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  1. BMS Re Start Notification

    Air bases down and a mass of red forces in Seoul so restart day 1.
  2. BMS Re Start Notification

    Always seem to post in the nearest main screen topic (Hijack) so from now will be here and maybe I can remember where I left it next time Campaign restarted day 1.
  3. BMS Re Start Notification

    By request...... Day 1 :-)
  4. BMS Re Start Notification

    No sign of any issues. Working fine.
  5. BMS Re Start Notification

    Day 1. Lets try harder
  6. Milky Way

    Well as long as you dont feel you have to be a `pro` to use it and the learning process might be faster if you can ask/get answers whilst in the sim. Cya when we cya
  7. Milky Way

    Have not seen you on the server yet Milky Way, or at least not under that name. Let us know what your pilot name is if different and will look out for you
  8. BMS Re Start Notification

    Took a vote with regulars and now Day 1 (was very quiet at day 16)
  9. Need help, PC died.

    All what Semler said. Something as simple as a connected usb device can stop normal boot with (in my own experience) no visual errors.
  10. BMS Re Start Notification

    Seoul captured. Re started
  11. BMS Re Start Notification

    Day 1 re start.
  12. The bms information page needs some update on this setting but already the server is set to 1500 minimum. Whilst this is the minimum it is also requested that it is THE setting used. Players who still have the 2048 set should have no problem connecting but perceived wisdom is that all players should have same BW setting regardless if their upload ability could support higher. This lower number should allow more people to meet minimum. If you know players that may not see this please pass this change to them.
  13. Hello everyone...

    Welcome and so what games/sims currently interest you ? I think the subject of Discord has been brought up before. Maybe it could dilute the `normal` meeting place of the VG TS channels. I use discord and it has its place but if using a VG game server TS has to be king perhaps. Not my say
  14. All being well I should get to incorporate Update 5 (multi play crash fixes) later this evening and restart to Day 1 by 0600 zulu 17-3-18 latest. Thanks to SemlerPDX for allowing this in his absence. He might have to fix it if i break something.
  15. BMS server update during next 12 Hrs

    Up and running now.
  16. BMS U5 release

    Today's release of BMS 4.33 U5 is focused on multi play crash fixes . A 33MB download currently available by the usual torrent method. https://www.benchmarksims.org/forum/showthread.php?33218-Falcon-BMS-4-33-U5-Incremental-Installer Watch out for news of the VG server update to U5 in near future.
  17. BMS U5 release

    Under discussion for a possible earlier date. Its not critical though except where players are using more than the VG server.
  18. BMS Re Start Notification

    More human players of late results in a quicker attrition of red forces. Not an official victory but requires a day 1 restart to give players a reason to join.
  19. Server Issue

    In what way "down" ? Not aware of any fixes being done since the report. Not by me anyway. If by some chance you had a `timed out` error then thats something that may well pass very quickly. More a connection problem than server itself. I have had a few of those this year. Not many but more than 2017 total !! If something else please advise.
  20. BMS crash reports

    And again
  21. BMS Re Start Notification

    Day 1 restart. There had been a server problem during Friday night and some newcomers may have been effected which is a shame. Spins and Moody from USA.
  22. BMS Server SOP

    Short of any technical advances that might be on the horizon i reckon a PW system could work. All approved players are on a mass email list that get a weekly changed pw. People can swiftly be removed from list. Initially people will HAVE to visit the VG site to register as a server user. On the other hand ive done more missions on the server than the average and the irritations that started this topic are very infrequent in my experience and a big factor is the sim throwing the unfamiliar and unwary into a jet the moment they arrive in 2D.
  23. BMS Server SOP

    A great number of newcomers have gone nowhere near this web site and never will. Being an open, no password `public` server there is little if any control possible. Its no surprise that the problem visitors rarely if ever persist with bms. They have seen some videos or been told about it. Its free so they take a look with the wrong attitude and no interest in reading more than they need to. The ip is well spread by word of mouth and mentions on the web so its open house. SOP`s are for the people who follow rules. There is some appropriate information here that might be added to but ultimately likely will not deal with what you experienced. http://veterans-gaming.com/index.php?/falcon-bms-433/
  24. Server Issue

    Was back up in moments
  25. Server Issue

    Going again and advanced a few hrs closer to daylight.