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  1. H8CrazyVet67

    I don't think anyone here, including myself, saw this coming because we would've done anything and everything we could if we knew what was going through his mind before making the decision like this. I didn't notice anything out of ordinary of him the last time I played with him and couldn't believe what I saw. There is no doubt that this is a great loss for the VG community and a time to grieve, but I would like to take a time to remind everyone that we're here to help you if you are having any thought of self-harm or perhaps something worse. Probably the best suggestion I can give is to seek professional help but I've seen and heard people tend not to talk about sensitive topics like this due to an unwarranted fear that others will either ridicule or avoid him/her. However, let me tell you that THAT'S NOT TRUE. We're more than just random people playing the video game with you. The moment you joined this forum you became a part of the family, which means we CARE ABOUT YOU and will do ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING to help you go through perhaps the hardest part of your life. If you don't want to publicly talk about what you're going through, then feel free to message any of us and we will gladly either talk to you privately on Teamspeak/Skype and other means necessary. If you're having a financial crisis and need an extra hand, then just reach out and we will do a small, but efficient fundraising campaign to ease the situation for you. If you just need someone to stay with you and make you feel like loved and cared, let us know and we might even arrange a small hangout! Don't ever think you're alone in this world and there is nothing you can do to about it. The only thing we're going to need is for you to share what you're going through. Please don't make a decision that is not reversible, not only because it is going to hurt you but also it is going to give a scar to everyone around you. And no, that scar isn't going to go away anytime soon. H8CrazyVet67, if you're seeing this I hope you remember us as a part of giant family and know we wished nothing but the best for you. Your may never play with us ever again but don't want you to think we will somehow forget about you. Every time we play Muttrah we will think about your awful Humvee driving skills. Every time we use !admins command we will be reminded of how much of an empty space you've left for us. Every time we need medic we will remember how efficient you were. Every time we make a crude joke we will know that we no longer have you. No matter what happens, you will be always be in our heart, and we will miss you buddy. And hopefully, in one day, I get to see you again. Sincerely, ZZANG1847
  2. Screenshot Art - Photoshop Love/Hate

    Photoshop is for scrubs. #MSPAINTMASTERRACE
  3. 37mm Anti-Drone Ammo

    If you are going to catch some dirty drones, why not do it in STYLE? https://www.spikestactical.com/products/thumper (God i would've bought this thing already if it didn't cost $1,000)
  4. The tricky bolt action rifle

    I assume you're talking about sniper kit in PR so I will try to describe it as simple as possible. In PR, there are few things to remember when using rifles over long ranges: 1) Bullet Physics: If your target is past 300m, most likely you will need to aim higher in order to hit the target. Some rifle scopes/magnified sights, such as PSO-1 from Dragunov SVD or ACOG from M16/M4-style rifles has a bullet drop compensator (BDC) reticle, meaning there is either a crosshair or a chevron underneath the regular crosshair that you can use in case your target is farther than where your rifle scope/sight is zeored at. If BDC is available in your rifle scope/sight and your spotter is actually using Ground Laser Target Designator (GLTD), it may help you shoot better, but given the nature of CO-OP you're most likely need to bring your reticle above the target without knowing the distance. Also, be aware that if you and your target is not in a same elevation, that does take an effect on where you need to put your crosshair so be mindful of your and your target's location. 2) Travel Distance/Speed: Guns in PR are NOT hit-scanning weapon, meaning bullets actually travel in the air and they take some time to reach the intended target(s). The longer the distance your target is from your gun, the longer it takes for the bullet to hit the target. Therefore, if you are shooting at a moving object, and they're moving sideways, you will need to lead the target, and this can be rather complicated as every target will be in a different environment. However, you can eliminate this problem by understanding the target's "direction." 3) Direction: If your target is heading towards you, then it means the only thing you need to worry about is how high you need to aim. If your target is moving either left/right side, that means you not only need to calculate how high you need to aim, but also understand how much you need to lead your reticle. Therefore, try to set your sniper nest position wisely and make sure enemy targets are coming TOWARDS you, not PASSING BY you. 4) Accuracy: Every gun in PR, except ones attached to something, requires you to stay in stop moving for few seconds before it gets accurate enough to hit the target. This means not only you need to stop moving your body, but also stop moving your reticle. Some guns are more forgiving than others, but bolt-action sniper rifles give the most amount of penalty by moving. Therefore, stay prone as much as you can and aim at one direction as much as you can. I wish I could be more specific of how to aim, where to aim, and which position to take when playing specific maps, but sniping in this game was never meant to be something you just learn for 10 minutes and be good at. It may not be as complex and difficult as other mil-sim games, it also isn't as simple as quickscoping at COD so take your time to learn your rifle and the terrain. If you do your part and do some homework, someday it will "click" in your brain and suddenly do better at sniping. If I could give you one solid advice for sniping, try to use marksman kit first before getting into bolt-action sniper kits. Mk.12 SPR may not look as cool as M40A5, but they're semi-automatic so it is much more easier to get a follow-up shot and helps you understand the bullet physics/travel distance/direction, without making you frustrated because you just emptied a whole mag on an insurgent and he killed you 200m away with his mosin-nagant. Good luck, ZZANG
  5. PR COOP Server Changes

