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  1. Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2

    =VG= Bones LAN_WROTE ... Robocop LAN_WROTE ... This game really frustrates me and im not flying it much now. Robocop do mind elaborating? I fly FC2 (F15, Mig29, and the SU-27) quite a bit and maybe I can help you out with whatever it is that you are having trouble with. My problems are mostly with situational awareness. Its very hard for me to find threats or targets until im already being shot at ... then its usually too late because i can never evade any missile thats fired at me. I dont usually have this problem in falcon where ive evaded up to 4-5 missiles fired at me before because I can actually see them coming in and act appropriately. Its just damn near impossible for me to see incoming missiles in fc2. I know the reason why is because my pc isnt really up to the best specs for running the sim so all my settings are on low. Black shark on the other hand im doing quite well in.. mainly because i can hover for a bit and scope out an area to find threats then attack. And having an "ABRIS" helps out alot.
  2. Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2

    it is possible to have other flyable planes but like in falcon it only changes the FM and the type of plane while the avionics and cockpit will still be the original. So far ive tried the VNOA mod for the f-14 and f/a-18F flyables. I think there is a few other flyable mods out there but i havent tried them. This game really frustrates me and im not flying it much now.
  3. CCRP: Using Mark Points

    Awesome post. Good info. I think ill be trying this tactic out tonight. Thanks for the info.
  4. Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 2

    I just got this and though Im not convinced that its the next falcon or anything it is pretty fun to light up ground targets with an A-10. So far thats the only aircraft ive dared to try mostly because im familiar with it. Next will probably be the f-15 or the su-25t. Could be fun to have some online training or maybe even a simple mission or two sometime. Question about the mod though i noticed in the readme some things about hires... Will this have any effect on framerates at all because im already pushing it with my current hardware?
  5. Half Life 2 Mods

    Yes this looks cool im gonna download and try it. Reminds me of a game called Penumbra alittle bit.
  6. Half Life 2 Mods

    Yep I agree with you about Dystopia. You have to be on crack to keep up with those folks. Neotokyo is on the other end of the spectrum and some people think its too slow paced. It reminds me of Rouge Spear except with cyborgs.
  7. Half Life 2 Mods

    Well i know im bringing up an old topic here but i have to mention Neotokyo. The more ive played it the more i begin to love it and Imo its the best tactical shooter around.(i know you guys will shit on that remark but I havent yet played arm-a okay :D) Im sure many of you have heard of it and believe its a dead mod but almost everynight you will find the neotokyo fans that stuck around online. The best thing about that is there arnt any noobs tking all the time and being dicks. Its mostly veteran players who have a good scent in tactical gaming. So guys if you havnt already, please look it up, download it, and give it a go. You will die alot at first but remember that team work is key and youll live much longer. http://www.neotokyohq.com/
  8. IL-2 1946 Mods

    I have everything moded and got the latest 4.10 version. Playing mostly on the UK server since its noob friendly and all.
  9. Screenshots

    Lovin the VG skin man! We've got to fly some tight formations with those.

    Id like to see the Falcons and Steelers go at it. Probably wont happen but w/e

    Heres one of my dog Cooley having a great time. I dont think she has ever seen snow before so she was very curious. :)

    yep that guy in the pick up is an idiot. Right before I took this he ran a red light and was going way too fast. People in the town go stupid with just the slightest change in weather. I saw so many accidents today where people were running off the road. I guess its strange to get so much snow and Ice down here so people arnt used to it but seriously slow the hell down Geez!

    Heres what we got from last night.
  14. Tour of Moscow Freeway

    Coolest thing ive seen in a long time. If everyone rode bikes there would be no traffic problems.
  15. Another HL2 mod

    Yeh a cyberpunk MMO would be awesome. The closest thing ive found was Anarchy online and Face of Mankind but I never really got into them because of the time you have to put into it to get anywhere. What I like about Neotokyo though is not so much the cyberpunk elements but the tactical side of it. Check out this video. It shows what this game can be with the right amount of teamwork and tactics. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haPgtFD1Eas&fmt=22