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  1. Hey guys. Just want to thank you again for helping me test the mission. I've now fully released it and you can find it here: And if you care to cast a vote of support, my mission has been submitted to the Make Arma Not War competition, please help cast your vote here! Once again thank you guys, your help was much appreciated =)
  2. Friday is good for me too, so we shall say Friday then :)
  3. Hey guys. Some of you kindly helped me test my Great Altis Race mission some weeks ago. Based on those tests I've made numerous adjustments to the mission which hopefully will largely eliminate some of the lag/desync problems that we encountered last time with all the AI turned on as I'm now using the EOS script to dynamically spawn stuff as its needed. Things have been successful on small scale tests, but my rural internets means I can't afford to host more than 2-3 other people before lag kicks in, so I need to be sure it will work with a large group of players on a good strong and fast connection. So if you guys are willing, I'd like to perform a test sometime in the next few days, whenever you think most of you will be about really. I'm in GMT timezone and usually anytime after 7pm up to 11pm is fine for me except Saturdays. I need a minimum of 6-8 people participating ideally. Many thanks in advance :)