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  1. Just curious but how does being on carrier improve missions ? Its just further to fly. Originally the harrier was about being able to operate from improvised bases if you can call a farm yard or clearing in a wood a base.
  2. OK Fixed !! and last save loaded up. Come get it whilst its hot
  3. Welcome . Its unfortunate that a rare problem has made the bms server unavailable at this time but yes online is a good way to speed up learning the sim as long as you also do the reading. Plenty of people available to get you `online` through the initial hurdles.
  4. Server may be down until sometime on the 6th due to an issue with the host computer. If it can be fixed sooner it will be of course.
  5. Once again......... Re start to Day 1 Korea KTO
  6. Always seem to post in the nearest main screen topic (Hijack) so from now will be here and maybe I can remember where I left it next time Campaign restarted day 1.
  7. The only ACDATA relevant I would think is the one in your data/sim folder. Must have been changed by some mod ? Approx 16mb in entirety though there may be some single file within it effected. Backups are best.
  8. War seems to be over despite as often no satisfying announcement. The usual `bad timing` and A.I flying only Tarcaps etc. No strikes. So restarted Day 1
  9. Server re started to last save. Now day 25 but blue forces seem to be moving west so worth some more time/effort in hope of a win.
  10. Day 22 and nothing moving out there. Re-started Day 1
  11. Found server had crashed during my off watch rest period. Last auto save was around 1am but 4 hrs or so passed so re started to approx what it would have been to keep the daylight where expected.
  12. Well 3 weeks + 1 day was my choice so sounds like that fits with comments so far
  13. Ok fresh start to day1 as no sign of an official win for the team and that seems to be the norm since a long time. Was day 26 and while up to that point there had been plenty of red ground tgts there was little if any sign of blue movement. As an experiment I saved current situation and ran in x32 offline for 18 hrs but no real advance. Also did the same with all squadrons reverted to HQ but no difference. Perhaps not surprising as the air war HAD been won already. If there were an obvious group of regular users then it might be reasonable to poll for what majority wanted max campaign length to be but since that's not current situation I think an arbitrary number of 22 days might be the norm in future though I was still having fun at day 26. New arrivals to the server might be put off by overly `quiet` state of play but to totally avoid that maybe a max of day 5 would be needed. (which would not be MY preference).
  14. Hi Schmidtrock, the VG bms server is ideal for "BMS noob pilot " . What pilot name should we look out for ?
  15. Re Started to last game save after `crash`
  16. Clips from Combat Air Patrol 2

  17. Clips from Combat Air Patrol 2

    more Yuma
  18. Clips from Combat Air Patrol 2

  19. Clips from Combat Air Patrol 2

  20. Clips from Combat Air Patrol 2

  21. If the mega discount on ARMA recently reported is still available then be worth grabbing if reasonable chance you will want to try it.
  22. Found a strange situation today. VETERANS-GAMING not a visible campaign but still running when accessed as admin. Instead another korea campaign was visible by the public access route. Double checked the situation then closed/restarted bms with last auto save.
  23. Server restarted to day 1. Not enough active air bases left
  24. Welcome to VG BMS I have to say I am having great fun attempting to push back from Seoul. The war never ends officially over a great many campaigns so its kinda unimportant how this one goes. Enjoy the migs and ground missions. For a long time now the campaign runs well past 20 days and russia/china always join in. Need more regular players to bring that down but regardless most ends are an unoffical win for blue. Are you flying as Revan ?
  25. Welcome. The server is reasonably stable and in need of more regular players so bring yours mates