    It's been a couple of days since the update, and here's what I've seen so far: 1. On Khamisiyah, I was flying A-10 and got hit several times from either BMP-2 or BMP-3. The rate of fire of the autocannons aren't high and accuracy isn't as insane as quadcannons so they didn't manage to kill me but it was something to keep me flying too close to the ground, until they were taken care of. They are not as effective as anti-air vehicles such as Gopher or Shilka, but that's exactly what they meant to be so I can deal with them fine, FOR NOW. 2. On Pavlovsk Bay, I was flying CAS huey and saw 3 Russian LAT kits shooting at me. Until recently, only insurgent factions were known to use RPG-7s as an anti-air rocket so the change does require me to be careful when flying close to the ground, but it shouldn't be too much of a problem for CAS if they don't fly too slow or hold position in the air. With that said, however, TRANS might need to start rethinking their strategy when it comes down to dropping crates or troops close the flag that bots are occupying. 3. Regaring increased range for LAT kits, I can't really feel the difference as I always get shot by an RPG no matter how much distance I have from them. Maybe my vehicle has a secret bullseye target that I am not aware of. To be honest, I wouldn't be surprised if melon/TEDF put my name as a priority target for bots to shoot rockets at me. 4. I thought bots shooting LATs at infantry was something that got implemented a long time ago, because I've seen plenty of times way before this update where they would shoot RPG instead of using their rifles and shotguns.
  6. I could not imagine a better use for a Glock

    Well..... it was meant to be taken as a joke but if you want my honest answer, here we go: 1. I like both Sig Sauer/CZ design and have plans to own both P226 (West German imports) and CZ-75 (SP-01 maybe?) sometime in near future. With that said, I don't plan to carry them if I need to because they are not only heavy/big, but also antiquated because there is no "practical" advantage the DA/SA has over striker-fired design. I am aware of their striker-fired designs like P-10C and P320 but neither one has the track record that Glock's been building up for last few decades so can't really tell if they are "Glock-killer" like they claim to be. 2. I am perfectly fine with people who doesn't like Glock because they either don't grip well in their hands or looks unpleasing in their eyes. However, I have a problem with people who simply talks shit about Glock because they are either 1) emotional attached to the pistol design they own due to their monetary investment OR 2) incapable of accepting the fact that Glock is one of the best pistol that the average joe can use because they are reasonably priced, reasonably accurate, and reasonably reliable gun. 3. When I say "liberal dumbasses," I mean the people who will call others Nazis only because they have a different point of view (political/economical/historical/and so forth) and have no hesitation to smash their heads with a bike lock while wearing black hoodie and face mask because it is their "duty" to fight facism. If you don't know the group I'm talking about, I would like to know where you live because that's a rock that is worth living under. If you understand the point why citizens should be able to own a firearm AND also have a somewhat liberal mindset, then you are unfortunately one of the minorities around where I live. I don't think you live in the U.S so it may sound confusing why it is very uncommon to be progressive and likes owning a gun in the U.S, but around here beling "liberal" means that you're fully supporting government's confiscation of firearms because they are deemed "too dangerous" to citizens. I may have went way too political, but there is nothing wrong with having a civil discussion about a different point of view, so feel free to share your mind about the recent political events, a philosophy regarding self-preservation/2nd amendment, and "reasonable" gun control laws.
  7. I could not imagine a better use for a Glock

    There are two types of people in this world: 1. The people who own Glock(s) and understand why it's the most popular semi-automatic pistol in the world. 2. The people who are retarded. And no, I don't consider liberal dumbasses as human beings.
  8. Basic TRANS routes on Muttrah City

    Image quality is potato because I saved the file in .gif format instead of .png, and I'm too lazy to draw it again so blow me. Oh and just so we're clear on this, MUTTRAH SUCKS MELON'S ARSE RED STARS indicate enemy threats that are stationary, therefore easy to avoid if you know what to do with them. A RED STAR next to Mosque/East City Center flag indicates a staging area for armors before they move into the city. Usually the armor convoy consists of BRDMs, BMP-3s, BTR-60s, and T-72s. BMP-3s and BTR-60s are considered as priority threats when you are using air asset due to their excellent Anti-Air capabilities, and this applies to CAS as well. YELLOW LINES indicate a route that enemy armors like to take. I didn't draw any lines between North City and Muttrah Docks because if armors are inside the facility that means either we don't have enough people to play the map or they're as stupid as bots that man the turret of BMP-3 without a driver. And here is a general "rule of thumb" when it comes down to flying anything in Muttrah STD: 1. Fly low. If you don't know how to fly low, then don't fly at all. 2. Communicate with other squads. Make sure where armors are and whether anti-air stationary targets are neutralized. If nobody is responding, then consider anti-air assets active and do not move into the city until comms are established. 3. Don't try to be cocky and pull some stupid stunts to show off how awesome your flying skills are. I would rather wait for my crates than watch some fireworks that I never asked. 4. Be ready to say "No" when necessary. If someone tells you to drop a crate at the mosque when BTRs/BMPs are right next to them, tell them to "GO F&^K YOURSELF." 5. Sometimes, you just have to do things yourself. If no ARMOR/CAS squad is capable of destroying stationary Anti-Air assets, see if you can get a volunteer with a breacher kit. Yes they spawn rather quickly and yes it can be tedious at times, but NO Stinger means YES crates for others. And last but not least...... Melon sucks
  9. Admin Application

