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  1. Welcome and so what games/sims currently interest you ? I think the subject of Discord has been brought up before. Maybe it could dilute the `normal` meeting place of the VG TS channels. I use discord and it has its place but if using a VG game server TS has to be king perhaps. Not my say
  2. Up and running now.
  3. All being well I should get to incorporate Update 5 (multi play crash fixes) later this evening and restart to Day 1 by 0600 zulu 17-3-18 latest. Thanks to SemlerPDX for allowing this in his absence. He might have to fix it if i break something.
  4. Today's release of BMS 4.33 U5 is focused on multi play crash fixes . A 33MB download currently available by the usual torrent method. Watch out for news of the VG server update to U5 in near future.
  5. Under discussion for a possible earlier date. Its not critical though except where players are using more than the VG server.
  6. More human players of late results in a quicker attrition of red forces. Not an official victory but requires a day 1 restart to give players a reason to join.
  7. Always seem to post in the nearest main screen topic (Hijack) so from now will be here and maybe I can remember where I left it next time Campaign restarted day 1.
  8. In what way "down" ? Not aware of any fixes being done since the report. Not by me anyway. If by some chance you had a `timed out` error then thats something that may well pass very quickly. More a connection problem than server itself. I have had a few of those this year. Not many but more than 2017 total !! If something else please advise.
  9. And again
  10. Day 1 restart. There had been a server problem during Friday night and some newcomers may have been effected which is a shame. Spins and Moody from USA.
  11. Short of any technical advances that might be on the horizon i reckon a PW system could work. All approved players are on a mass email list that get a weekly changed pw. People can swiftly be removed from list. Initially people will HAVE to visit the VG site to register as a server user. On the other hand ive done more missions on the server than the average and the irritations that started this topic are very infrequent in my experience and a big factor is the sim throwing the unfamiliar and unwary into a jet the moment they arrive in 2D.
  12. A great number of newcomers have gone nowhere near this web site and never will. Being an open, no password `public` server there is little if any control possible. Its no surprise that the problem visitors rarely if ever persist with bms. They have seen some videos or been told about it. Its free so they take a look with the wrong attitude and no interest in reading more than they need to. The ip is well spread by word of mouth and mentions on the web so its open house. SOP`s are for the people who follow rules. There is some appropriate information here that might be added to but ultimately likely will not deal with what you experienced.
  13. Was back up in moments
  14. Going again and advanced a few hrs closer to daylight.
  15. There are any amount of ground targets yet and Wonsan and further to the NE are largely untouched. Seosan is back but kunsan now down.
  16. No shortage of mission scope yet and would not expect there to be so soon. Last i looked red was south of the DMZ and sudden attrition of our bases suggest they are not down and out in the air also. Fog of war and insufficient flights/recon conceal many targets. Remember that TE's can be run on server and can be great fun and a break from campaign
  17. Rebooted and save loaded. Seosan Kunsan and Fukuoka bases down at this time. A little odd with no visible red air activity. Use Kunsan or Osan. VERY strange is I am not seeing same base status as client that i do when in srver mode. Sempler ?
  18. Hi Trader, yes that is how its SUPPOSED to be though several hours ago i connected to find ALL set HQ. Please people do not change settings. Might have been a code glitch for all i know. Anyway getting back to the comment about allies winning. Better than 9 times out of 10 blue has pushed up and taken Wonsan and beyond with red forces down to maybe 1 aircraft so its not such a big factor as you might think. Only some bug (my view) routinely sees limited movement of blue ground forces towards Pyongyang objective. There is no opposition as such yet air lifts are required even when bridges preserved. Too late i think this response might have been better under another topic heading.
  19. Serious failure to thrive. Only start of day 8 and red forces 60 miles south of Seoul base. Seosan down and only kunsan launching f16`s so yet again restart. Lets do better
  20. There has been an Italian using the server recently with no issue that i know of. Pilot name Mayber23 Once in a while i also get problems connecting but for me 2 or 3 more attempts gets past the issue. There is a small tool that checks the specific ports bms requires to be forwarded if you have any doubts about your situation. You can probably do the same thing via facilities.
  21. Seosan was at 50% when I launched out of there for test. We've been hit badly but that's what can happen if not enough barcaps. It's not impossible there has been some foul play. Hope not and situation has been recovered from same state before. Last night in single AG mission I had to deal with 2x29, 2x23 and an su25 before going heads down. Busier than expected for that depth into war.
  22. Engineers at seosan and kunsan. Both bases now launching ok. Osan still needs more time. Chongwon ok but little stores
  23. Checking
  24. Perhaps make a check using select test to server Beloit kansas usa The interesting thing might be your ping to it.
  25. The chaff/flare calls have nothing to do with pilot calls such as "fox 3 long". They are part of the inbuilt vocals such as `Altitude` etc etc Typical means to not hear is having the intercom rotary down to minimum though that would not persist to next flight. As far as `fox 3` the loss of that type could typically be setup/sounds/player voice set off but only the intercom set off would effect both types of call. If the problem does persist between flights then its something else I would think. Would be surprised if pilots DO call out chaff/flare...... certainly ive watched actual combat recordings where both sams and AA missiles were being defeated but no such calls made over radio in them. Maybe some forces do.