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  1. suggestion

    Heya GAZ !thx Maybe u got me wrong, like i said, i?m not blaming new players and i welcome them with all of my heart.... As i talked about the training server issue, i ment that usually COOP is for training purpose, so on most COOP Server u can just do what you want to do. On VG COOP its different, cause there is a specific set of rules, which includes punishment if u go against thoose rules. Clearly u need "learning by doing" and so far all is workin fine with new players. But there are more and more incidents, which i notice, like forming "train squads" and wasting assets in order to learn flying or driving and abandoned or destroying vehicles. That stuff is clearly against the rules of VG COOP and keeps admins busy every day. Also lots of "non TeamPlay" that i notice, and lot of times i heard "its just COOP" when telling them that it?s wrong behavior and against the server rules. I respect your opinion GAZ and maybe you are right to not put up such message. But still, if the message shows that u need to read the rules, and then there is a wall of text, u might skip that and go on just playing. But then thoose "wall of text rules" become real and u get banned. My suggestion was just a little attempt to smooth that situation. Maybe a better message following after the original message: "TAKE YOUR JOB SERIOUSLY ! TROLLING WILL BE PUNISHED !" .. hm i dont know, maybe somebody comes up with an other message... But, i think a message expand COULD help to reduce incidents, wich clearly pile up at the moment. Its a fast and simple way, and i think we should just give it a try. Love&Hugs Don -------------------------------- I !heart =VG=
  2. suggestion

    Heya =VG= Clearly the newest update to stand alone brings a lot of new players to PR. So, obiously there is a lot of change happening to the game experience of the "older" players, who are used to an specific and very strict gameplay. I seriously dont want to blame new players, they are highly welcome, but stepping up to the Veterans Gaming Level of GamePlay isnt that easy and some players stepping into trouble cause they are used to an totally different kind of gameplay experience. So happens that there is a lot of Asset wasting and behavior far away from TeamPlay. Also happens that there is "beginner" or "train" squads, wich in my opinion, are not welcome to the VG COOP, cause the VG comunity is based on experience and TeamPlay across all squads. This is what keeps VG COOP alive and makes all the fun and exciting gameplay. The point what this post is about is as following: Players that are new and kind of "screw up" usually get the advice to read the manual. The manual says that the COOP is for training purpose ! Maybe =VG= could expand the Server Message showing in the upper left screen to make clear that this ist not a train server, as i understand that VG COOP isnt a train server. Suggestion: " THIS IS NOT A TRAINING SERVER ! TAKE YOUR JOB SERIOUSLY AND STICK TO THE RULES ! " I dont think it will take much effort to update the server message, and it might help to reduce some of thoose uncomfortable incidents, where players get banned and trying to get unbanned after realizing that Veterans Gaming is a serious comunity. So that doesnt count for players that just want to ruin the game for the server. Thoose "players" should be banned to moon !!! !fuku Thx 4 ur time, Love&Hugs Don
  3. It's high time

    WHISKEY ! NOOO !!! !shok
  4. Abusive admin

    @Solitary: Theres a !r (report) function ingame, u should use that if any players or admin go against the rules ;) so admins can react on point. And acctually Teejay isnt a admin at all, so he cannot do things like kick or ban... ... so flaggin other players is a total dickmove !!!
  5. Sorry, but i have to disagree with all that say that change is fine... Its awfull and u all know it ! Coop was to have fun, not to be frustrated... And u cannot say this is more realistic, thats bullcrap.... thoose are aimbots and makin them aim more cyborg like has NOTHING to do with realism or PR.... VG coop server was the nicest server, cause u was always able to have fun there. Now it depends on a full server or a lot of Veterans. Most of the time people now are just on there own, the change did not effect the teamplay to a positiv matter.... I experienced a lot of frustration the last week, not even just for myself, it was every body i talked to on the server. I highly recommend to return to the old settings, before there is a bigger damage to the servers popularity ;) For myself ive had it with thoose chuck norris bots, i will join the deployment now more frequent, cause if i have to die, i want to die by human players and not getting raped by aimbots, whats pretty lame ! Love&Hugs, Don
  6. BOT skill level.

    Heya... I have to agree with Robot, there comes two sides of change with the increase, and a perfect balance is impossible (unfortunately). If there is enough "skilled" players, its still fine and u mostly enjoy the game. But if there is not enough players on the server (wich is common cause of the frequent server-crashes), there is just no more fun at all, cause u fight against about 40 ChuckNorris Bots, and u get frustrated very fast... I also have to disagree with Schilling (sorry mate^^) ... Schilling said: " I believe the increase in difficulty makes game play more realistic hence the name of the game, "Project Reality " The fact that the bots now act even more cyborg-like, that they can pop out around a corner and emedietly can shoot 100% accurate with RPGs or rifles while we humans have to wait a specific amount of time until we even can hit shit, dont make the game more realistic in the sence of PR ;) Love&Hugs, Don
  7. more PR Wallpapers

    I added some new Wallperpers made during gameplay on VeteransGaming coop Server... ... enjoy !superman Press "click here" to check out all Wallperpers on imageshack https://imageshack.com/user/DonChris1981
  8. Introduction

    I just found the Introduction-section !2cool ...so i gonna introduce myself: Name: Christian Nick: DonChris InGame: [GER]DonChris onVG: PR Coop Age: 33 Country: Germany Language: Eng/Ger Game Experience: -BF1942 (from the very beginning) -BF DesertCombat mod -BF DC Final mod -BF2 (from the very beginning) - some COD (i dont remember 2 or 3) - some BF Bad Company - some BF3 (totally disappointed) -ARMA1 Editor -ARMA2 Editor -ARMA2 Insurgency - built diffrent SkiResort simulation maps by using "Ski Region Simulator 2012" editor -PR (from the very beginning) In my opinion Project Reality by far is the most exciting game ever ( talkin about war shooter games) and this is finally the game i stick with the last years. I paused playing PR for a while cause i made thoose ski simulation maps (cause im hot for snow^^) but since about half a year im back to PR and VG. ...so i?m sorry for this kind of very late introduction !cp Love&Hugs, Don
  9. No Admins around = WTF

    Thank you for your nice words :) Also thx for the advices, i?m in teamspeak alot, as well as on the coop server (as can be seen at ther sever ranking stats), but at this time there was no "PR" admin in the coop section and i didnt want do disturb other channels cause of some random fags on the coop server ^^ Maybe u guys promote me someday to become coop admin, like u did to some other friends around the coop section, but i dont want to ask for this doing this post ;)
  10. No Admins around = WTF

    i just can tell that one of the TK guys killed me on purpose (mezzo)... I just was frustrated, cause there was no admins around for a couple of hours, and within this period the gameplay on the server was like BF3, just SHIT... I?m sorry if thoose kind of posts are not welcome, like i said, i just was frustrated, cause there was nothin i could do about the screwing around on the server. Love&Hugs, Don
  11. No Admins around = WTF

    Thats what happen to the VG server if there is no admins around : it gets raped !threaten
  12. PR VG Wallpapers

    Added new Wallpapers i made from ProjectReality on VeteransGaming Coop Server. Not the best resolution, but enjoy !thx ... press "click here" to see all wallpapers on imageshack... https://imageshack.com/user/DonChris1981