long on this server to be stupid like that. *END*
  16. Abusive admin

    LOL ? I dont respone on this... :) And I know the rules... This makes me laugh :)
  17. 2nd server

    Hi all !!! We are talking about to put a second server for VG COOP. How u guys think about to do Op fore??? We had that in the past on sundays to be the bad guys.. Let me know what u all think of the idea?! !2cool
  18. 2nd server

    Yeah recon correct... Just to be the bad guys :P