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  1. Welcome Stargazer.  As I have said to more than one new guy, there is no need to practice solely offline. You can do no harm coming onto the server and hopefully speed things up by getting help/information from other bms fans. Find me often in the lobby if you stop by. Happy to assist even with the most basic stuff.

  2. Hi I saw that you had visited the bms server last night but our zones had gone out of sync by then. Maybe you met with the guy from Pennsylvania who was also a new name last night. Welcome anyway. Any questions whilst on the server you will often find me in the lobby when our time zones overlap.

  3. Its possible to fly with a KB or a console game controller but think it would be torture. $20 would get a modest 2nd hand  hotas on ebay and dare I say would be worth saving for whilst studying the significant manuals and watching recent (4.33 versions) youtube training related videos. When finances allow then an external usb keypad would make a good addition to your laptop.



    The pre-requirement for installing the updates is to have the original BMS 4.33 U1 SETUP FOLDER (which you have) available (never delete this). This is the one with the blue coloured setup.exe  The folder is not your actual game folder that you use to start BMS itself. It is the folder wherever you downloaded and extracted the main BMS 4.33 U1 base installer.

    Download all the updates (2,3,4 and 5) into a folder then run each one. It will ask you where the SETUP FOLDER is. Running the updates (1 at a time) MODIFYS the base setup file. When all 4 updates have been run then the blue setup file can be run to update you bms installation with the updates of your choice.

    Some of the updates are only officially available as torrent downloads. Simple and safe process actually though people have uploaded them to cloud storage if you look.


    The above is largely copy/paste from various sources.

  5. Welcome Steve and do not delay trying out multiplayer you can do no harm. At least not on the VG public server where personally I would rather take time out to assist a nube than fly another KTO mission so help is available from the off if you require it.

    I was not aware of an "all in one update" but I have been lazy reading on the forums. U5  (update 5) is the latest version I believe.

    Did you ever see the 2 official videos ? 


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  6. Does anybody understand this ? I sure do not. So can you or can you not ?

    The router displays only a single ip to the net/world and falcon online multiplayer needs a unique ip per connection (I thought all game servers did) so how can 2 or more players using the same router join the server ? My world is turned upside down.

    Anyone confirmed 2 or more players on bms server through 1 router ? Would be useful to view 2D map on my 2nd pc whilst in 3D on 1st.

    Qualified IT guys please explain.


    I think maybe I misread original question. Never was intention to meet together online at vg server ?

  7. You can`t both connect to the VG bms server or any other server on the net when using the same external ip which is what you seem to be saying.


    In previous falcon it was a simple matter to play together on a LAN connection offline. Not sure bms is quite as friendly with that option.

    Maybe I misunderstand. Anyway there is no benefit to you connecting online for a 1 v 1 game.

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  8. Someone ( =VG= Kavalenko ) finally mentioned flight sims which was referred to in the OP. I would be interested Vertigo to hear a little detail of the flight sim center you run. What sim/sims are they ?

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