    There is never "Oh my gawd we have too many admins! What are we going to do naw!!! " moment in the server. Admins, just like any other people, are playing the game and sometimes we can all get distracted when something happens. Also, as you said in the original application, we have lack of adequate amount of admins present in the server when everyone in North America goes to sleep 'cause who cares about people outside the BEST country on Earth, so you will never hear us saying "Oh thanks for the application but we already have enough admins so come back later! " Now, for the record, "everyone" can fill out an application to become an admin. That doesn't mean everyone's going to get one, however.
  10. Admin Application

    As Double_13 mentioned, we have a rather extensive process which regular players and PR admins observe a player's behavior and pattern while being on the server before contacting them to see if they want to try becoming an admin. Even if we like the person because he/she behaved well and would like to become an admin, we still ask them go through a probation period where we only grant them a light admin role and see if they can control their emotions and stay rational when tensions rise and personal feelings are involved. We had a serveral "incidents" where VG had to remove someone from admin role because they would simply act like they're above the rules, and this process is a direct result of the unfortunate events we had to go through. We don't delete posts and threads just because we don't find it useful or necessary. Unless it contains a content that is generally considered "not for the public," we do keep everything the way it is. However, there is a possibility of the thread locking if someone starts adding unrelated contents that does not contribute to the original content. If you wish to delete your content because either you don't like our admin selection process or don't want to wait long for an admin role in VG, you may edit your original posting by overwriting your post and simply put [DELETED] on top of it. Please be aware, if you erase your original application, we will consider that as a statement that you're no longer interested in joining PR admin list and you will be withdrawn from the list of people we need to observe closely. Have a good day, and enjoy your stay. Cheers,
  11. Petition for more Vietnam!

    Here are 2 lessons that I learned from by playing many Vietnam maps in the past few years: 1. The number of players don't mean much to me when we're playing Vietnam. I've seen way too many times where 30+ players are interested in playing Charlie's Point and end up rage quitting 10 minutes after because they couldn't figure out how to capture the first flag without dying multiple times in a row. And it doesn't matter how long you've been playing PR, how good your aim is, and how communicative you are. If you can't picture where stationary AA guns spawn at, or don't know what kind of assets they spawn with, or what path they take when moving between the flags, then you are just as worthless as someone who just started playing PR for the first time. Now please don't get me wrong by thinking I am being cocky and want only elites playing Vietnam. It's good to have many full INF squads so that we can capture faster if it comes down to just numbers, but the Vietnam is fought best with brains (strategies), not with bodies. 2. In order to win in a jungle environment against the 40 NVA marksmans, you not only need a good strategy to exploit their weakness, but also a good CAS/TRANS/ARMOR squad that understand the dynamics of Vietnam maps. If TRANS don't know the safe place to land for the INF to move into the flag, or If CAS doesn't know where to strike in order to prevent bots capturing the flag that you just fought hard for "cough" Swamp "cough cough," or if Armor doesn't step up the game and take RPG to the face so that INF have a time to dig in and start the capping, then you're in a world of hurt. I can have a great time flying CAS on Charlie's Point while INF squads are being slaughtered in the middle of the jungle, and can rack up 100+ kills with M48 Patton on Op. Barracuda while we're not even close to capturing Swamp because we're picking off targets from the mountain. In order for a team to be successful, everyone needs coordinate and cooperate, and that means someone's gotta do what they don't want to do. That, my friend, is called a TEAMWORK. If I don't see smart and dedicated players who are not only willing to listen, but also learn from their mistakes and improvise to win the battle, then I am not interested in running Vietnam maps next. Unfortunately, with recent server setting changes that increased the bot difficulty to the point where 1v1 INF fight in the jungle is almost unwinnable, I do not accept Vietnam map requests unless someone with higher seniority do it because they want to watch the server BURN.
  12. FOB update

    I'm not trying to brag about what I did on other servers, but trust me when I say putting people on Bot side as an OPFOR is never a good idea. I could drive around T72 on Muttrah against 40 people on the US side and make their lives miserable.
  13. Who else likes Pineapples?

    Be aware of problems due to eating too much pineapples. They have a tendency to have a rather "explosive" side effects.
  14. https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B23-vnRtzLCtcHkzMldGUXJaTFU Here is the one that I just created. Hope it works.
  15. Melon's Final Revent pw; event

    Managed to free up the time so I should be able to join this one. It appears nobody's taking armed vehicles so far so I will be a squad leader for them, hopefully doing something good for the team. When the map without an armor asset loads up I will join TRANS or other logistical squads.